A Teacher's Guide to Excellence in Every Classroom: Creating Support Systems for Student Success (Creating support systems to increase academic achievement and maximize student success)

A Teacher's Guide to Excellence in Every Classroom: Creating Support Systems for Student Success (Creating support systems to increase academic achievement and maximize student success)

by Jon R. Wink


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Teachers play a significant role in their students' lives. To support this important work, A Teacher's Guide to Excellence in Every Classroom details how K-12 educators can use the Hierarchy of Instructional Excellence and the Student Excellence Support System to maximize their impact and increase student success. Discover how to build relationships for learning, increase engagement, differentiate instruction, foster student leadership, promote a growth mindset in students, and more.


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Chapter 1: Teachers—Our Most Powerful Resource

Chapter 2: Teaching for Excellence—Learning Resources

Chapter 3: Teaching for Excellence—Classroom Routines and Procedures

Chapter 4: Teaching for Excellence—Relationships for Learning

Chapter 5: Teaching for Excellence—Student Engagement

Chapter 6: Teaching for Excellence—Rigor and Mastery

Chapter 7: Teaching for Excellence—Creative Strategies for Individual Students

Chapter 8: Teaching for Excellence—Student Leadership

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ISBN-13: 9781947604797
Publisher: Solution Tree Press
Publication date: 11/08/2019
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.60(d)

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“John Wink has a passion for students and for those that teach them. Through his professional experiences, Wink takes the complex and critical art of teaching and shares easy-to-understand key aspects for teachers that believe every student can succeed. This easy read will not only be helpful to current and future teachers, but it will be a great tool for mentors, instructional coaches, and administrators.”—Casey Callahan, Executive Director, Education Service Center Region 15

“Wink embraces the power of teachers to influence student learning. This book guides teachers in creating a system of support and commitment to learning through collaboration, learning resources, routines and procedures, interpersonal relationships, engagement, rigor and mastery, personalized learning, and student leadership.” -Missy Hixson, Assistant Director and Teacher Center Coordinator, Northwest Arkansas Education Service Cooperative

“John Wink has done it again! In A Teacher’s Guide to Excellence in Every Classroom, Wink provides a Hierarchy for Student Excellence that educators can use as a reflective tool to respond to student learning at all levels. Every chapter has ready-to-use exemplary learning tools and specific strategies for immediate classroom use, all supported by the latest research of Marzano, Hattie, and Jensen. What an incredible book! I highly recommend it for every educator.”—Bo Ryan, Principal, CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Middle School, Hartford, CT

A Teacher’s Guide to Excellence in Every Classroom is packed with practical, powerful, and proven strategies to ensure a high-performing classroom and campus. His Hierarchy of Student Excellence shows how to address both the affective and cognitive needs of students in a step-by-step approach to helping teachers improve their classroom instruction. Whether you’re a first-year teacher, an experienced mentor, or an administrator looking to coach your staff, you’ll find this resource to be a powerful tool.”—Martin Winchester, former Deputy Commissioner, Texas Education Agency

A Teacher’s Guide to Excellence in Every Classroom should be required reading for every teacher, building administrator, and superintendent seeking to create and sustain high-performing schools. Each chapter expertly builds the skill set teachers need to create and implement excellent instruction for each student in the classroom. This book is perfect for leading powerful discussions around instruction, reflecting on proven strategies, and creating a support system for excellence in every classroom. John Wink has hit another home run!”—Mark Terry, Deputy Executive Director, Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association

“If you are a teacher yearning for students to own their learning, then this is the book for you! In A Teacher’s Guide to Excellence in Every Classroom, John Wink advocates for classroom teachers who systematically challenge every student to grow daily. Blue Ridge ISD utilizes the Hierarchy of Instructional Excellence in Wink’s previous book, A Leader’s Guide to Excellence in Every Classroom, which guides administrative teams to systematically empower teachers and students to own their targeted growth goals. In this book, Wink lays out a targeted and specific approach to teacher self-reflection, planning, instruction and ultimately, the student empowerment to own their learning.”—Matthew Todd, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Blue Ridge Independent School District, Texas

“In his book, A Teacher’s Guide to Excellence in Every Classroom, John Wink applies a different lens to the strategies and processes he introduced in A Leader’s Guide to Excellence in Every Classroom. He moves the focus from leading teachers to teachers as leaders in their classrooms and from the practice of teaching to ensuring the outcome of learning. Wink provides educators with actionable protocols and strategies to apply in their classrooms. He emphasizes building relationships with students to guide the development of learning experiences that meet the individual needs of all learners. Wink has once again provided a practical road map for teachers to follow that will lead to individual student engagement and success.”—Tylor Chaplin, Superintendent, Burkburnett Independent School District, Texas

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