A Tender Hope (Cimarron Creek Trilogy #3)

A Tender Hope (Cimarron Creek Trilogy #3)

by Amanda Cabot (Preface by)


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ISBN-13: 9780800735609
Publisher: Textstream
Publication date: 03/05/2019
Series: Cimarron Creek Trilogy Series , #3
Pages: 354
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.94(d)

About the Author

Amanda Cabot is the bestselling author of A Stolen Heart and A Borrowed Dream, as well as the Texas Crossroads, Texas Dreams, and Westward Winds series. Her books have been finalists for the ACFW Carol Awards and the Booksellers' Best. She lives in Wyoming. Learn more at www.amandacabot.com.

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August 8, 1881

She was free.

Thea Michener smiled as she checked the harness, then climbed into the buggy. Within minutes, she would be leaving the only home she could remember. As much as she loved Ladreville, whose half- timbered buildings and Old World charm made visitors declare it to be one of the prettiest towns in the Hill Country, it was time for a change.

While others might have trembled with fear over the thought of leaving family, friends, and all things familiar, the prospect filled Thea with relief. A new town, new possibilities, a new life beckoned her. A year ago she would not have dreamt of leaving, but that was a year ago. So much had changed in the past year, most of all Thea.

"But you haven't changed, have you, Maggie?" Her smile widened into a grin as she looked at the bay mare that had carried her on countless journeys. The horse was the one part of her old life that she was taking with her, that and the tools of her trade. What she was leaving behind were the need for secrecy and the fear that someone would discover the truth she had tried so hard to hide.

Waving good-bye to the liveryman who'd cared for Maggie whenever Thea's business brought her into town, she set off down the street. It was time to be gone. The sun was already high in the sky, although a layer of clouds promised some relief from the heat of a Texas summer. Not for the first time, Thea was grateful for her buggy. The padded seat that some in Ladreville had considered an extravagance would make the long journey more comfortable, while the top — another extravagance according to the town's more frugal residents — would block most of the sun's rays.

"You sure you won't change your mind?" the mayor's wife asked as Thea passed her home. She had hoped to escape last-minute farewells, but a number of the town's matrons were outside their homes or strolling along the main street, apparently waiting to say good-bye to Thea or perhaps, like the mayor's wife, hoping to persuade her to remain.

Thea shook her head. Though she would miss the friends she had made, not to mention her sister, brother-in-law, and their children, she wanted — no, she needed — a complete change. Cimarron Creek would provide that.

Thea smiled as she waved at another woman, then smoothed a wrinkle from her skirt. Another change was coming. Tonight when she was miles away from those who would look askance at her action, she would remove her black garments for the last time. Just the thought brought a sense of peace, as if she'd shed a heavy burden. Thea knew she would never stop mourning her husband and son and the dreams that had died with them, but the outward trappings weighed her down, both literally and figuratively.

Not only did she hate black clothes, but the sight of them wasn't good for her patients. Women who were enceinte, to use the French word that sounded so much more genteel than the English "pregnant" with its harsh consonants, needed no reminder that not all babies were born healthy and that not all fathers lived to hold their children in their arms. They didn't need the reminder, and neither did she.

Thea closed her eyes briefly, trying to block the painful memories. She wouldn't dwell on what had happened. Not today. Today was a day to celebrate the beginning of a new life, a day to put the past behind her.

Less than a minute later, she reined in Maggie in front of the parsonage.

"Bonjour, Aimee," she said as a blonde woman, only a couple inches taller than Thea's own five foot two, hurried from the building and stowed the modestly sized valise that contained all her earthly belongings in the back of the buggy.

Thea was surprised that Aimee, the woman who'd explained that her name was pronounced eh-MAY, not Amy, was alone. She had expected the couple who had been her hosts during her time in Ladreville to accompany her to the buggy. Evidently they'd said their farewells in private.

Aimee returned the greeting in the same language, then shook her head and said, "Good morning. We should speak English, though. I need to get in the habit." Her hazel eyes held a note of apprehension, perhaps at the prospect of going to a town where English was the only language. Cimarron Creek did not share Ladreville's history.

Though almost everyone in Ladreville spoke English now, the town had been founded by immigrants from Alsace, and when Thea and her sister had arrived almost a quarter of a century ago, most of the residents had spoken either French or German. As a result, Thea had grown up trilingual.

It was a skill she rarely needed now that her generation had adopted English as their primary language, but it had proven helpful the day Aimee Jarre arrived. The woman had been so exhausted from her journey that she had struggled to find more than a few English words.

"Are you certain you want me to accompany you?" Aimee asked as she settled onto the seat next to Thea. While her English was practically faultless, when she was distressed or fatigued, Aimee struggled for words, and whenever she spoke, her accent belied the fact that she was a native Texan, born right here in Ladreville.

"Yes, of course, I am." Thea's heart ached for the painfully thin woman who'd traveled all the way from France to the heart of the Texas Hill Country in search of the mother who'd given her up for adoption. As heartbreaking as the past few months had been and as heavily as her fears weighed on her, Thea's life had been easier than Aimee's.

The day Aimee had arrived in Ladreville, it had been obvious to Thea that she had not eaten in days, for she'd practically fainted when she'd climbed down from the stagecoach. Fortunately, Thea had been passing by and had taken her to the parsonage. She had known Pastor and Mrs. Russell would care for Aimee, but it was only later that Thea realized that she had helped Aimee with her quest by leading her to the house where she had been born.

As the light breeze teased her bonnet strings, Thea smiled at her companion. If the breeze continued, the midday heat might feel less oppressive. Even if it did not, they were on their way, and that felt oh, so good. For Thea, it was a new beginning, a chance to forge a life where no one would learn what had happened. For Aimee, this could be the end, the final step that would reunite her with her mother.

"I'm glad you're coming with me," Thea told the young Frenchwoman. Though Aimee had been born in Ladreville, she had spent the rest of her life in a small French town and was, for all intents and purposes, French. It was virtually impossible to think of her as a Texan.

As they reached the town's limits, Thea continued. While she wouldn't share all her reasons for being grateful for Aimee's companionship, she wanted her to understand that they were helping each other. Aimee had already bemoaned her inability to pay her share of expenses.

"You came at exactly the right time. My sister was having a conniption at the thought that I might drive to Cimarron Creek alone. Sarah forgets that I'm twenty-seven and not a child any longer."


Thea laughed, both at the word itself and the fact that Aimee had already forgotten her resolution to speak only English. "There are days when I do feel ancient," she admitted, "but today's not one of them."

For far too much of the past year, her fears had made her feel older than Sarah despite the fact that Sarah was twenty years her elder. The need to escape those fears and put the past behind her was one of the reasons the position in Cimarron Creek had sounded so attractive to Thea.

"You seem happier this morning than I've ever seen you," Aimee said in lightly accented English.

"I am." The thought of a new life filled Thea with an almost unbelievable sense of freedom. "The announcement that Cimarron Creek needed a midwife came at exactly the right time."

"For me too." Aimee turned to glance back at the town where she'd been born. From this distance, it appeared peaceful, a place where nothing could go wrong. Thea knew otherwise, and so did Aimee.

"God's timing is perfect," Aimee continued. "He was looking out for me when he brought me to Ladreville and you."

He'd been looking out for Thea too. "I hope you find your answers in Cimarron Creek," she said, deliberately changing the subject, "but even if you don't, it will be wonderful having you with me. Travis Whitfield — he's the man who hired me — said the town would welcome me, but I'll still be a stranger for a while. I'm glad I'll have a friend with me."

Aimee had become a friend more quickly than Thea had thought possible. The young Frenchwoman had arrived in Ladreville less than two weeks ago, but from the first hour she had spent with her, Thea had felt a connection between them. Though she couldn't identify the reason, she felt as if Aimee was the younger sister she'd always wanted, and when it had turned out that Aimee's mother had come from the same town that had hired Thea as its midwife, she had known that was no coincidence. They were meant to go together.

If all went as planned, Aimee would find her mother, and Thea would begin a new life, a life free from secrecy, fear, and worry. No matter what anyone said, no matter what anyone thought, she was not running away.

* * *

She was trying to run away from him. Jackson Guthrie scowled as Ladreville's sheriff told him the woman he'd tracked this far had left town only hours before he arrived. Somehow — and he didn't know how, since there'd been no sign of the rest of the Gang — she must have realized that he was searching for her. Admittedly, the story that she'd accepted a position as a midwife in another town sounded plausible, but the timing was suspect. It was more likely that with her husband dead, she'd decided to operate from a different location.

The Gang had done that before. That was part of what made finding them so difficult. They kept moving, and when they weren't robbing stagecoaches or trains, they simply disappeared from sight. Three men and a woman. The Gang of Four. And unless his hunch was totally wrong, she was one of them.

She was running. Jackson didn't doubt that for a minute. What she didn't know was that she couldn't outrun him. Texas Rangers always got their man, or in this case, their woman.

"C'mon, Blaze," he said as he swung into the saddle. "We've got a ways to go."

As the sun rose the next morning, Jackson yawned. The journey was taking longer than he'd expected. When Blaze had stumbled and injured his fetlock, Jackson had had no choice but to slow their pace. He wouldn't risk further injury by pushing the gelding, nor would he do what some men might have and return to Ladreville to find another horse. He and Blaze had been together for five years. They were partners, and one partner didn't abandon the other.

And so, although he'd thought he would overtake his quarry before nightfall, he had not. When he'd realized how slowly he'd have to travel, Jackson had given up on the idea of apprehending the suspect along the way and had decided to head straight for Cimarron Creek. Rather than stop, he'd ridden all night. If there were no other delays, he should reach the town before Thea Michener and the Frenchwoman who was accompanying her did, for the sheriff had said they'd planned to stop at an inn along the way.

Arriving before her would give Jackson an element of surprise, a weapon of a sort. If he combined that with a plausible reason for being there — something other than his official reason — he might lull her into making a mistake and revealing her guilt.

He yawned again, then smiled at the realization that he was within hours of achieving his goal. The day was beautiful. Hot, of course, but at least it was cooler here in the Hill Country than it was on the plains. Blaze's leg seemed better than yesterday, which was little short of a miracle, and Jackson was filled with anticipation. By nightfall he would have met the woman who held the key to his brother's killers, and if she slipped up and admitted what he suspected, he'd have her in custody faster than a rattler could strike.

His smile widened into a grin at the thought that he would be in Cimarron Creek in little more than an hour. From everything he'd heard, it was a friendly town. Why, it might even have a hotel. A night or two in a bed sounded good right now. Jackson didn't consider himself old — after all, thirty wasn't decrepit — but he had to admit that sleeping on the ground had lost its appeal. So had —

His thoughts were interrupted by the unmistakable sound of a baby crying.

He reined in Blaze as he surveyed the area. There was no one in sight, and he hadn't passed any houses in the last hour. What was a baby doing out here in the middle of ranch territory? Jackson tipped his head to one side, listening intently. There was no question about it. A baby, an unhappy baby, was nearby.

"C'mon, Blaze. Let's see what we can find."

It didn't take long to discover an infant lying beside the tallest prickly pear cactus in the field, its face red from crying and sunburn. The poor thing must be hungry. He took a deep breath, then frowned. Judging from the smell, the child was also in dire need of clean clothes.

Jackson rummaged through his saddlebags, pulling out a spare bandanna, and made short work of changing and cleaning the little boy. It had been years since he'd done that for his younger brother, but he hadn't forgotten how.

As he hefted the baby into his arms, the crying that had subsided momentarily resumed. Hunger, no doubt, and that was a problem. The boy was clearly too young for jerky or hardtack, but Jackson had no milk. He'd have to settle for drizzling some water into the child's mouth. That wouldn't fill an empty stomach, but it might help prevent dehydration.

Sure enough, as soon as he'd swallowed a little of the warm water, the boy's cries stopped, and he looked up at Jackson with eyes as blue as the summer sky. It might be his imagination, but Jackson thought the baby looked grateful for his rescue. The question was, why had he needed to be rescued?

As far as Jackson could see, there was nothing wrong with the child. He'd heard of parents abandoning babies with deformed limbs or faces marred by birthmarks, but this one had no defects. Even when parents abandoned children, they usually left them at a church or on the porch of a home where they knew someone would find the infant. Why would anyone leave a baby here where his chances of survival were slim?

As soon as he'd taken care of Mrs. Michener, Jackson would track down whoever was responsible for this baby's plight. It might not be official Ranger business, but what had happened to this boy was criminal.

"All right, son," he said as he mounted Blaze. "You're coming with me to Cimarron Creek." The boy wasn't his son, of course. Still, the name sounded right. He had to call the baby something.

"We'll figure out what to do with you there," he promised.

A smile curved his lips at the thought that had popped into his mind. "You may be just what I need — an innocent-sounding reason for meeting Thea Michener."


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A Tender Hope 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 38 reviews.
EmeraldFox23 13 days ago
I was allowed the opportunity to read this book for a fair and honest review. A Tender Hope is my first introduction to Amanda Cabot's writing and I will definitely be reading more in the future. This tale follow the lives of Thea Michener, Jackson, Guthrie, and Aimee Jarre as they tried to navigate through different crucial moments in their lives. A recent widow, Thea moves to the town of Cimmaron Creek with her new friend Aimee, who is on the search for someone very special to her. Thea's plans to settle quietly into her new life are immediately interrupted by the appearance of Jackson Guthrie, a Ranger who just so happens to have an abandoned child that needs her care. From that day on things are never the same for any of the three. With the introduction of the baby, the Ranger following a case that's closer to Thea than she knows, and Aimee's quest things are just getting warmed up in Cimmaron Creek. I enjoyed that Amanda Cabot's story followed more than just the quintessential, fated couple in most Christian Fiction. The addition of Aimee and her world was a pleasant surprise and deviation from the norm. Cabot's writing was well done, her knowledge of the times and acceptance of widows was well researched, and I overall very much enjoyed the story. I absolutely want to go back and read the other two books from this series and learn more about the characters you meet in this tale. If you're looking for a fun and engaging Christian Fiction book, I highly recommend A Tender Hope!
Yellow-Sparks 20 days ago
The historical romance-mystery, A Tender Hope is a splendid book with a fascinating story line, complete with surprising twists and turns and inspiring characters. Previously I read the first two books in the trilogy, A Stolen Heart, and A Borrowed Dream, and could hardly wait for this third book to arrive. Amanda Cabot weaves a world, so complete, that I forget that I am reading and not actually part of the Cimarron Creek, Texas community! I fancy that I live in a charming little house on Cedar Street, backing to Cimarron Sweets! How do I know the streets so well? Each book in the trilogy features a map and a family tree so that the reader can fully experience the composite personality of the town. Each of the books in the trilogy stand alone and they do not have to be read in sequence, but it’s a triple delight to read all three!
Mar-J 20 days ago
The final installment in the Cimarron Creek series is filled with new characters and ones that were in the previous books. Thea and Ranger Jackson past held pain and grief but they were attracted to one another even though there was a trust issue. This book brought plenty of action, romance among the residents in Cimarron Creek, suspense and learning to trust God and others. I recommend this series to readers of historical fiction, even though the books could be read as a standalone I highly recommend reading them in order to appreciate all the characters have endured and overcame. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author as a winner on a blog giveaway. I was not required to write a review but have shared my own thoughts.
Anonymous 21 days ago
A Tender Hope By Amanda Cabot Thea Michener is in grief after burying her murdered husband and stillborn child. Thea reveals that she jumped into her first marriage. When her husband begins coming home with shirts smelling of perfume and is then murdered Thea questions how much she really knew him and if he loved her at all. Leaving the town where she everyone knows everybody Thea thinks she can begin anew. Thea and her new friend Aimee travel to Cimarron Creek to serve as a midwife to the community. Although settling into Cimarron Creek feels right Thea prepares herself to never find love again. The secrets Theas husband kept soon get in the way to moving on. A baby, a ranger and murders on the loose keep Thea stuck in the past. Ranger Jackson Guthrie is chasing his brothers’ murderers, the Gang of Four. Thea Michener is the wife of the only identified gang member and Jackson is determined to get to know her better in hopes to discover clues to the rest of the gang’s whereabouts. With so much at stake, Thea and Jackson begin to realize that they work well as a team. Could love be part of the equation? This upbeat story is the third and final book to the Cimarron Creek series. I did not read any of the prior books and felt that it was easily read as a stand-alone novel. Cabot masterfully mixed romance, suspense together in this little western town. I think it was an easy read but had a few surprises to keep you on your toes. Although God is not mentioned so much throughout this book and it is clearly fiction, I think you can still see his handiwork in the storyline. I enjoyed this book and the adventure it took me on. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion which I share here. https://simplyannehere.wordpress.com
benhli38 24 days ago
Amanda Cabot's latest book, A Tender Hope, is filled with page after page of faith, hope and love; which according to Paul, "the greatest of these is love." How well we all would be if that was always the case. One of the things I love about this book is how well rounded her characters are. The reason I love this book so much is because of the complexity of the storyline as well as how well the individual stories of certain characters weave into the larger picture of Thea Michener's story. Before I dive into this story, though, I want to let you - the reader - know who Amanda Cabot is. She is a wonderful writer, a story-teller who has written the best-selling books A Stolen Heart and a A Borrowed Dream, as well as the series Texas Crossroads, Texas Dreams, and Westward Winds. Her books have been finalists for ACFW Carol Awards and Booksellers' Best. The story of Thea Michener starts with her leaving Ladreville for Cimarron Creek as a trained midwife. She brings with her a friend, Aimee, who is looking for her mother. Along the way handsome Texas Ranger Jackson Guthrie shows up with an abandoned baby. But he's also looking for those who killed his brother. He's hoping Thea has some answers he's looking for. With the book Cabot brings Cimarron Creek to the reader of loss, betrayal, and love in the Texas Hill Country. As I've said, I truly enjoyed reading this book. Truth be told I'm considering reading it through yet again as I loved it that much. For some reason I think I'm missing something, but then again I'm not sure I have. Other than that I say it's one of those books you'll truly enjoy and want to read the other works Cabot has written. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell to review this in an objective and fair review.
benhli38 24 days ago
Amanda Cabot's latest book, A Tender Hope, is filled with page after page of faith, hope and love; which according to Paul, "the greatest of these is love." How well we all would be if that was always the case. One of the things I love about this book is how well rounded her characters are. The reason I love this book so much is because of the complexity of the storyline as well as how well the individual stories of certain characters weave into the larger picture of Thea Michener's story. Before I dive into this story, though, I want to let you - the reader - know who Amanda Cabot is. She is a wonderful writer, a story-teller who has written the best-selling books A Stolen Heart and a A Borrowed Dream, as well as the series Texas Crossroads, Texas Dreams, and Westward Winds. Her books have been finalists for ACFW Carol Awards and Booksellers' Best. The story of Thea Michener starts with her leaving Ladreville for Cimarron Creek as a trained midwife. She brings with her a friend, Aimee, who is looking for her mother. Along the way handsome Texas Ranger Jackson Guthrie shows up with an abandoned baby. But he's also looking for those who killed his brother. He's hoping Thea has some answers he's looking for. With the book Cabot brings Cimarron Creek to the reader of loss, betrayal, and love in the Texas Hill Country. As I've said, I truly enjoyed reading this book. Truth be told I'm considering reading it through yet again as I loved it that much. For some reason I think I'm missing something, but then again I'm not sure I have. Other than that I say it's one of those books you'll truly enjoy and want to read the other works Cabot has written. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell to review this in an objective and fair review.
Virginiaw 24 days ago
This is a wonderfully sweet historical romance. This is the third book in the Cimarron Creek Trilogy. I loved all the characters throughout the series. Thea and Ranger Jackson really learn to love one another slowly but surely. I love the bit of intrigue where they are trying to find the mother of the baby that is found and they need to find out who the Gang of Four are. I received a copy of this book from Revell for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
ARS8 24 days ago
A Tender Hope finishes up the Cimarron Creek Trilogy and all of the story threads throughout the series by bringing four more strangers to town. Thea Michener is leaving her hometown with her friend Aimee to start anew in Cimarron Creek. After a devastating year, her husband’s and baby son’s death, she just needs a fresh start and as a much needed midwife the town is welcoming her with open arms. Aimee is also seeking a new start by looking for her birth mother who grew up in Cimarron Creek and to start a relationship with her. Unfortunately distance and time stand in the way of that relationship. Jackson Guthrie is a Texas Ranger bent on bringing his brother’s murderers to justice. He believes Thea’s late husband was part of the gang who murdered his brother and believes she knows something. Thea does know some things but neither understands the danger that is awaiting Thea from a vengeful gang member. And last but not least is a little baby boy by the name of Stuart whom Ranger Jackson found on the side of the road and has given his care to Thea and Aimee until he can solve the case of where and who are Stuart’s family. This story dealt with a lovely hometown, matchmakers, and true love but there was a trace of unease and suspense in the background as the gang that Jackson is after are murderers and torturers and they will stop at nothing and no one to wreak their havoc to get what they want. I received a copy of this book from the publishers. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.
PrincessGlor 25 days ago
“A Tender Hope” is a sweet, sweet story. I am new to the Cimarron Creek Trilogy but this finale to the set was a wonderfully entertaining read. While I know the two couples in this book have their stories told in the first two books of this series, this book does a great job of letting you in to their stories while building a lovely tale of mystery, romance and danger for Thea & Jackson. The first two books in this series are going high on my to read list as I want all the details of Travis & Lydia and Austin and Catherine and how their love came to be. I loved the mystery angle and what brought Jackson and Thea together. It kept me invested throughout and the side story of Aimee was a charming addition. I would actually love to read more of Aimee’s story! This book was a perfect mix of romance, mystery, wonderful characters and all set in the fun time period of 1880’s Texas. I mean really what more could you ask for? I will be reading more of Amanda’s books very soon!!! I received this book from the Revell Reads Review Program and was not required to post a positive review. All thoughts are my own.
Loretta_Eidson 25 days ago
This evenly-paced novel allowed me to walk alongside Thea Michener on her journey of hope. Her dreams of a happy future died when her husband was murdered, and her son was stillborn. The only way she could see to escape the pain was to move to Cimarron Creek and continue her profession as a midwife. Thea and her new friend Aimee Jarre make a great team as they travel together. Thea desires a new beginning, and Aimee is searching for her biological mom. It’s easy to connect with these two ladies as their friendship grows. Cabot developed her characters well. While Thea’s new friends find love and happiness, the last thing she needs or wants is to marry again or have another baby. Jackson Guthrie, a Texas Ranger shows up at Thea’s house with an abandoned baby, expecting the town’s midwife to take care of the boy. Thea is still mourning her loss and finds it difficult to hold the baby, much less take care of him. She admires the handsome Ranger but can’t fathom the possibilities of another relationship. Jackson suspects Thea is involved with a gang that robs stagecoaches and trains, but when he tracks her down, he surmises she’s innocent. He’s not looking for a relationship but is intrigued by Thea. He learns Thea is in danger and finds himself serving as her protector. The twists are unexpected as Cabot successfully solves each mystery and sets the match-making stage. The action was steady and believable. I can normally figure out how the story will unfold, but A Tender Hope kept me guessing. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
sandralb 28 days ago
Amanda has hit another one out of the park. I am so glad I recently was introduced to this author. Amanda captures you within the first paragraph and does not let you go until you are closing the book She writes clean, exciting romance, Christian novels. I love that she always has a thread of faith and hope woven within the story. A Tender Hope is the third and final book in the Cimarron Creek series. I so enjoyed this series and hate to see it end. The only consultation is I know Amanda's next series or book will be just as good and exciting.
HeidiMain 29 days ago
A TENDER HOPE is another enjoyable historical by Amanda Cabot. It has a believable and poignant premise with a strong character in Thea Michener. There is a twist on her backstory that was very believable and moved Thea to not want to fall in love again. Ranger Jackson Guthrie also has an issue in his past that leaves him unable to trust. A TENDER HOPE has twists and turns that make you care for the characters even more around every corner. A witty and expertly written love story.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This book was the third in the Cimarron Creek trilogy, which I have not read, so there were moments when I wondered if there were backstories that I was missing. But overall the book stood alone and the story was complete in itself. Reading A Tender Hope was like watching a Christmas Hallmark movie or eating your favorite comfort food - predictable, but relaxing and enjoyable. Amanda Cabot's style was pleasant, and the story was well-written. The fact that Thea is a midwife was unique, and although she and Jackson had a lot to work through, their relationship didn't feel rushed and was sweet and wholesome. Aimee and Nate's love story on the side was plumb cute, and I loved the inclusion of Stuart, the abandoned baby - is there much else cuter than seeing a big strong guy holding a baby, in real life or in a book?! If you're a fan of Janette Oke, you'll love this book!
Digging4Pearls 3 months ago
A Tender Hope is a sweet love story. Amanda Cabot has produced another winner in her Cimarron Creek series. I loved the way Thea Michener learned to trust and love again despite what she assumed were hurts from her deceased husband. Ranger Jackson Guthrie is an old softie and I truly enjoyed seeing him grow throughout the book. The combination makes for a story you won't be able to put down. Wonderful story, Amanda Cabot. Thank you for sharing your gift. 2019 - While this book was provided for free, I wasn't under any obligation to write a favorable review. The pleasure was mine.
Stacy Simmons 3 months ago
A Tender Hope is a beautiful story of love arriving in the most unexpected of places. Thea Michener moves to a new town to start a fresh beginning. Ranger Jackson Guthrie meets Thea in Cimmaron Creek, and as a ranger, he's got some dangerous plans ahead. On the road to justice, can love become part of this strong man's future? Enjoy reading this wonderfully written book by one very talented author, Amanda Cabot.
AdventurousBookworm 3 months ago
This book is beautifully designed from the front cover, to the spine, back cover, and interior. The story was gripping but felt like it was missing something. The characters were described in a way that made them relatable but they still fell flat. The plot was good for the most part, dragging only on occasion. I really liked the storytelling of Aimee's character and search. It added a breath of fresh air to the novel and I found myself eager to see what would happen next within Aimee’s story. This book can be read as a standalone. Personal Rating: 4 Stars Content Rating: 4 Stars *I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own and a positive review was not required.
sesquius 3 months ago
First off, this book being part of a trilogy can really stand on its own. I wasn't lost or felt like I was having to connect pieces in order to understand the story. Thea is moving to a new town after her husband was murdered and her child born stillborn. With a new setting she hopes to put everything in her past, aside. She travels with her friend Aimee to this new location and encounters a Texas Ranger who is looking for her, Thea. But before he gets to Thea he comes upon an abandoned baby on the trail. Shew! If it sounds like a lot in that small snippet, that's nothing in comparison to the story itself. There are many characters and we have at least three different romances going on with couples. There is a murder to be solved, a robbery and a gang. In addition, we have Aimee, Thea's friend looking for her mother that gave her up for adoption. That said, while I enjoyed the book to a certain point, I wish that the story line had remained focused on Thea or Aimee. There were too many characters and too many romances happening, that there wasn't enough focus on just one situation. There were at least two competing with one another. Still, it was an enjoyable read and I would consider reading more from Amanda in the future.  The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or advanced reading copy.
RuthieJonesTX 3 months ago
A Tender Hope, the third in the Cimarron Creek trilogy, offers a sweet romance, but the overall story touches on the serious topic of family, especially children. Some characters overlap, and all three books are a complete delight. In A Tender Hope, Thea and Jackson offer another dynamic romance that builds and blossoms with every page. As the town's new midwife, Thea is a strong, independent widow, but her late husband left her with doubts of his love for her and left her doubting her own ability to trust and love again. Jackson, a Texas Ranger, is on the trail of the Gang of Four, which is actually a gang of three now that Thea's husband is dead. When Jackson finds an abandoned baby just outside of Cimarron Creek, the mystery of who and why takes off and doesn't let go until the harrowing climax. Did Thea know about her husband's thieving ways? Will the gang come after her thinking she knows where her husband hid the gold? Why was a young mother tortured and killed and her baby abandoned? Can Jackson resist Thea's charms? You'll find the answers and whole lot more in this third enjoyable book. Amanda Cabot's writing is as sweet as the budding romances in A Tender Hope, but not everything is as candy coated as the confectioneries coming out of the town's sweet shop. As Jackson dives deeper into the mystery and draws closer to capturing the gang, the tension and danger escalate and intensify. Some tender moments are sprinkled throughout as three men in the story struggle to figure out how to woo the women they love. The men's bumbling efforts add some comedic relief to the seriousness of the overall chilling action. Children and parents are the focus in this last book, and the author adeptly incorporates several levels of family that show the importance of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. In A Tender Hope, embracing a mother, a daughter, a brother, a sister, or even a child who is not your own is the sweetest joy and offers the promise of new hope, new love, and new life. "Family was important for children, but love was even more critical to their happiness."
RobinWillson 3 months ago
The last in a Christian historical fiction series that wraps things up in Cimarron creek 1881. Thea's husband was killed. She's a midwife and takes Aimee with her to Cimarron Creek. Jackson is a Texas Ranger looking for the gang who killed Thea's husband, and maybe he's looking for Thea too. An investigation he finds to be with ties near to his heart. Aimee is hoping to find her mother, and finds so much more. Nice romance and showings of faith. An interesting, satisfying and entertaining read. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher and NetGalley book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” #ATenderHope #AmandaCabot #NetGalley #BooksYouCanFeelGoodAbout
KrisAnderson_TAR 3 months ago
A Tender Hope is the final book in a Cimarron Creek Trilogy. A Tender Hope can be read alone, but, after reading it, you will want to go back and read the other two books in the series. The couples from the first two books are included in A Tender Hope. I thought A Tender Hope was well-written with gentle pacing. Amanda Cabot has a casual writing style that engages the reader and draws them into her tale. The Christian elements are nicely integrated into the story. I like that it was light but meaningful. Thea’s story was intriguing. New details are added as the story progresses, and I like how it all tied together. Guthrie and Thea’s romance plays out softly and sweetly. Aimee is seeking answers on her birth parents and she gets so much more (I do not want to give away any spoilers). Nate Kenton and Warner Gray provide humor to the story. Both men are seeking wives and women are scarce in their area. I liked that the author gave many of the females in the story occupations and strong voices. I was very happy that A Tender Hope was not a typical historical romance. There is mystery, suspense and action along with family, friendship, love, and faith. A Tender Hope has a satisfying conclusion that will leave readers smiling.
Charity_Andrews 3 months ago
It’s been a while since I’ve been able to really read a book and I sure have missed it! Amanda Cabot has brought me back. Although it took me a while (due to my health, NOT my interest level), I was happy to have another Cimarron Creek book in my possession. It’s such a light-hearted series and just what I needed. This is supposed to be the final chapter in the CC Trilogy and I am really sorry to hear that. It feels like family and I hope to see more in the future! Amanda Cabot rounded out this series with sweet midwife, Thea, and the kind-hearted Texas Ranger, Jackson. Besides that, we get to see all the characters we’ve grown to love in the small town. Like I said, the story is light and an easy read. I highly recommend getting the other books in the series so you can follow along with all the people and their continuing stories. It definitely can be read as a stand-alone, but you wouldn’t get as much out of it. So, get going and grab your copies! Thanks so much for this copy! As always, this is my honest review. Here’s to many more!
Nicnac63 3 months ago
I like reading a series from the beginning, but when that isn’t the case, I love a series book that can be read as a standalone. A Tender Hope is the final book in the three-part Cimarron Creek series. I have not read the previous two books, and do not feel I am missing any important info. This western romance deals with three characters, Thea, Aimee, and Jackson, in search of life-changing answers. The story is loaded with mystery and romance. A great blend of emotion and adventure, this is a quick read that leaves you feeling sated. #PrettyCoverArt #ATenderHope First Line: She was Free. I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
StoreyBookReviews 3 months ago
I've read the first two books in this series and I had to know what happened next for the sleepy little town of Cimarron Creek. This is the last book in this series and the author does an amazing job of wrapping up all of the personal storylines and making sure there is plenty of happily ever afters for the citizens of Cimarron Creek.  This book focuses on Thea and Jackson, but there are also storylines for Warner, Patience, Nate, and Aimee.  I enjoyed how each story interconnected with others and I found myself rooting for each character and whom they might end up with as their soulmate.  Along with the romance, there is action and suspense when it comes to the Gang of Four and their search for Thea because they think she knows things that her deceased husband might have told her.  There were times I wondered what could possibly happen next to these characters and would everything turn out ok in the end? There are plenty of cameos from characters in the first books like Lydia and Travis and even Andy and Catherine.  I was excited to see Grace reunite with her daughter, but not without some trials and tribulations to get to that point.   We give this 5 paws up and highly recommend this trilogy - but start with A Stolen Heart and then A Borrowed Dream before reading this one mainly for continuity.  You could read out of order but it will make more sense to read in order.
AndreaBy 4 months ago
Thea is looking forward to starting over in a new town after the death of her husband. Ranger Jackson thinks she has answers to his questions. He follows her and her friend Aimee to Cimarron Creek, where we meet the new schoolteacher, Patience, and see our old friends Travis, Lydia, Warner and Nate, along with the Goddards and Grace. The rangers case keeps the story moving as well as interactions between the townsfolk. Another story that keeps the intrigue up til the end and a fitting conclusion to the series. A complimentary copy was provided by Revell through NetGalley. A review was not required and all thoughts and opinions are my own.
LeeRhuday 4 months ago
Once again, Amanda Cabot has delivered the finest in today's Christian Fiction. A Tender Hope combines romance and mystery in against beautifully described backdrop of the Old West. The characters were compelling, the plot was interesting, and the story held my attention from the opening page to the final sentence. I especially loved the elements of suspense Ms. Cabot wove into the series and the way she wrapped up the series was absolutely delightful. I highly recommend reading this and all three standalone books in this series. Many thanks to Revell and the Baker Publishing Group for providing an ARC of A Tender Hope. This review is my honest opinion.