A Third Dictionary & Grammar of Láadan

A Third Dictionary & Grammar of Láadan

A Third Dictionary & Grammar of Láadan

A Third Dictionary & Grammar of Láadan


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This book includes material from 1st Dictionary and Grammar (1988) and merges it with new vocabulary created for the Láadan website. Elgin died in 2015, but interest persists in the language she created in 1982, embodied in her SF "Native Tongue" series. Láadan is a feminist constructed language created by Elgin to test the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis that the language one speaks influences the way one thinks, i.e., can a language expressing the views of women shape a culture? Láadan includes morphemes that require speakers to own their own perceptions-words that indicate, for instance, whether a statement comes from personal observation, a trusted source, or an unreliable third party. Nowadays Elgin might argue that accusations of "fake news" would be impossible in Láadan. This language also encodes speakers' intentions into their sentences, eliminating another form of micro-aggression, the rude comment that is passed off as "just a joke." All proceeds will go to the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

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ISBN-13: 9780359778232
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Publication date: 08/09/2019
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About the Author

Suzette Haden Elgin was an American researcher in experimental linguistics, construction and evolution of languages and poetry and science fiction writer. She founded the Science Fiction Poetry Association and is considered an important figure in the field of science fiction constructed languages.

Table of Contents

How to Use this Book 5 Preface by Rebecca E. Haden 7 Introduction by Suzette Haden Elgin 11 The Sounds of Láadan 15 Lesson Set One: Patterns 19 Lesson 1 21 Lesson 2 25 Lesson 3 29 Lesson 4 33 Lesson 5 37 Lesson 6 41 Lesson 7 45 Lesson 8 51 Lesson 9 55 Lesson 10 59 Lesson 11 65 Lesson 12 69 Lesson 13 73 Lesson 14 75 Lesson Set Two: ?Going to the Con 77 Lesson 1 79 Lesson 2 83 Lesson 3 85 Lesson 4 87 Lesson 5 91 Lesson 6 93 Lesson 7 95 Lesson 8 97 Lesson 9 99 Dictionaries 101 English to Láadan 103 Láadan to English 139 Affixes? 205 Exercises 213 Birth Song 215 The Lord's Prayer 217 Sháam 100 221 Sháam 23 223 Wohíya Wodedide Shósho Bethu 227 Aranesha Bethu 231 Wolaya Wohilub 237 A Nativity Story Written from Mary's Point of View 241 Essays by Suzette Haden Elgin 247 Can a Language BeOwned? 249 Láadan the Constructed Language in Native TongueBooks 253 Language Construction 101 257 The Link Between Languageand the Perception ofReality 261 Frequently Asked Questions 265 Láadan Made Easier-How It Works part 1 269 Láadan Made Easier part 2 273 Myths About Láadan 277 Just One More LáadanMyth 279 Teach Yourself Alien 283 Appendixes 291 Rules of Láadan Grammar 293 a) Auxiliaries 293 b) Case Markers 293 c) Degree Markers 294 d) Doer/Agent Marker 295 e) Duration Markers 295 f) Embedding Markers 296 g) Focus Marker 297 h) Pejorative Marker 297 i) Plural Marker 297 j) Evidence Morphemes 298 k) Repetition Morphemes 299 l) Speech Act Morphemes 299 m) State of Consciousness Morphemes 300 n) Other Speech Act Suffixes 300 o) Speech Acts 301 p) Noun Declensions 305 q) Word Order 306 r) Morphology 306 s) Adverbial Dependent Clauses 307 t) Grammar Facts About the LáadanAffixes 308 u) The Láadan Passive 311 v) Adjectives 312 w) Time Auxiliaries 312 Miscellaneous Additional Information 313 a) Days of the Week with English Equivalents 313 b) Months of the Year with English Equivalents 313 c) Set of "Love" Nouns 314 d) Numbers Numerals 314 e) Pronouns 315 Notes on Adding to the Láadan Vocabulary 317 Pattern Practice Answers 325 About the Author 327 About this Book 329 About the Contributors 331

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