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A Time to Serve: Never Lie, Never Settle, Never Quit

A Time to Serve: Never Lie, Never Settle, Never Quit

by Jennifer Widemire Smith


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Never Lie

“Which stories were true?”

Jefferies watched the new guy survey the battlefield. “What makes you think they weren’t all true? This is SEAL Team Three. Alpha Platoon. Never doubt us. Never cause us to doubt you. Every man’s life depends on the trust between his brothers. If we catch you even in a white lie, we’ll make hazing look like a ten-year old’s birthday party. You feel me?”

Never Settle

“You don’t want me. Not really. You see the car, the bike, the leather, the long hair. You see a projection. To love and be loved is the most selfless act a person can do for another. Life is too short to settle for the broken pieces of a shattered heart.”

Never Quit

“I’ll ask you again, Evie. Are you quitting?”

“I didn’t come this far to quit.”

“Good. I’m going to make you cry. I am going to cuss like a sailor, because I am one. I’m going to push you hard and demand nothing but your very best. You’ll want to quit, but if you quit, ever, we’re done—do not ring the bell Ms.Sinclaire.”

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781950892174
Publisher: Clovercroft Publishing
Publication date: 04/07/2020
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Jennifer Widemire Smith is a writer with a long name who’s not on anyone’s best selling lists—yet. And it’s pronounced wide-mire.

She can trace her writing skills to The Academy of Art University when she enrolled in Narrative Storytelling—an intriguing course that stuck. Unlike your average English 101.

She got married, grew tiny humans, and began turning her family adventures into fabulous stories parked at, "The D Word, Diary of a Dyslexic” blog.

A writing exercise on empathy turned into a story that her husband found, liked, and demanded to know what came next. His insistence turned into the book you’re thinking of purchasing. Take it for a test drive. See if you like what’s under the cover.

Why write a story about SEALs? Because they taught her to be “Unbreakable” and to never give up on a little idea that keeps her up at night.

Table of Contents

Truth or Bullshit 14

Enter the Girl 29

The BBQ 40

Blondes and Shoulder Pads 52

A Hot Friday Night 61

Moving In 67

Almost Aggressive Entry 77

Master Chief 87

Arms Dealer 99

Rocky Road and Shit 103

Disrespect and Misunderstandings 118

Lucile 125

Tweety Bird Sweatshirts 133

Froghogs and Pool Tables 140

Twenty Year Old Comfort Zones 147

Houskeeping 171

Operation Kiss the Girl 184

A Fine Derrière 189

Nerves 192

Sharks, Sea Puppies, and Mermaid Tears 204

Long Walks At Sunset 217

Mission Imminent 221

No Afterglow 227

The Battle of Plataea 230

Amompharetos 235

Katafanga Island 239

The Drive 246

Beautiful 252

Blue Lights 256

Night Terrors 264

John 271

Pause 290

Shower 298

Breakfast Ditch 307

Driskel 312

Fairy Houses and Tissues 319

Bad Cabby 323

The Bell 327

Vivi 335

Gut Punched 341

Standing Watch 352

Bar Bunnies and Pencils 359

Squaring Away 367

Down Range 373

Dropping a Building 378

Re-Entry 385

New Beginings 388

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