A Timeless Romance Anthology: Love Letter Collection

A Timeless Romance Anthology: Love Letter Collection


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ISBN-13: 9781941145371
Publisher: Mirror Press
Publication date: 10/20/2014
Pages: 374
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.77(d)

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USA Today bestselling authors Karey White, Diane Darcy, and Heather B. Moore, team up with award-winning authors Krista Lynne Jensen, Sarah M. Eden, and Annette Lyon to bring you this charming romance anthology.

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A Timeless Romance Anthology: Love Letter Collection 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This anthology is a great read for anyone looking for clean romance stories. The different stories in this set all vary in tone and setting but they all pull you in and make you care about the characters. I like that half of the stories take place in current times and half are historical and I liked that the stories were so varied while still having the common theme of love letters. From a contemporary story of childhood friends grown up, to one of strangers who meet at an English Manor in the early 1900s there is something for everyone. The bottom line is, if you are looking for a read that will give you clean romance and sweet love stories in a variety of settings, you should give this a try.
mara1108 More than 1 year ago
I finished this late last night. I really like the TRA series because three of the short stories are by the regular authors and the other three are by others, most of whom are new to me. The theme to this collection is love letters. The stories were so different from each other. From a story about a couple that had been just friends for years, to another about a young woman completing her recently deceased grandfather's bucket list. They're set in different time periods. I had several favorite stories in this book.
Brookes_Books More than 1 year ago
My favorite of all of these anthologies that I've read is the Winter Collection.  This Love Letter Collection comes in a close second.  I LOVE the LOVE LETTERS!   With all of the anthologies there is a common theme although they are all different stories by different authors.  Having the love letters be the common theme is genius.  And coming right at Valentine's time is perfect.  There are so many ways to incorporate love letters that I have never thought of.  Where do they come up with the ideas?  Thank you, Authors, for having such creative minds. And, I'm looking forward to the next installment...The Old West Collection coming in May 2014.   Warnings: None I would let my 16 year old read this collection of stories.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Packed into one tidy book, all of them linked with a letter theme. I enjoyed the variety of stories and only wished I could have had more time with each character in each book. Story #1- The author did an excellent job putting you right with the people on the hike and made me wish I was there with them, or that I could do that hike and three day camp for myself! The only negative I would say was that the book ending was a bit abrupt, BUT, I've never read anthologies before and understand that they aren't that long. Story #2- A wonderful story with a Bucket List vibe. The main character ends up doing her grandfathers bucket list of things in Seattle after he unexpectedly dies. I really want to be that 70 year old woman when I'm that age and still kicking butts and taking names! Cute story and it ended well. Story #3- My favorite of the six stories, it seemed to be the one with the most beginning-middle-ending story line. That one felt like I'd read the whole story with no missing parts and no abrupt ending. The "letter" aspect of this story was a funny "she did, he did, and it's all a big misunderstanding" enjoyable roller coaster ride. Adorable ending, and ended with the feeling that nothing was missed in the telling of the story. Story #4- Quite unexpected in the letter link, as the two main characters were both illiterate! How can you have love letters being sent to each other, when neither character can read?? This author does a fabulous job of it, and I'm not going to give away her trade secret, you'll have to get the book and find out for yourself. :) Again, kind of thought the story ended a bit abrupt, and would have liked to have had a longer story of them together and the life they would have led in the town they settled in. Story #5- This story had a fun ugly duckling, becomes the swan she was always meant to be in the eye of her beau, who after living and growing up together finally see's her for the person she actually is. They become pen pals, but under false pretenses and have to reconcile the trust that is lost when the truth comes out. Wished I could have read more about them, but I'm the type of person who doesn't think an 800 page book has enough pages in it to satisfy what I'm wanting in a book. So that is no reflection on the parts of these authors. Story #6- The final story in the anthology was again a story I liked, set in a time and place that I just love to read about. England in the early 1900's, the two characters families are linked through the past and events that are misunderstood by both families, and it isn't until letters are discovered that the truth starts to come out and both families can reconcile their histories. You are rooting for these two people to come together and the heroin isn't going back to the cold, unfeeling "almost" fiance that she left behind in America to come and sell the family estate in England that was left to her as the sole heir. All I can say is, I wish the story had been longer to satisfy my hunger to get to know the story. I felt that way about all of the characters in all of the stories. I'm not disappointed, and thoroughly enjoyed all of the stories written by these authors. Kudos to them all! A good anthology with a letter theme written through all of the stories.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have fallen in love with A Timeless Romance Anthology: Love Letter Collection! Finally a CLEAN romance, with not only one story, but 6! This book contains 6 novellas all from different authors which make this book fun and exciting to read for the variations in writing styles, story settings and feel of each unique novella. There are 3 contemporary romance stories and 3 historical romance stories, all set in different places, with new wonderful characters to fall in love with each and every time. Each story quickly draws you in and you find yourself not able to put it down! If you are looking for an easy, fun read and without any sexuality or language, this book is the perfect choice! The only thing I wished, was that each story was an entire book. I didn't want them to end! Just get it, you'll be glad you did
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am always amazed that each story turns out so differently from each other, yet has that common thread. Each author has her own idea how to tie this theme together. All of the stories are so good! I loved that the first three were contemporary and the last three were historical. I loved the idea--perfect for Valentine's Day. Love letters. Who doesn't love to get a love letter?! I did not want this book to end! MAGGIE'S SONG--I loved this story! Maggie is such a strong and independent woman, yet she's not very brave--at least when it comes to confessing her love. She can face a tough hike, wildlife, and roughing it, but not her best friend. I loved Barbara and her matchmaking efforts. I thought that Lucas was a great character--he had everyone falling for him because he was that nice. I think my favorite part was all of the hints. That, and maybe hiding on the ledge from the girls. JUST FLY was a little on the sad side, but I loved the message that was given--live for today! Wren lived by the book, not really enjoying life, not really taking chances, and by taking her Gramps's place in fulfilling a bucket list, she really let go and actually seemed to enjoy life again. I loved Dot--I felt so sorry for her in losing a love before she really had him. Seth was very instrumental in helping Wren and I loved watching him fall for her. His bucket list was soooo sweet! HOW TO REWRITE A LOVE LETTER had me feeling embarrassed for Julie. What she went through, putting her heart on the line and being rejected was humiliating! However, I then saw that because of that, she closed herself off, which I can't blame her for. I loved how the students went behind her back and did the love letters anyway and I loved the way all of these misunderstandings played out. It was endearing and entertaining and so swoon-worthy. A THOUSAND WORDS--Sometimes time makes things a little awkward. A person wonders if the other one has changed his/her mind and until one gets back into the groove again, it's tough. It was also tough for Patrick because he wanted only the best for Shannon and felt that he couldn't give her what she deserves. This story really showed the difference between the way most men and most women think. It's not always about all those material things--it's about the love. I LOVED the way the two communicated through letters before they could be reunited. Such a creative way to show their feelings and thoughts. Hannah was adorable, too. BETWEEN THE LINES--Thomas is a real man. Jane isn't the most outgoing and beautiful girl in their society, yet he cares more about her feelings and making her happy, than all of that. This story proves that it's not always the instant attraction to someone that makes a relationship work. Sometimes, a lot of times, a person becomes more attractive the more you get to know her/him. I loved the way Jane opened up and blossomed through these exchanges and the way Thomas told her who he really was. BLACKBERRY HOLLOW--Sometimes, two people get together because it's convenient. And other times, they follow their hearts. Hearing about Lucy and her almost-finance, Robert, had me cringing. It was all about appearances to him and there was no passion. All Calvin had to do was look at her or kiss her hand and she was a puddle of melted butter on the floor. I loved the letters Lucy found and the way their relationship developed. Content: All of the stories had kissing and Just Fly had some mild swearing. **I received a copy in exchange for an honest review**
GettingYourReadOn More than 1 year ago
Just in time for Valentines Day and February- the month of love, comes this perfectly sweet collection of short stories that will bring that little bit of romance and love to your heart. This Timeless Romance Anthology series is one of my very favorites.  I always look forward to a new set coming out.  The authors are amazing and I know I'm going to get just what my heart wants when I read them. Each of these stories had something to do with love letters.  What a great idea!  Love letters are my favorite and I love how each of these authors took the same concept and made something so unique and fun. Novellas are perfect if you just have a few minutes to read and you want a quick start to finish book.  I'll admit that I never read these books that way.  I just delve in and devour the whole lot of them, usually in one day.  I just can't help myself.  :) These are all clean romances, but I have to point out that Just Fly had a few instances of mild swearing which surprised me because I can't remember that ever happening in these books before.  I wish it hadn't been there, but that's just a personal preference.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this sweet (clean) romance anthology! I just finished reading A TIMELESS ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY: LOVE LETTER COLLECTION by six talented authors. This anthology combined three sweet (clean) contemporary romance novellas with three sweet (clean) historical romance novellas. This was a winning combination, each with the theme of love letters. I'm very impressed with several factors about this anthology: * All six novellas were very well written, each so different, yet each and every one of excellent quality. * Professionally edited and formatted. * All six novellas are true to their "sweet" rating; perfectly clean in language and content. While definitely two-thumbs up for the romance...there is no sexual content whatsoever. THANK YOU! I recommend this book (and each and every story contained therein) to readers of all ages, *especially* those who prefer clean romance. * A wide range of settings made for a delightful reading experience: American southwest, American frontier, early 20th century English countryside (and more!).... *sigh* * Each novella is remarkably unique. Fresh stories I thoroughly enjoyed savoring. The beauty of an anthology like this is the ability to make a day of it...or to read one story at a time with the ease of putting it down (if you can!) between novellas. Specific compliments for the titles contained in LOVE LETTER COLLECTION: 1. MAGGIE'S SONG by Karcy White This "friends to sweethearts" story of Lucas and Maggie was a truly sweet, feel-good, rewarding read. So clean! And yet so very romantic. LOVED the unique setting of the American southwest canyon hiking tour guide company.... very well done. 2. JUST FLY by Krista Lynne Jensen This wonderfully heartwarming romance between Wren and Seth (whose grandparents were school chums...and the reason for their meeting) made me smile the whole way through. Watching their love take root and blossom was something special. 3. HOW TO REWRITE A LOVE LETTER by Diane Darcy Wow! Diane Darcy is one of my all-time favorite writers. This is a NEW novella...first time in print...and this FUN premise of a high school English teacher sweet on the Principal....and the love letters between them was delightful! Diane writes witty dialogue, solid characters (and believable reactions), and plots that keep me coming back for more. This delightful romantic comedy was PERFECT! 4. A THOUSAND WORDS by Sarah M. Eden This sweet historical set on the American frontier at the time of railroad expansion tells the love story between two desperately poor Irish immigrants, Shannon and Patrick. Ms. Eden writes amazing descriptions, emotionally poignant scenes. I loved the beautiful angst keeping Shannon and Patrick apart. This story brought tears to my eyes! 5. BETWEEN THE LINES by Annette Lyon Set in Provo, 1926, Jane Martin and Thomas Allred might be kids who grew up together...but it takes letter writing to come to truly know one another. It might just be my (true story!) Allred ancestry, but I found Thomas's character to be a hero I DID fall in love with--what an amazingly gentle, wonderful man. Ms. Lyon writes believable characters that are exquisitely motivated. 6. BLACKBERRY HOLLOW by Heather B. Moore (1908 England) Lucy Quinn has inherited an English manor, and intends a two-week trip to settle the estate, see the property sold, and then return to her life in New York. Lucy is named after a great-aunt, Lucille, whose tragic love story brings Lucy closer to an intriguing neighbor, Calvin Devans III (who's also named after a great-(great?)-grandfather, Calvin). This precious romance sucked me in, with pacing that convinced me Lucy and Calvin were meant for one another, had fallen in love for all the right reasons, and deserved the chance to be happy together. Each and every novella in this collection is a KEEPER! I'm so happy for the opportunity to read it, and highly recommend it to readers of all ages. I received an ARC (advanced review copy) in trade for an honest review.