A to Z Mysteries Super Edition #11: Grand Canyon Grab

A to Z Mysteries Super Edition #11: Grand Canyon Grab

A to Z Mysteries Super Edition #11: Grand Canyon Grab

A to Z Mysteries Super Edition #11: Grand Canyon Grab


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Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon—and a mystery—in the eleventh A to Z Mysteries Super Edition!

Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are visiting the Grand Canyon when they spot Parker Stone—a famous TV star. They can't wait to get his autograph, but before they can, Parker is kidnapped! Only a few clues—and his pet parrot—are left behind. It's up to Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose to find Parker—before it's too late!

Help Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose solve mysteries from A to Z! From The Absent Author to The Zombie Zone, there's a mystery for every letter of the alphabet, plus super editions with even more A to Z fun. And don't miss Ron Roy's series for younger readers, Calendar Mysteries!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780525578864
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Publication date: 03/05/2019
Series: A to Z Mysteries: A Stepping Stone Book (TM) , #11
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 220,725
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 6 - 9 Years

About the Author

RON ROY has been writing books for children since 1974. He is the author of dozens of books, including the popular A to Z Mysteries and Capital Mysteries series. When not working on a new book, Ron likes to teach tricks to his dog, Pal, play poker with friends, travel, and read thrilling mystery books. Visit Ron online at RonRoy.com.

JOHN STEVEN GURNEY has illustrated many books for children, including the entire A to Z Mysteries series and Scholastic's popular Bailey School Kids series.

Read an Excerpt

“Josh, what are you doing?” Dink asked. He watched Josh slide five or six energy bars into  his cargo pants pocket.
“I might get hungry,” Josh answered. “But we just ate breakfast!” Ruth Rose said, slipping her binoculars into her backpack. Ruth Rose liked her clothes to match. Today she was wearing red from her  headband to  her sneakers.
Josh grinned. “We did?” he asked. “Gee,  I don’t remember!”
“And we’re having a picnic with my uncle in about two hours,” Dink reminded his friend.
“Okay, Donny,” Josh teased.
Dink’s full name was Donald David Duncan, but  most  people  called  him by his nickname, Dink. His uncle had always  called him Donny.
The kids were on their spring vacation in Arizona. Dink’s uncle Warren Duncan had invited them to join him on a trip to the Grand Canyon. They were staying at Bright Angel Lodge. When Dink looked out his window, he could see the rim of the  Grand Canyon.
Josh sat on his bed. “Actually, I’m a little nervous,” he admitted. “And when I get nervous—”
“You  eat!” Dink interrupted.
“Why are you nervous?” Ruth Rose asked.
Josh threw himself back on his pillow. “Well, let’s see,” he said, gazing up at the ceiling. “This morning, I go up a hundred miles  in  a  hot-air  balloon.  Tomorrow  I ride a donkey a hundred miles to the bottom of the Grand Canyon!”
Dink grinned. “It’ll be a blast!” he said. “And it’s not a hundred miles. The balloon only goes up about three miles, tops.”
“Three miles!” Josh croaked. He closed his eyes and pretended to faint.
Ruth Rose opened her guidebook and read. “We’ll be riding mules tomorrow, not donkeys,” she said, pointing to a picture. “They look cute!”
Josh sighed. “Mules, donkeys, elephants . . . what’s the difference?” He looked at Ruth Rose. “How far is it to the bottom?”
“Well, the canyon is a mile deep,” she said, reading from her book. “But the ride is a little over nine miles, which will take about five hours.”
“I have to sit on a mule for five hours?” Josh asked. “Do they bite?”
  “Yeah,” Dink said. “They bite nervous boys.”
Ruth Rose checked the clock next to Dink’s bed. “It’s time for Roger to the Rescue,” she said, turning on the TV. “That should relax you, Josh.”
Josh sat up. “Cool! Roger’s at the North Pole  this week,”  he said.
Roger to the Rescue was their favorite TV show. It was about a kid named Roger Good and his pet parrot, Tommy. In  each show, Roger visited a different part of the world. He met people who were trying to help animals and the environment. The week before, Roger and Tommy had been in India, helping a scientist save a baby tiger  trapped in quicksand.
“Scoot over!” Dink said. He and Ruth Rose jumped on Josh’s bed as the show came on. First the kids saw a T-shirt with a circle on the front. Inside the circle were the letters RTTR, which stood for Roger to the  Rescue.
The camera moved up to show Roger Good’s face. He was played by Parker Stone, a teen actor. Roger put two fingers in his mouth and whistled. A gray parrot with a bright red tail flew to his shoulder. In this episode, Roger and Tommy found       two      lost      polar    bear     cubs            and returned them to their mother. The final scene showed Roger sipping hot chocolate.  Tommy  was  eating raisins out  of  a little purple box.  
Then these words appeared on the TV  screen:  please  visit  roger  and  tommy at  their website!
As the show ended, Josh let out a whistle.
“You sound just like Roger!” Ruth Rose said. She shut off the TV and grabbed her backpack. “Come on, we have to  be  in the lobby  in two minutes!”

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