A Touch Morbid

A Touch Morbid

by Leah Clifford


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Eden saved Az.

She fought and sacrificed and won him back from the most evil of evils. Now is the time for happily-ever-afters, right?

Not so fast.

A boy—even an angel—is hardly the solution to Eden’s problems. She’s still caught between life and death, still cursed to spread poison with her touch. She’s lost one best friend and another is quickly unraveling. And now something is happening to the mortals. Something very, very bad.

What happens in the dark spaces? The ones between life and death, love and hate, betrayal and redemption, sanity and delusion.

Or good and evil.

Eden is about to find out.

The riveting sequel to A Touch Mortal

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ISBN-13: 9780062005021
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 02/28/2012
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Leah Clifford is the author of A Touch Mortal and A Touch Morbid. She was also an extreme-cave-tour guide, a pizza delivery girl, a waitress, and a grocery store clerk before becoming a full-time writer. She lives near Cleveland, Ohio.

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A Touch Morbid 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
sweeterica0712 More than 1 year ago
It is rare that I like a second book in a trilogy more than the first, but Leah Clifford raised the stakes in A Touch Morbid and I was absolutely captivated. Once I started, I simply could not put it down, and I read straight through in just over 2 hours. What is big and awesome in A Touch Mortal only gets better in this installment of the characters’ story. I love the characters. The characters of this trilogy are so unique, and they all are very different from one another. Eden was one character that really grew on me in this book. She was a good character in A Touch Mortal, but I definitely felt she grew a lot and was a character I genuinely liked with this book. I super loved Gabe in this one, he was already a great character, but oh my gosh, his character was just marvelous in this one. Despite the fact I think I’m supposed to hate Luke, I found myself falling hard for him in this one. Kristen is one of the best written characters I’ve read in a long time. Leah Clifford doesn’t leave a single dull moment. The entire book is fast paced and action packed. Everything that goes down is simply fascinating, and I loved every moment of it. While there is never a slow moment, Leah Clifford still manages to have this perfect pacing; nothing is ever too much or too little. Michael was an interesting guy. I felt like he was a complete creeper, but every scene with him in it were some of the most intense in the books. They were the ones where I was flipped pages at a crazy speed. In addition to everything else going down, there were also lots of sexy times in A Touch Morbid, which I wholeheartedly approved of. A lot of questions are answered, yet Leah Clifford raises about a dozen more in the process. The plot just kept layering deeper and deeper, and I am so intrigued to see where it goes in the last installment. The whole idea of the Siders is so intriguing by itself, but when you add in all the other details of the story line, it is just brilliant. Your emotions will be in shambles by the end of this book. You also never know who to trust, Leah Clifford plays with your emotions to make you think so and so is behind something, then flips the switch and then you suspect someone else. It is absolute torture. In addition to that, just everything that happens is completely emotionally draining. I was happy, then clueless, then worried about this character or that character, all paired with these absolutely heart-wrenching moments. My one complaint? That is was not longer, as I know I have to wait out the long months before book 3 is out. The ending was an absolute killer! Everything builds and builds to this crazy peak and Leah Clifford just leaves readers hanging. This series is one of those must reads. I loved book 1 and book gets bigger and better. Basically I think all of this could be summed up with the statement of I hate Leah Clifford for being a genius. She’s a genius this series is just SO good and that makes the wait between books so agonizing. There is no other way to put it, but that A Touch Morbid by Leah Clifford was simply brilliant.
summerskris on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A Touch Morbid is as dark and sexy as A Touch Mortal promised it to be. Eden gets a new look with green replacing the pink highlight and her new pixie-ish haircut, and Az is back in her life. However, they have both suffered heavy losses in their face-off against Luke. They need each other more than ever now in these uncertain times.One big difference from book one is that there aren't time skips. The second is that Jarrod and Kristen have become narrators as well. Jarrod's relationship with a mortal brings another important character into the story while Kristen's narrative opens us to another side of a key character. Jarrod's perspective becomes crucial in pointing out changes in Eden that we wouldn't pay attention to otherwise, and it allows us to see the changing dynamics in the group's functions with Adam and Libby out of the picture.As I mentioned earlier, there is more dark and sexy in this book. Leah further develops character relationships. Prepare yourself for hot scenes, sweet scenes, and some surprising reveals. I found myself falling in love and/or sympathizing with characters that I wanted to hate, and I fell deeper in love with characters that I liked from book one.Eden forms new alliances, and she faces old friends in new lights. As Eden learns more about Siders, she faces new, dangerous threats that may potentially bring about her downfall. I eagerly anticipate book three in Leah Clifford A Touch trilogy!
Theamwriter on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading this sequel. I liked how it picked up where A Touch Mortal left off, or so it seems.Some things that I liked about this book were that Eden changed her hair color according to what she looks like on the cover of the book. I liked that Gabe isn't really present throughout the entire book, it gives the vibe that he is gone, that he is truly fallen to side of evil even though he tries to resist the urges. I enjoyed reading that Eden's new problem since she stopped killing the siders. I really thought it was interesting that Gabriel and Eden were tied together somehow. Because he was the one that killed her. I thought it was interesting that when he fell, the siders she was killing were going to the Underworld and not to Heaven. But that almost cost her, her life. She stopped killing them, and in the process almost killed herself.I look forward to seeing what will happen in book 3 with Eden, Gabriel, and Az. It seemed like he was one of the bound again, so I want to know what is going to happen with him and Eden now. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone
bookluvrmindy on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A Touch Morbid is the perfect name for this book¿because it was morbidly awesome! One of the things I absolutely loved about ATM2 is that each chapter switched from one character¿s POV to another¿s; from Eden¿s, to Jarrod¿s and then to Kristen¿s. And, if you¿ve already read A Touch Mortal, you¿ll probably be thrilled to know that we even get to see the POV through Gabe¿s eyes! It¿s not very often, but enough to keep you wondering, ¿What is up with this dude?¿ We also get to see a lot more of Madeline in this book, and I was constantly guessing whether or not she should be trusted.I¿m more than ecstatic that we get to see Jarrod¿s POV in this book. He is by far my favorite character now. I¿m absolutely Team Jarrod! I have a soft spot in my heart for him¿he is awesomely, amazingly sweet!Close to the end of ATM1, and throughout ATM2, I totally began to understand why people have the hots for Luke. I even had to keep telling myself, ¿He¿s Lucifer! He¿s evil! He¿s not hot! I¿m not supposed to like him!¿ I had to do this because he IS the very definition of HOT. And, I think that¿s one of the reasons why he could be considered The Perfect Villain!There is also a lot more of Az in ATM2. And even though I think he is perfect for Eden and he¿s pretty hot too, I still had trouble truly connecting with his character. I found myself always contemplating his motives for his actions. To me, he seems to just keep making one idiotic decision after another.All the characters seem to have major trust issues, and you will totally understand why when you read ATM2. Even Eden has her own secrets, but for the most part Eden and Jarrod are the most honest characters in ATM2, and they both are consistently trying to do what they feel is right. That is why I admire their characters so much.The character I would like to see more of is Zach¿is that the name of the Java Boy? I absolutely suck with names, but I¿m pretty sure that is his name. I think he could bring a lot to the story if we get to see more of him in the future book(s).Ultimately, a possible horrific fate hangs in the balance for Eden, Kristen, Gabe and Az. And that¿s one of the main reasons this book kept me intrigued throughout.Leah Clifford¿s books are very different from the books that I¿m normally used to reading. Her books are very dark and demented¿and they contain a lot of lies and betrayals, and there are some pretty awesome twists throughout. While reading, you totally have to expect the unexpected because there is no way that you could possibly guess where this story would lead. And this is what makes Leah Clifford a totally awesome, creative author¿with an extremely demented imagination!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Icecream18JA More than 1 year ago
This book is a continuation of the Touch Mortal series. Eden and Az are circling each other, unable to kiss, but still desperately in love. Kristen has fallen into the depths of her schizophrenia, emerging into sanity often, but having trouble maintaining it. Gabe is "off" due to his newly Fallen status. The characters as a whole are in disarray with Eden in particular withholding a dangerous secret from Az. The plot of the novel is roughly the same as the first book, the reader will learn more about the characters and the Siders. The author handles the delicate relationships between the characters perfectly. The characters are very dynamic, always changing as more events come up and decisions are made-demonstrating the author's skill. The plot is intricately laid so as to maximize the readers' understanding. The reader will thoroughly enjoy this novel. The events of the book were fast-paced, but not so fast as to confuse the reader or force him/her to reread a scene. The romance between Eden and Az is believable, the reader will likely root for them. Gabe and Kristen's despair is palpable, they will appear very sympathetic to the reader. Overall, this book is shockingly well-written and an intense read. A Touch Morbid is recommended to young adult/teen/adult readers.
Ashelynn_Hetland More than 1 year ago
A Touch Morbid is the amazing sequel to one of my favorite 2011 reads, A Touch Mortal. This time the stakes are higher, the world is darker, and dun dun dun: CLIFFHANGER! :flings self off cliff: I had a hard time writing the review for A Touch Morbid. I loved it a lot, and I didn&rsquo;t want to ramble like I did with my review of the first book. So after I finished ATM2, I didn&rsquo;t write a review for a few weeks. I was scared to say anything because I hadn&rsquo;t read any reviews of ATM2 before I read it. I only knew what it was about because Leah revealed the summary and flap copy before I got my review copy. The ARC has no summary on it. But, see, Leah&rsquo;s twists are so twisty and there&rsquo;s so many of them somebody could spoil the book for me and I&rsquo;d still really enjoy reading it. And trust me, the twists for A Touch Morbid are insane. I reread Mortal before I read Morbid, and I actually recommend people do that because of the way Leah writes. She doesn&rsquo;t explain anything, and I like that type of writing style. It makes me feel more in touch with Eden, who also doesn&rsquo;t really understand the world. These are the books where you have to pay a lot of attention to them. You can&rsquo;t be doing two things at once. I don&rsquo;t know what to say about this book without giving it all away. I want to talk about Sullivan, a new character who is&hellip; strange and interesting. I liked her a lot and the weird thing is I guessed her ending for ATM2. There&rsquo;s no clues for Sullivan, so the fact that I knew was very strange. It&rsquo;s like I&rsquo;m psychic or something. And it&rsquo;s steamier. Eden and Az can&rsquo;t lip-lock kiss because Eden&rsquo;s breath will make Az fall and that&rsquo;s the last thing we want, right? RIGHT? But there&rsquo;s still romantic gestures between them&mdash;and they even go on a date which I really liked. That scene&hellip; <3 Except if any of you know Leah, you know it can only be happy-times for a few pages then BAM! Something huge happens. Mood killer. I will say something about the cliffhanger: it will make you scream. *I* screamed at the ending and then immediately flipped to the front of the book to start reading it again. I didn&rsquo;t, though by the time this review actually posts I might have reread Morbid. I don&rsquo;t know. It&rsquo;s just SO GOOD. And now that I look back on this review, it seems more like a ramble. Well&hellip; maybe I&rsquo;ll write a coherent review for ATM3 when I can read it?