A Touch Of Magic

A Touch Of Magic

by Otis Ritch

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A hard-working young girl, Samantha, whose greatest aspiration is to be a lady magician, sees a notice for a magic contest. Nervously, she tries to decide if, as a non-professional, she will be able to compete with professional magicians to win the contest. A master magician convinces her she will have a better chance at winning if she finds a partner, and together they can perform some unique tricks that have never been attempted before.
Samantha finds a partner, Trevor, whom she had developed a crush on long before she even realized he was also an aspiring magician. Together, they tackle the odds and formulate some illusions which will set the magic world on its' ear. The mechanics for these original and unique illusions are given in explicit detail in the book.
Misunderstandings develop between them as they come in contact with another man and woman who showers each of them with attention. Their jealousies keep them apart, as they stay in doubt of their true feelings for one another.
Despite almost disbanding their partnership over these differences, everything irons out in the end and they win the contest hands-down. Not only do they win the contest, but they win one another’s heart in the form of a marriage proposal.

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BN ID: 2940013981287
Publisher: Soaring Eagle Enterprises
Publication date: 02/22/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 125 KB

About the Author

I am a wild Choctaw Indian from the Mudlark bottoms in Stigler Oklahoma. As a child I grew up in the desert Southwest, in and around the Casa Grande Valley in Arizona. I spent many happy hours roaming the desert and mountains learning about the animal and plant life there and why there are sea shells on the tops of the mountains. The desert can be a harsh teacher where death can come quickly to those not prepared for the constant dangers that exist. There are rattlesnakes and Gila monsters as well as coyotes, wolves, skunks, wild hogs, cougars, scorpions, deadly spiders, and centipedes. The desert is also a beautiful place that is full of life and adventure. In the solitude one can take the time to meditate and contemplate on life and the reasons thereof. One can find the Great Spirit and seek guidance on ones life path in the desert. I learned much from the desert and also from the Indians of the desert country. As an adult I have traveled over half of the states in the United States. I have worked as a field hand, ginned cotton, worked cattle, worked on a core recovery drill rig, fry cook, service station attendant, pipe line construction, welded bridges, welding shop foreman, plowed land, irrigated crops, foreman on two farms, played music at honkytonks, sold everything from grand pianos to grandfather clocks, taught meditation classes, owned stores, etcetera. I am also a master boot maker and leather artist. I have worked since I was twelve years old and have been making my own way in the world since I was sixteen. I am self-educated and I like to meditate and spend time in natural surroundings. One can gain much soul growth by seeking out a quiet place to commune with the Great Spirit. I have made a lifetime study of people, trying to learn what motivates them as they act out the drama of life. With fishing and golfing as hobbies you might guess how I learned to tell stories. One thing to keep in mind as you read my stories is that some of the things I write about may seem to be so fantastic that it must be pure fantasy -- yet sometimes the truth is more fantastic than fiction. I have been up the creek and over the mountain. I have been to a goat roping and a county fair and I have even been to town and seen an elephant. I am currently living in Texas -- you know, that little suburb of Oklahoma just south of the Red River. Texas is the original home of tall tales and long winded people so I feel right at home here.

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