A Treasury Of White House Tales: Fascinating, Colorful Stories of American Presidents and Their Families

A Treasury Of White House Tales: Fascinating, Colorful Stories of American Presidents and Their Families

by Webb Garrison


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A Treasury Of White House Tales: Fascinating, Colorful Stories of American Presidents and Their Families by Webb Garrison

Celebrating more than two centuries of the American presidency, A Treasury of White House Tales offers fifty-seven little-known stories about presidents from George Washington to Bill Clinton. A fascinating look at the world's most powerful men. Illustrated and indexed.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781558533820
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 01/01/1996
Series: American Tales Series
Edition description: REVISED
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 6.01(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.79(d)

About the Author

Webb Garrison, formerly associate dean of Emory University and president of McKendree College,wrote more than 55 books, including Civil War Curiosities and Civil War Triviaand Fact Book. Before his deathin 2000, Garrison lived in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina.

Table of Contents

The Most Powerful Men in the World9
Preface to the Updated Edition11
Part 1Close Calls
1.Miraculous Escapes Led George Washington to See Himself as "Special"15
2.Andrew Jackson's Skinny Body and Loose Coat Saved His Life19
3.A Simple Military Song Saved John Tyler's Life22
4.A Senator and a Sculptress Saved Andrew Johnson's Presidency25
5.Abraham Lincoln's Body Narrowly Escaped Grave Robbers30
6.Teddy Roosevelt's Life Was Saved by a Speech34
7.The Saga of White House Security38
Part 2Undercover Stuff
8.A Life and Death Drama Took Place at Sea47
9.Three Strikes ... And In!52
10.Though Woodrow Wilson Appeared Strong, He Was Fragile as a Reed56
11.Strange Dreams and Ominous Nightmares61
12.Secrets of the Stars66
13.What the World's Most Powerful Men Have Thought of Their Job71
14.Mental and Physical Health Have Been "Issues" in Many Presidential Campaigns76
15.Off-trail Glimpses and Intimate Insights81
Part 3Wives and Mothers
16.The Father of His Country Could Not Satisfy His Own Mother91
17.The Unsolved Riddle of Nancy Hanks and Her Son96
18.Courting Women and Wealth101
19.Wife Opposed to Women's Suffrage Wielded the Power of the Presidency for Weeks107
20.Wives Have Freely Broken with Precedent111
21.Wives Have Said No and Made It Stick115
22.Love Makes the World Go 'Round!118
23.Off-trail Glimpses at Wives123
24.Mothers and Sons127
Part 4The Imperial Presidency
25.Having Defeated the British, George Washington Refused to Become King133
26.The First President Also Was the First to Flex His Muscles136
27.Thomas Jefferson Went Outside the Law in America's Largest Land Deal140
28.Two Presidents Brought Texas into the Union "Under the Rug"144
29.Under Pressures of Civil War, the Constitution Was Pushed Aside148
30.Herbert Hoover Sent Future Military Leaders against Veterans154
31.The East Wing Staff Has Mushroomed in Near Secrecy158
Part 5Trail Blazers
32.John Quincy Adams Reluctantly Talked to a Woman Reporter163
33.A Landmark Campaign Made the Log Cabin a Powerful Symbol166
34.John Tyler Ignored Opposition and Moved into the White House170
35.Crete Garfield Took the First Fumbling Steps toward Air Conditioning174
36.A Master of Words, John F. Kennedy Was Also a War Hero Who Narrowly Escaped Death178
37.George Bush Was the Navy's Youngest Pilot184
38.To Shake Hands or Not to Shake Hands188
39.Many a Pet Has Lived in the White House193
40.A Wild Pitch Launched a Lasting Sports Ritual198
41.William Howard Taft's Stanley Steamer Was Squeezed into the White House Stable203
42.First Events and Achievements208
Part 6Money Matters
43.Deeply in Debt, Thomas Jefferson Tried to Sell Monticello at Lottery215
44.For James Monroe, "Compensation" Was Too Little, Too Late218
45.A Phony White House Controversy Became a Major Campaign Issue222
46.Abraham Lincoln Was a High-powered and Sometimes High-priced Attorney226
47.Ulysses S. Grant Won His Battle with Bankruptcy230
48.Now-Priceless Memorabilia Were Sold as Scrap and Hauled Off as Junk234
49.Presidents Have Had Some Unusual First Paying Jobs238
50.Gifts and Loans Have Provoked the Public Interest242
Part 7The Making of a Modern President
51.Bush and Clinton: The Two Very Different Men Who Ushered in the New Millennium251

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