A Vampire's Thirst: Quinn

A Vampire's Thirst: Quinn

by A K Michaels

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A Vampire's Thirst: Quinn by A K Michaels

A Vampire’s Thirst: Dark, Dangerous and Undeniable!

Quinn Alexander is rich, handsome…and an ancient Vampire. He doesn’t want to be in Hong Kong for the launch of his next multi-billion dollar gaming sensation, but needs must.

Then the Thirst strikes. Like a bolt of lightning, quick as a snake’s bite…power surging through him at the same time as his craving for human blood rockets out of control…and if there’s one thing that Quinn abhors it's losing control. Of anything.

Lost in the backstreets of a foreign land, a scent assaults him, overpowers his senses, stuns him completely until he’s rushing headlong toward it with no thought other than to reach it and make it his. A shout, a scream, a cry for help…and Quinn knows it’s his Bloodmate.

Can he reach her in the meandering maze? And when he does will it be in time?

The hunt is on, the battle fierce…only the strong survive a Vampire’s Thirst!

*All books in this series are standalone stories and can be read in any order.*

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BN ID: 2940155459194
Publisher: A K Michaels
Publication date: 04/24/2018
Series: A Vampire's Thirst
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 100,727
File size: 543 KB

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, A K Michaels lives in Scotland, spending her time with family, pets and writing, writing, and more writing. She has Dragons, sexy Highland Shifters, and smoking Vampires aplenty with a host of other paranormal beings, her stories are filled with hot Alpha Males, suspense, action and thrills to keep you turning the pages.                                           

Ava took up writing later in life and is always thinking of the next story to indulge herself in. She loves reading, chocolate, Rosé wine and Luna who is a German Shepherd and mad as a hatter, and Jinx, a black Lab that is more than a little nuts. She has twitter, website and a Facebook page where she loves chatting to folks.

She has her Sassy Lassie’s VIP Clan where you can sign up and get a Bonus Freebie in your welcome email and keep up to date with her news that’s filled with everything to do with Fangs, Fur, Fire and Steamy Romance.


You can connect with her on her author Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AKMichaelsauthor/

on Twitter: @AvaKmichaels

and on her website: www.akmichaels.com

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A Vampire's Thirst: Quinn 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
nikirenee More than 1 year ago
I am so glad Quinn got a story, he was so prickly in Flints book that I was hoping he was going to get his perfect world shaken up a bit. I always find it amusing that since they have seen others going through the thirst that when they first start to experience the symptoms they are clueless. Then the fact that Thorne also missed the signs made me shake my head and smile. Quinn's journey to find his bloodmate is not an easy one and watching the cool Quinn lose his mind while tracking Amaya was quite entertaining. The interaction with the directive makes thing more complicated and makes me wonder if there is more to this mate thing then they are letting on. Lots of action and excitement are found in this storyline, making it move fast and keeping you on the edge of your seat. Ms. Michaels always provides an entertaining story and leaves you wishing there was more when you get to the end. I hope Thorne like Flint gets his own story and I am really looking to see if Jana gets one also. I volunteered to read this story for my honest opinion
JudyLewis More than 1 year ago
ANOTHER FABULOUS ADDITION TO THE COLLECTION! Oh my! I never thought I'd say this, but I loved, loved, loved Quinn! What a tasty treat for lovers of vampire romance & another example of why I love A.K. Michaels! In Quinn, the 9th release of A Vampire's Thirst Collection, Michaels once again pulls out all the stops with another fabulous addition to the collection. Quinn literally explodes with perilous danger, heartbreaking drama, heart-stopping action, agonizing angst, steamy passion, & dreamy romance from beginning to end! Can you tell I really enjoyed this book? Now, let me tell you why! Quinn is a riveting, highly imaginative, well-crafted, fast-paced, easy-to-follow full-length standalone paranormal tale filled with danger, drama, action, suspense, & romance. The narrative is beautifully written in the third person with the primary perspective from ancient vampire Quinn Alexander but in typical Michaels fashion, we also get a second point of view from the female protagonist, tiger-shifter Amaya. The dialogue is smart, snappy, well-executed, & flows effortlessly. There's just so much I love about Michael's writing but my favorite component, by far, is the large cast of engaging characters. They literally explode from the pages, grab your imagination, capture your heart, & hold you prisoner from the first chapter till the last! In this latest release to the collection, Michaels gives her readers a pulse-pounding adventure featuring wealthy Scottish businessman and ancient vampire Quinn Alexander & his Bloodmate Amaya, a tiger-shifter and kindhearted thief who steals from unsavory criminals and gives to the poor & downtrodden. Quinn is handsome, courageous, fierce, imposing, & filthy rich. He's cool, calm, & always controlled. He's very much a control freak, similar to humans diagnosed with OCD, which has actually served him well in the past with his business dealings. But for the first time in his life, Quinn's lost his steely control & finds himself completely at the mercy of a thirst, unlike anything he's ever experienced in his very long life. Yet, no matter the cost, Quinn's determined to decimate anyone or anything endangering his newly found Bloodmate, including The Directive, the organization responsible for policing all supernaturals. Quinn is an ancient vampire, a daywalker, & truly a force to be reckoned with, especially now that he's found his Bloodmate & focused solely on protecting her, regardless of the consequences. I'll admit, I didn't like Quinn when he was first introduced in Flint's book. He appeared cold, hard, unfeeling, uptight, & completely heartless with no redeeming qualities, only interested in material possessions and making money, but it only took the right woman to bring him to his knees, & that woman was Amaya. *sigh* I knew it would take one very special woman to capture his cold, dead heart, & Amaya was perfect. Amaya is a beautiful, brave, selfless, caring, kindhearted tiger shifter who became an orphan as a small child, forced to live with a cruel uncle, and ran away to live on the streets at fifteen. She's spent her life surviving the only way she knew how, stealing, but attempts to balance the scales by taking only from criminals and giving the majority of her ill-gotten gains to the poor and downtrodden. Quinn & Amaya were polar opposites but perfect together! Would I recommend this book? You bet but only for adult readers! Fabulous entertainment & an awesome read!
spanishladyAM More than 1 year ago
How The Mighty Quinn Falls! You would think that after all he's seen his fellow vampire friends go through he would know what was happening to him, but no not the mighty Quinn and have to travel to another continent to find out no less! Quinn Alexander is beside himself, he has OCD for christ sake, so why is he behaving so wildly and sloppily? It's a good thing he has his bodyguard & best friend Thorne by his side, or would probably jump off his jet crossing the Atlantic to Hong Kong. He can't explain why he is feeling out of sorts until the person he least wants to see at a time like this, The Directive's second Jana, let's him on what he hasn't been able to figure out.. He has The Thirst! To top it all off his Bloodmate has been kidnapped, it's a good thing he has The Directive on his side this time, or Hong Kong would find it's population dwindling. He'll have a fight on his hands, but that doesn't matter as he catches a glance of the glorious tigress Amaya. God I love these vampires, the way the get all hot and bothered for their females, but so loving and sweet.
booknooknuts More than 1 year ago
Quinn and his left hand man Thorne are off to Hong Kong for what is supposed to be a holiday of sorts but also to check in on his business. Before they ever leave Quinn is not feeling himself and needs more blood bags then normal. He keeps thinking he has the flu? or is sick....HAHA.... In walks Jana and that means nothing good will come of being in Hong Kong will it? The Collective is in town on suspicions that another blood mate is in trouble. Jana is pretty sure it's Quinn's mate and Quinn doesn't want to believe it. This throws Quinn even more out of sorts. And then in an alley he knows... Quinn knows and he will die to protect her... Fantastic story we get so much action, suspense and yes the romance is off the charts ....
n7kk7br00ks More than 1 year ago
Quinn may have it all but even this wealthy and ancient vampire is missing something…a mate! Quinn doesn’t really trust anyone except Victor and Thorne, his trusty friend, sidekick and 2nd in command. He especially doesn’t trust the Directive. But Quinn is slowly loosing his vice like grip on himself. His urges are getting out of hand and nothing slakes his thirst, for blood or sex. When he has to go to Hong Kong on business he almost loses it on his jet! But when Jana turns up and lets the cat out of the bag that his bloodmate is near and in danger, Quinn will tear the world apart to find her and keep her safe. I thought that it was totally like a man to miss all the signs right in front of their face. I mean they’ve just been through Victor’s escapades and Quinn and Thorne are missing all the same cues *facepalm*** So bloodlust running rampant – check. Blackmailed by the Russian Mafia – check. Supernatural traffickers after your bloodmate – check. Directive flinging their weight about – check. Fabulous read in a superb series. Wunderbar!!!