A Voice Becoming: A Yearlong Mother-Daughter Journey into Passionate, Purposed Living

A Voice Becoming: A Yearlong Mother-Daughter Journey into Passionate, Purposed Living

by Beth Bruno


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A Voice Becoming: A Yearlong Mother-Daughter Journey into Passionate, Purposed Living by Beth Bruno

In A VOICE BECOMING, Beth Bruno helps mothers cast a Godly vision for their daughters and chart a course that will prepare their daughters for womanhood.

What if you as a mother concentrated on your daughter for one year's Who might she become? A VOICE BECOMING is for moms who want to usher their daughters into womanhood but know they need more than tips, techniques, and programs. This is for moms who to desire to chart a course for their daughters that helps them know the story of God they are entering and the global sisterhood of women they are joining.

A VOICE BECOMING is written by a fellow sojourner, still in the middle of the journey, processing her own story as she casts a vision for her daughter to discover hers. Sometimes road maps are too restrictive and a friend is needed who has made the journey already. Beth Bruno seeks to activate moms by infusing them with hope and vision. Readers will join Beth in a yearlong journey of teaching their daughters that women lead, women love, women fight, women sacrifice, and women create. Moms learn how to use film and books, tangible experiences, volunteering, interviewing other women, traveling, and more in a creative and life-altering way to help solidify these important concepts in the mind and life of their young teen.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781478974659
Publisher: FaithWords
Publication date: 01/16/2018
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 782,483
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 7.70(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

BETH BRUNO traded the Blue Ridge for the Rocky Mountains after two decades in mega cities. Upon graduating from Northwestern University in Chicago, she and her husband moved to an even larger city, Istanbul, where they led campus teams with Cru. Ten years later they moved to Seattle where Beth received an MA in International Community Development and launched a nonprofit aimed at preventing domestic minor sex trafficking. Beth regularly speaks and trains around the topic of trafficked youth, including interviews with local radio stations and lots of coffee with the FBI, Homeland Security, and local law enforcement.

Beth's focus on women is most personal as it relates to raising her two daughters. She writes to uncover the glory of girls for publications including Relevant, Today's Christian Woman, The Well, Mudroom Blog, and Thrive. She speaks at women's retreats around the topic of pursuing passionate, purposed lives and finds support from being a member of Redbud Writer's Guild, an international organization for expanding the Christian feminine voice. Beth lives in Colorado with her husband of 20+ years and their three kids, almost all of whom have surpassed her in height.

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii

Part 1 The Art of Becoming Starts with Mom

Chapter 1 Beyond Periods and Purity 3

Chapter 2 Setting the Stage for Becoming 17

Chapter 3 An Invitation to a Global Sisterhood 31

Chapter 4 Where Have You Come From? 43

Part 2 A Scaffolding of Womanhood for Girls

Chapter 5 Crafting a Yearlong Rites of Passage 59

Chapter 6 Women Lead 73

Chapter 7 Women Love 89

Chapter 8 Women Fight 103

Chapter 9 Women Sacrifice 118

Chapter 10 Women Create 130

Part 3 A Life Becoming

Chapter 11 Where Are You Going? 143

Chapter 12 A Voice Becoming: A Story Unfolding 156

Acknowledgments 165


A Bodies and Bras, Besties and Boys 169

B From Her Dad to Dads 183

C Ideas to Fund a Rites of Passage 191

D Resources and Alternate Ideas 195

E Blank Charts for Planning 199

About the Author 201

Customer Reviews

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A Voice Becoming: A Yearlong Mother-Daughter Journey into Passionate, Purposed Living 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Judy_D 5 months ago
Thanks, Beth Bruno, for this creative and practical and even transforming challenge to help an emerging young woman "find her voice" and discover who God made her to be and what he created her to do. My girls are grown with children of their own now, but I am using your ideas to seek to help a teen I am discipling discern her voice.
rkfall 10 months ago
A Voice Becoming by Beth Bruno is a Mother-Daughter book that helps Moms navigate through the parenting years of a maturing daughter in her tween and teen years. I was very interested in reading this because I have a couple of daughters and we are starting the journey through these years as I read. I love that this author is sharing what she is learning and in a sense is on the journey with us as I read. This author gives great help in a direction to go with your daughter(s) and I really appreciated her sharing. Here’s to a right of passage to the Glory of God. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is a fantastic resource to helping our daughters become women, being intentional in the process. Thank you.
Carole Carncross More than 1 year ago
When God set the desire for children in my heart, He also set a deep desire for a daughter. I was elated when I got her and the labor room was as if our family had just won the Super Bowl! However, once the excitement wore off, I was quickly filled with an overwhelming heaviness for how I would raise this girl in this world. One of the most daunting things I have experienced as a mother is the thought of raising a daughter. I want her to be strong, but not hard. I want her to have passion but not be a drama queen. I want her to love deeply but not throw her heart away flippantly. I want her to be confident but not cocky. I want her to know her beauty but not be conceited. I want her to have a strong mind, but not at the expense of her heart. The list goes on… A Voice Becoming. It is an intentional “guide” toward a yearlong “coming of age” or “right of passage” event. It is a guide, not a prescription. Every other culture has an event marking a child's transition into adulthood except in America! Most of us don't know what that looks like. This book gives helpful encouragement as to what it could look like and things to think about to make it a reality. Thankfully I read it with plenty of time to design something for my daughter. If you have a daughter, and you have hopes of her rising above the "Bras, besties, and boys" drama of the teen years, I highly recommend you give this a read!
seascapes12 More than 1 year ago
A Voice Becoming by Beth Bruno gets under your skin in the best ways. It’s about finding your voice through a journey alongside so many women who have come before us, and as mothers, empowering daughters to recognize their God-given voice to tend to this world. I am a single woman with no daughters, but I fully endorse this manifesto on simply finding your voice as an authentic woman of God in a world that screams distortions through social media and misplaced priorities. Beth writes with beauty, grace and honesty, loving her daughter well while embracing women around the world as a global sisterhood. It is unifying and empowering in a soft yet strong way that pours into her own daughter’s identity as a child of God and finding her unique place in His world. Some of Beth’s statements stop me in my tracks and slice me where my spirit needs to be stirred. In her chapter Women Lead, one such quote while speaking of Pakistani leader for women’s education, Malala, paused my reading and challenged me to ruminate on the thought: … Malala is just a normal girl, with normal siblings, bursting with a passion and this sense of justice and allowed to use her voice because her father is her biggest cheerleader. Later she tells the audience, “If I were a normal Pakistani girl, I would be married with children. People always ask my father what did he do and he says, ‘Don’t ask me what I did, ask me what I didn’t do. I didn’t clip her wings.’” Who would we all be if our wings were never clipped by parents, finances, society, or limited opportunities? Who did God create us to be in all our glory? (page 80) Who could we all be indeed, when there is no limit and we unfold our female strength and beauty in the best ways of God’s glory? This is the journey Beth takes us on with her own daughter, and it a joy to walk with them on the pilgrimage.
Teadrinker More than 1 year ago
A Voice Becoming by Beth Bruno is a book designed to plan a year of coming of age for young women guided by their moms and other older women into living a life of purpose and meaning. I read A Voice Becoming with a sort of awe and I wondered what my life would have looked like if I had had this type of guidance and female role models. A Voice Becoming is divided into three parts: The Art of Becoming Starts with Mom, A Scaffolding of Womanhood for Girls, and A Life Becoming. Throughout the book, Bruno shares her story, as well as the story of her family and her daughter, as they spent a year guiding one of her daughters into womanhood through a year of learning through experiences, discussions, and special events. Bruno set up a general plan for how their year would go and also tells you how you could guide a young woman of your own, while allowing room for personality differences to make the year special for any young woman. Bruno shares in the book that many cultures have coming of age rituals and ceremonies but our culture lacks that sort of ritual and leaves our young people without the guidance that could help them become women of purpose. Bruno also has appendices in the back to provide practical guidance to make the year truly a special year of learning and growing. She also offers advice geared to parents as they consider their budgets, hands-on planning charts, resource ideas and more. There are also questions at the end of each chapter to help moms (or other female leaders) to think about their own story and how they can guide a young woman into developing her voice and learning how to make a difference. I feel it is only fair to admit up front that I do not have a daughter so I cannot apply everything in A Voice Becoming. However, I am an Aunt and a mid-life woman who would like to see our young women (and men) succeed and make a difference in our world today. I gave this book 5 stars because I believe Bruno presents a clear guide on how to help young women to find their voice and realize their purpose in life. I also believe I am an influencer with my family members and friends and can recommend this book to them and possibly change the life of a young person. I could see where the timing of this type of guided coming-of-age year could make a real difference in the life of a daughter. I am also the mom of a boy. Bruno shares how they did a similar year for their son, so the book's guidance could also be used for men to create a year of growth with boys and she shares how they did it with their son in this book too. I would encourage moms (and grandmoms, and aunts, and older women who influence younger women) to read the book and consider how they can encourage the younger generation to find their voice and make a difference. I received A Voice Becoming from FaithWords/Hachette Book Group. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.