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A Walk In The Dark

A Walk In The Dark

by Samantha Calvert

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Poetry is a free flowing form of creativity. When we find ourselves holding a poetry book (such as the one in your hands) we never know what to expect. Open your heart and mind as you experience this collection and allow yourself to dive headfirst into the poetic experience.


Poetry is a free flowing form of creativity. When we find ourselves holding a poetry book (such as the one in your hands) we never know what to expect. Open your heart and mind as you experience this collection and allow yourself to dive headfirst into the poetic experience.

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A Walk in the Dark

By Samantha Calvert


Copyright © 2012 Samantha Calvert
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-9558-1

Chapter One


    I have missed you so
    I long to touch my fingertips
    To your pale beauty once more
    To dazzle myself
    With your glory
    And wrap myself
    In your essence

    Oh Eggs

    We shared a plate of eggs
    But he had only loneliness
    A plate meant for two
    As he sat on the other side
    Alone and egg-less.


    I went home tonight
    To walk those self same concrete steps
    Amazed my feet carried me so familiarly
    Searching for answers to a troubled mind.
    Regretting things left undone,
    Though never my greatest love.
    Alone I walked
    With heart in hand
    Letting the flickering lights
    And blessed silence
    Ease my troubles and wrap me in love.
    Yes, home is where the heart is
    Home to my tall, stoic friend

    Completely Insane

    Knit knit
    Stitch my mind back together
    Knit purl knit knit
    Purl knit knit purl purl
    One stitch for every brain cell left to save
    One single stitch
    Two single stitches in one loop
    Pull myself back together slowly
    Knit purl knit knit
    Forcing onward through drudgery
    Single, single, two single stitches in one loop
    Deeper, stitching back together
    The deepest recesses of my torn mind
    double stitch, single
    And tie o the end.


    Lines blur with the speed of my flight
    As my mirror melts to rosy gold
    By the sky's bloodshot eye.
    Amber fields dusted white
    And steadfast trees frosted by mist
    Are all apparent as my steal coach roars past
    Climbing the mountains of nothingness
    In search of heart and home.


    I miss your warm embrace
    The silent, deep heat of it
    Drawing me into sweet, perfect darkness
    A limp form of my previous self
    Eyes closed in ecstasy
    Touching nothing, breathing barely
    No company but the vivid images of my mind
    And the feather light rustle of sheets.


    And so we shove the skeletons under the rug
    Since the closet is full of other secrets
    Dying to break free and sabotage us
    With their oozing, slow killing poison
    Tapping into our souls
    Until they're black as a moonless night
    Raking at our conscience unceasingly
    Bringing insanity with each moment that
    Minds, souls, being
    All poisoned by lies and deceit.

    The Storm

    Purple clouds swirl
    My heart races
    White light fills the sky
    Jagged edges reaching for earth
    The sky growls
    Angry at the world
    I throw my arms wide as the wind hits me
    Feeling like I am flying
    I laugh at this feeling of freedom
    In the furious beast of nature.

    Dance With Me

    Come with me
    Dance with me
    In the moonlight
    In the cold
    Forever happy
    Forever close
    Twirling to the night's refrain
    You and Me
    Here in the dark


    Behold the scarred heart!
    Observe the bleeding mess!
    Every cut is a rejection
    Every drop of blood; a tear
    Though they may be hidden
    The pain is still real
    Look into the eyes
    The window to the heart
    And see the pain
    Welling up inside
    And every insult
    Cuts a bit deeper
    Every misery
    Lets forth more blood
    But all is not lost
    For the heart is scared and scored
    But not broken
    Not shattered
    And it will grow stronger
    And heal the scars
    For that is the way of life
    And we must live it.

    Internal Killer

    I'll hide in your body
    And ruin your life
    Nothing can stop me
    From causing such strife
    I kill without bias
    I cause many tears
    And these days I am
    What everyone fears
    So try and stop me
    With your clinics and pills
    But none will affect me
    I'll keep making kills
    And someday I'll have you
    In my deadly grip
    And slowly, so slowly,
    Your heart I will rip
    Say good bye to your friends
    And give your love to all
    For sooner or later
    You're bound to fall
    And I will be waiting
    With a deadly aim
    To steal your life
    And your spirit to maim
    So come here and fight me
    If you really dare
    I'll destroy your feelings
    And give you a scare
    I'm waiting for you now
    And soon we shall see
    I'll cut up your body
    Til God sets you free.

    Prayer For The Masses

    Dear God
    Please let me be happy,
    Let me laugh and sing
    To the melody of life

    Dear God
    Let me be safe
    From all who would harm me
    And cause me pain

    Dear God
    Help me find love
    Every single day
    And let it stay perfect

    Dear god
    Let the pain go away
    Let the agony stop
    I can't live like this

    Dear God
    Please end my life
    Please cease my pain
    And end my agony

    Dear God
    Thank you for giving me hope
    To realize that life is worth living
    And that I am loved

    Dear God
    Life is beautiful
    But only if you live it true
    So once again,
    Thank you.

    One Note

    One note to start a symphony
    One note to end a fugue
    One note can make you laugh
    And another can bring tears to your eyes
    One note can spark your fighting spirit
    And one note can bring you down
    One note can signal the war to begin
    And another calls the ending of Taps
    One note for your heart to break
    And one to make it swell
    One note to remind us of the power
    Of one note.

    Forget Me Not

    And so it continues
    Life has gone on
    We hardly think of it now
    What's done is done
    Can you still see the horror?
    As innocents died
    Mothers, fathers
    Sons, daughters,
    Husbands, wives
    Perished without reason
    Just to prove a point
    That someone hated us
    But their aim was o
    They didn't destroy us
    Just made us stronger
    United to prove ourselves
    But now time has passed
    Years even
    And we barely remember
    The misery of that day
    No moment of silence
    Not today.


    A simple touch
    And so we fall
    An action
    Falling deeper
    A gift
    Falling harder
    A trip
    Falling faster
    A song
    Falling willingly
    Three words
    Fallen completely.

    When It Comes

    You won't have to let me go,
    Your heart won't break
    When I leave your arms,
    You'll know just how much I care,
    How much you mean,
    What you are in my life,
    And you ask
    When will someday come
    But the answer is unclear
    All that is known
    Is it will come.

    Numb Me

    No wind
    To take away the pain
    To make me forget
    Or numb the ache
    And dry the tears
    Broken heart
    Stained soul
    All for nothing
    As I turn my face
    To the nonexistent

    Dead Butterflies

    Red to face the darkness
    Black to take the fall
    Blue for lost tears

    Pink for hopeless memories
    Purple sleepless eyes
    Orange daisies waving

    Yellow sunshine mocking me
    Gray thoughts impeding
    Green grass around the grave

    All to make my heart ache
    Like nothing else can
    Bright colors on a dark day

    Shattered Glass

    Torn soul
    As you leave my life
    Shattered being,
    Broken world
    Tears of misery
    Flow freely
    As God tears you from my life
    And removes my reason for living.


    Stand here
    On the edge
    Waiting to fall
    Over into life
    And death precedes us
    Marching forward
    Darkness encompasses
    Our forward move
    Towards a new life
    New love
    And a new point of view.


    Terror grips my heart
    As I hurtle through time and space
    Into the unknown
    Never seeing the destination
    Or the pain of arrival
    When I am stopped
    By the arms I'd hoped for
    That save my life,
    My sanity,
    My being
    Arms to stop my decent
    And catch me when I fall.


    In the dark once more
    Cold wind around
    What used to be my only love
    Still it twines about me
    Whispering in the chill of night
    As walking ledges I move about
    The voices of faceless people lost on the

    Thoughts of Life

    Take the pain
    Make it stop
    Kill the impulse
    That makes me hop
    Stop the illness
    In my veins
    Heal my body
    And my soul of stains
    Clear my eyes
    Let me see
    And if you cannot
    Just let me be!


    Four words from you
    Tell me the real truth
    Tell me that you trust me
    With your love, your future and your life
    That this is real

    One look from you confirms my dreams
    And everything I've ever wanted
    Is suddenly right before me
    Holding hope in hand
    And my life in your heart


    I knew the moment I saw your eyes
    Shining with mystery, mischief,
    And sin
    I knew I was lost forever

    I witnessed your movements
    The subtle sex ingrained in them
    With just a touch of lust and love
    Enough to drive me crazy

    I saw the re you hold within
    Your secret, silent blaze
    It drew me close, too close
    But God, I want to burn.


Excerpted from A Walk in the Dark by Samantha Calvert Copyright © 2012 by Samantha Calvert. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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