A Warrior's Heart

A Warrior's Heart

by Victoria Oliveri


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In a battered country ravaged by war, a young Scots warrior longs to serve his clan and face his life proudly, but Keir MacLochlainn, youngest son of the MacLochlainn Laird, has much more to learn before his father will allow him to stand shoulder to shoulder with his kin on the battlefield.

Across a vast sea, Anwen Ní Connor, daughter of the High King of Connacht, is duty-bound to do as her King commands. Being locked away while she awaits the fate her father has laid out for her is beyond any torture she ever thought to endure.

When one King's hands are tied by another's, both lives are held in a precarious balance between betrayal and loyalty. As pawns in a life or death game of chance, eminent danger and treason shadow their every move. Will either of them earn the life they desire or will it all be lost with the swing of one mighty sword?

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ISBN-13: 9780692917121
Publisher: Pedigree Press
Publication date: 07/04/2017
Pages: 340
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

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A Warrior's Heart 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Constant2m 4 months ago
I loved the premise of this story, but struggled to finish. I really only got through because it was an audiobook version and the narrator's voice fit the characters so well. To be fair, I rarely read romance, so maybe it's just not my thing, but I don't generally find love at first sight to be very realistic. I liked Anwen. I liked her independent spirit. But I didn't get how she could go from completely angry about something (whether real or imagined) and then get over it quickly without understanding or explanation. Keir was sometimes likeable, other times an idiot. The opening setup and explanation of his motivation was really strong, but it didn't seem to carry his character with any real consistency. Keir's sisters and grandfather were likeable, although not developed in the story. And parents didn't seem to have their children's welfare in mind as much as they did political alliances. Oh well, everyone ends up getting what they deserve in the end? Well, not my cup of tea. Content warnings: A couple almost has sex and then discuss male anatomy at length. Liasons are discussed, particularly from men's perspectives, since women are expected to remain virgins until marriage and thought of (and talked about) poorly if they don't. Men chase after a woman, presumably to have sex with her. A woman has a nightmare about a man forcing himself on her. After a marriage ceremony, the sex scene is explicit. I received a free copy of the audiobook from the narrator and reviewed it willingly.
clarkws 5 months ago
I enjoyed listening to this medieval romance about Keir and Anwen - Keir from Scotland and Anwen from Ireland. I haven’t heard a story about two people finding love from different parts of the world during this Medieval time period. Oliveri does a masterful job keeping the pace steady and weaving the lovers together amidst political danger and intrigue. There were a few “laugh out loud” moments too. Andrew McDermott is fantastic reading. His lyrical voice is easy to follow and enchanting. I could listen to him read a grocery list and feel pulled into another world. I was gifted a copy of this audiobook.
sugmadsdream 5 months ago
I enjoy Scottish love stories, and I love Irish love stories, but this is the first Scottish and Irish love story I have encountered. Kier the Scot and Anwen, the Irish king's daughter, meet when Kier and his father are charged with transporting the king's daughter to a relative in Scotland while the king attempts to avoid a marriage contract to wed Anwen to the English king's relative. As fate would have it, the couple fall in love. And misunderstandings lead to a flight and a pursuit. Then there was real trouble! I took a couple chapters of listening to develop an interest in the story, because I usually don't read Jacobean period pieces. But it is a superb love story with fully developed characters, so I soon became hooked and was happy to lose sleep. Anwen was a typical young woman in love, but at least once I thought she could do with a spanking. Her father was infuriating, playing the distant parent willing to sacrifice his daughter for political harmony. Kier was a bibliophile alpha who wanted to serve his clan, but not in the way his father, the laird, insisted. My favorite lesser character was Kier's grandfather, who kept insisting all would turn out right. And Anwen's fiance is the guy you love to hate! Put them all together, shake-don't stir, and you get a great eight hours of listening pleasure. And the smooth, sensual Scottish voice of Andrew McDermott is an unexpected treat! I was intrigued by his ability to give voice to so many different characters so smoothly that I suddenly realized that one person was narrating. I voluntarily listened to a copy of this audiobook and the views expressed are my honest opinion.