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A Wealthy Man on the Roof of the World and Other Stories

A Wealthy Man on the Roof of the World and Other Stories

by Sally Sears
A Wealthy Man on the Roof of the World and Other Stories

A Wealthy Man on the Roof of the World and Other Stories

by Sally Sears


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Sally Sears left a promising career in television news to explore the world and herself. From Moscow to Tahiti, starting on the Trans-Siberian Railway, she found adventures and unforgettable characters in Beijing, Kathmandu, Ladakh, and the islands of the Pacific.

As China began opening to tourists, she discovered ways around Communist rules. She found apricots and wool an unlikely source of a high-altitude fortune. In a South Pacific bar, she learned how vote fraud toppled a Knight of the British Empire.

Decades later stories from her freewheeling trip rekindle the desire to travel and savor every new journey.

The surprising life of the wealthiest man in a Tibetan kingdom.

How Mao and Lenin compare up close in death.

How Fijian cannibals measure their meals.

As the world recovers from the pandemic, journalist Sally Sears questioned when she could travel again, and if traveling would ever be the same. The questions led her to journals of her own global travel. In those hand-written pages, she re-discovered stories of people and places worth recalling.

Her exploration asks what makes us want to travel? Do we follow a path or strike out on our own? Do we engage the exotic or seek the familiar? Struck with moments of awe and bouts of homesickness, her journey details the contrasts that heighten the adventure of traveling.

This book sheds new light on old questions about the worth of travel. It asks if the world-wide travel shutdown can make us better travelers even if only for the moment from socially distanced arm-chairs.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781637324851
Publisher: Good Water Press
Publication date: 02/20/2021
Pages: 210
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Sally Sears is an award-winning news reporter and environmentalist. She is a native of Montevallo, Alabama, and a magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, Richard.

Table of Contents

Part I. Across Russia

The Deepest Lake in the World 21

Leaving Moscow 25

Exploring the Train 29

Cognac for Breakfast 33

Left Behind on the Steppes 37

Eating My Way Across Siberia 43

Sergei and Willie 47

Why Did the Mongols Wander? 49

How the Soviets Say Goodbye 53

Part II. Around Asia Manchuria to Beijing 63

Renting a Flying Pigeon 67

What Color Is Chinese Red? 71

A Nightcap at the Jin Jiang Club 75

Swanning About Thailand 79

Welcome to India 81

A Tea Plantation in Darjeeling 85

A Shortcut Is Agony 89

A Walker for Pleasure 95

Is Millet Beer for Men Only? 99

Thanksgiving Greetings from Kathmandu 103

Toward Annapurna 109

Fertilizer Is Like Heroin 115

Christmas in a Buddhist Kingdom 123

A Wealthy Man on the Roof of the World 129

Ellora and Ajanta 135

An Elephant Hunts a Rare Rhino 141

Part III. Into the Pacific

Okay, Perth! 149

Crossing the Great Victoria Desert 153

Wonders Down Under 161

Jokes in the Antipodes 167

Suva, Fiji, and Beyond 171

Fish of Another Reef Always Go Back to Their Reef 177

Easter with the Cooks 183

So Many Islands. So Many Vowels! 187

Coconut Cream in My Coffee 193

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