A Weaving of Ancient Evil: The Maynard Sim Library. Vol. 4

A Weaving of Ancient Evil: The Maynard Sim Library. Vol. 4

by Maynard Sims


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The Maynard Sims Library presents the finest in traditional English ghost stories and unsettling tales of quiet fear.

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Writers of supernatural stories.

THE SEMINAR is a fast paced horror novella.

"Imagine this: A killer, but not a normal one is stalking you. What if the killer could turn into whatever it wanted? A tree, fire, water. Not only that but the killer can take over a person your friend or whoever. What if you found out that you were related to this being? For a short story this is very good horror, smoothly written with bloody words and straight to point without the muck that boggles down a good tale. If you love the horror of Stephen King or James Herbert you will love this tale. Sims and Maynard are a great team and should be read by anyone that loves the horror genre." Carnival of Wicked Writers
"Once again Maynard & Sims prove to be extremely gifted in gently gaining the reader's attention with their smooth narrative skill and then present him with an overwhelming flood of horror bound to disrupt his sleep for more than one night. As horror writers they know their trade so well that by now they deserve to be numbered among the masters of the genre."
MARIO GUSLANDI on Terror tales website
HIS OTHER SON is a crossover supernatural action thriller novella. How far would you go to save your child? His Other Son is a fast paced thriller, mixing action, suspense and the supernatural, to create a potent blend of intense intrigue. Character driven, pacy and page turning stuff.

Ray Stock is one son from the fabulously wealthy Stock family. His father, Randolph rules the family and the business with a rod of iron.Ray is summoned to the family mansion, for the first time in years, by his sister, Caroline, who is worried about their mother, a cancer ridden Marlene.Ray has never been the favoured son. Not interested in the family fortunes or business he lives life on his own terms. Now Ray has to battle more than the family jealousies and power struggles.

THE HIDDEN LANGUAGE OF DEMONS is a fast paced horror novella that became the Samhain published novel NIGHTMARE CITY..

"I think it's awesome...it reminds me of Clive Barker. When I say that I mean it starts off with that underlying feeling of menace before spiralling downwards into insanity-some of the set pieces are truly fantastic!"

This is not the Maynard & Sims you may be familiar with. This is a modern nightmare of riotous colour, and white-knuckle action. This is Poe in his Sgt Pepper period. This is Picasso prose. This is a novella that sucks you in from the word go and doesn't release you even after you've hyperventilated and shouted for help. This is the language they speak just outside the parameters of normality. These are the hidden messages from Hell. The hidden language of demons.

"Those who like a fast horror read with a gruesome death never too far away will not be disappointed. Maynard and Sims have certainly not skimped on the gore, especially in the apocalyptic finale."

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