A Whisper of Suspicion

A Whisper of Suspicion

by Jane Edwards
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A Whisper of Suspicion 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Courtesy of Love Romances - Penny Lasko Fransworth was seven when Ethan Fransworth adopted her and brought her to San Antonio. 17 years later, Ethan's twin sister, Ethel, left Penny $40,000, as she has no children of her own. Today, Penny is a security officer, second in command at SA International Airport. With the unexpected fortune that she inherits, she decides to quit her job and seek out her childhood friend, Matt Devlin, of Home Children's Home in San Francisco where she lived before her adoption. Upon arrival at the site of the orphanage, Penny finds that it has turned into a park after an earthquake, and it proves difficult to locate Matt but it doesn't discourage Penny's mission. Fortunately, some old town-folks still residence in the area and soon Penny finds Matt. Matt Devlin has turned into an attractive and capable-looking man. He lives on his boat and has his own business. He rents an office at a business park to sell unique toys. Matt's company is a one-man operation and he finds that there have been break-ins when he isn't at his office. The mystery is that there is no sign of anything missing and the padlocks and dead bolt are never broken, but he is sure someone has searched his place. Penny wants to open a travel escort bureau for children and Matt helps her to rent a small office in the same park. Matt has always been Penny's knight in shining armor when she was in the orphanage. These two were like brother and sister when they were young but now something different is sparking between them. Attraction grows day by day between the two and seeing Penny again activates the old protection instincts of Matt. A WHISPER OF SUPSICION is a sweet tale of romance and mystery. The romance of Penny and Matt is based on their childhood relationship. Readers can easily see these two grows old together and have a forever-after future. The mystery in the story doesn't spice up the story but it surely brings out both the characters of the hero and heroine, and how they are perfect for each other.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Security expert Penny ¿Lasko¿ Farnsworth plans to use the unexpected money she inherited from the recently departed sister of her deceased adopted father to find Matt Devlin. When she was seven residing in a San Francisco orphanage, Matt was her knight in shining armor always rescuing her. When Ethan Farnsworth adopted her, Penny vowed to never forget Matt and now seventeen years later she wants to do something for him.

Penny travels to San Francisco to begin her search, but the trail seems cold as the orphanage is gone, a victim of the World Series earthquake. She goes door to door in the neighborhood until she meets an elderly woman who provides the clue that leads to Matt. As they become reacquainted and both their business boom, they begin to fall in love. However, he must overcome his tendency to act like her big brother for she wants him as her mate for life.

Jane Edwards paints a beautiful contemporary romance that hooks the audience because the lead couple is a delightful pair who deserves happiness. The story line allows the romance to slowly develop in the background while Penny and Matt work on building up their businesses. Penny¿s work as a flying companion to little children is an intriguing approach to a modern day problem of extended families separated by geography. Though a smuggling subplot adds unnecessary suspense, fans of a realistic romance in a global economy will appreciate A WHISPER OF SUSPICION.

Harriet Klausner