A Witch For Mr. Holiday

A Witch For Mr. Holiday

by Deanna Chase


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Welcome to Christmas Grove, where holiday magic and matchmaking are in the air.

When Rex Holiday walks into the charming town of Christmas Grove, all he plans to do is to spend the season helping out at his buddy's Christmas tree farm. What he doesn't expect is for an overzealous matchmaker to slip a love potion into his cider. But the joke's on the resident matchmaker, because not even a potent love spell can break through the walls he's built around his heart. But when the girl next door catches his eye, some of his barriers start to crumble. Still, Rex Holiday's time in Christmas Grove is only temporary. He can't afford to fall in love. Or can he?

Holly Reineer is a powerful spirit witch who can see the future for everyone. Everyone but herself that is. And when Rex Holiday walks into her life, she sees his, too. He's destined for a big corporate job all the way across the country. So when he starts to show interest in her, she knows it's only temporary, and Holly's not interested in a fling. She wants her happily-ever-after. But he's very hard to resist... Can a love spell rewrite the future? If so, Holly will need to learn to follow her heart and, for once, trust what she can't see.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781940299945
Publisher: Bayou Moon Press LLC
Publication date: 10/27/2019
Series: Witches of Christmas Grove , #1
Pages: 250
Sales rank: 135,496
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.57(d)

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A Witch For Mr. Holiday 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
cherigCG 23 days ago
A wonderful start to a new series. Holly didn't appreciate the love spell sent out as she stared up at the big Christmas tree. The man near her was gorgeous, Rex, best friend of her neighbor. She didn't need a man, especially one who was only here for a short while. He was an earth witch helping with Zach's Christmas Tree farm. Fighting the attraction wasn't working for either of them. Could they deal with a short term relationship? The world of modern regular people witches the author has created makes for wonderful characters. The two people are torn between their need for each other and past experiences. One travels and one needs to stay in her hometown around her friends. Rex is leaving after the holidays. Holly's been left before. Are their feelings strong enough and their reasoning right enough to let them have each other--for a time--knowing there is an end around the corner? The characters are endearing. The banter fun. An overall satisfying read.
Mermer 12 days ago
A new series A sweet witch holiday romance between Holly and Rex and how they came to fall in love. some complication and problems arise can they find theie love. Enjoyed reading. Voluntarily Reviewed.
JanetLeeSmith 15 days ago
I have to admit that some of my top favorite series are written by Deanna Chase, so I was really looking forward to this book. Ms. Chase did not disappoint! Holly & Rex's love story is incredible. As always there are parts that bring tears to my eyes, but that's because I fell in love with these characters. Not only Holly & Rex, but all of them. I'm not surprised though, because Deanna is an incredible writer. Since this is the first book in the Witches of Christmas Grove series, it's the perfect time to start reading the series! And if you've never read a book by Deanna Chase, be prepared though, because you'll want to read all of her books. I can't wait for book 2!!
weluvdopey 16 days ago
This is a great book; this is the first book in the Witches of Christmas Grove series written by Deanna Chase. Rex Holiday comes to the town of Christmas Gove to help his friend with his Christmas tree farm, he is only going to be in town through the holidays and has no room in his heart to fall in love while there. He also wasn’t expecting for the matchmaker in town to slip him and Holly a love potion. Holly Reineer is a spirit witch and has visions of people’s futures so she know falling for Rex is a bad idea. She knows he is leaving but they both can’t deny the pull towards each other, the also soon realize that it is more than a love potion at work. This story was a perfect start to my feel good books that I love to read at Christmas time. If you are looking for a great book that will get you in the Christmas spirit, then you need to read this great book! I can’t wait for the next book in this series.
KrisAnderson_TAR 21 days ago
A Witch for Mr. Holiday by Deanna Chase takes us to Christmas Grove, California. Rex Holiday had a love potion slipped into his cider and the first lady he came across was Holly Reineer. Rex has no intention of letting the barriers surrounding his heart come down for the lovely red haired witch—even if she does make his heart zing. Rex is in the area to help Zach Frost with his Christmas tree farm and then he will be on to his next assignment. When Holly’s ankle gets injured courtesy of Zach’s overzealous pup, Rex steps in to help. Holly does not wish to get her heart broken again, but she cannot resist spending time with Rex especially when he offers to help with the town toy drive. What does the future hold for the spirit witch and Mr. Holiday? A Witch for Mr. Holiday is the first novel in Witches of Christmas Grove series. I enjoyed the descriptions of this magical village with its unique residents. Deanna Chase’s writing drew me right into this enchanting tale featuring Holly and Rex. They each have issues that must be worked through. There is also a sweet little boy who could use a special Christmas gift. Harry Potter fans will just love the detailed descriptions of Holly’s special Christmas decorations. There is a fair amount of foul language (unfortunately) and there are some steamy scenes. There is delightful humor sprinkled throughout and a character or two from Keating Hollow makes an appearance. We get a sneak peek at the couple featured in A Witch for Mr. Christmas. A Witch for Mr. Holiday is a spellbinding tale that will keep you riveted on a cold winter night.
K_Huskic 23 days ago
The first book in a new series (a spin-off of the Keating Hollow books) is about Rex and Holly - both victims of a love spell. Holly soon learns that Rex isn't one to settle down, as his job takes him all over the country. Still, they grow closer to each other when a fall leaves Holly unable to do some things for herself for a while, and Rex decides to help her. They are drawn to each other, yet both know it will only end in heartbreak when Rex's time in Christmas grove is up. This was a sweet story and I really enjoyed reading it. The characters both have complicated pasts, but they really try to not let that shape their future. I look forward to reading Ilsa's story next!
annemariebookaholic 23 days ago
WOW! Absolutely loved this story I have read all of Deanna Chase's books and I say this every time...how does she do it? How does she make me love her latest book when I loved all of them before? We are transported to Christmas Grove by Rex leaving Keating Hollow to help his friend Zach with his Christmas tree farm. Rex, an earth witch, is helping Zach with some of his trees...giving them some earth witch healing We find Rex a victim of a love spell and he is looking right at Holly... Holly knows a romance with Rex will not work because he will be leaving for New York in the new year...she doesn't want a long distance relationship...BUT will they end up in a relationship?? The characters are loving and heartwarming. I laughed out loud and I cried...I always go through emotions when reading a Deanna Chase book and this was no exception. I finished this story in one setting because I couldn't put it down. I am anxiously waiting for the second book in the series. I've always said I wanted to live in Keating Hollow but now I want to live in Christmas Grove...maybe a home in each place....so I can travel back and forth....on my broom of course... Thank you Deanna for allowing me to read a digital ARC copy of your latest book for an honest opinion...YOU rocked this book! Highly recommend
Anonymous 23 days ago
What a fun read. Made me smile