A Woman's Companion

A Woman's Companion

by Barbee Phillips


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A Woman's Companion—Her Guide to Building A Business From the Dream up—Success in the Business Place From A Woman's Point of View.

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ISBN-13: 9780595153626
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/01/2000
Pages: 528
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.18(d)

Table of Contents

1.To Every Woman with a Dreamxvii
2.The Dream Is Bornxxi
3.The Resultxxiv
Chapter 1Dreams: The Window to Our Real Desires1
1.Dreams Are the Beginning1
2.Pay Attention to Your Joy5
3.First Y'gotta Dream It7
Chapter 2Dreams Are What We Build on (Laying the Groundwork)9
1.Planning Before You Start Building9
2.Getting the "Failure" out of the Foundation16
3.On Things to Ponder before Getting Committed19
4.Ready, Set,... (Put the Wheels in Motion)24
5.Playing in the Toy Box34
Chapter 3Preparing for Your Success38
1.1st Floor: Ideas, Concepts and Notions38
2.Organizing the Business Structure49
3.City, State and Federal Requirements55
4.Dissolving a Business58
5.Exposing the Secrets to Success60
6.Fail-Safe Thoughts on Failure64
7.On 'Trepreneurs74
9.Your Mind Is the Architect--The Builder of Your Dream86
Chapter 4Leadership: For Yourself, For Others, For Business94
1.Managers Prepare for the Journey--Leaders Point the Way94
2.Be a Leader for Others105
3.When Doing Business--Be Prepared to Help111
4.Words: The Nails and Screws That Hold Everything together Picking Our Words Carefully116
5.Leadership: Reflections on You126
Chapter 5The Professional Businesswoman (Are You Ready?)136
1.It's a Gal Thing!137
2.Understanding the Language140
3.Regarding the "Man" Thing and the He-She Thing143
4.The Commingled Businesswoman150
5.Staying on Top of It All155
6.Our Purpose-Our Dream169
Chapter 6Back to the Blueprints Preparing the Workplace for Success172
1.Digging Deep and Aiming High or Building in the Right Neighborhood172
2.Success around the Workplace178
3.Business Briefs for the Workplace187
4.Computer Considerations198
5.Avoiding the Rumpelstiltskin Predicament (With Collections)206
6.Insurance Coverages and Finding the Right Agent209
Chapter 7Basic Business (Time to Start)212
1.On the Nature of Business212
2.Are There Rules? Playing Or Not Playing "the Game"217
3.Building Blocks & Steel Beams: Framing Our Business Structure220
4.Our Complicated Business World-Made Easier227
5.Taking Matters into Your Own Hands235
Chapter 8Sales, Marketing and Advertising238
1.The Art of Selling238
2.What Customers Really Want249
Chapter 9Legal, Patents, Financial, and the Business Plan275
1.Barbee Remembers Lawyers275
2.Tips for Sizing up Your Lawyer279
3.The Law Will Out285
4.Bureaucracy, Regulations, Legalese, and Rules290
5.Patents Trademarks and Registrations294
6.Financing Banking and Other Sources299
7.The Business Plan312
Chapter 10Employee's and the Employee's Handbook324
1.A Little More Than You324
2.A Good Employee Is Hard to Find: Where to Find 'Em330
3.Testing, 1-2-3332
4.Employee Briefs334
5.Employee's Needs345
6.God in The Workplace: Okay? Not Okay? Legal?350
7.There's No Sense in Being "the Boss" If You Can't Show It Or How to Create Poor Morale in the Workplace354
8.Contents of a Detailed Employees Handbook365
Appendix AResources375
1.Agencies, Associations, Organizations376
2.Civil Organizations387
3.Computer Related Support388
5.Financial Support398
6.Inventions/Patents Trademarks401
8.Mail and Telephone404
9.Medical and Personal Well Being408
10.Miscellaneous Information410
11.Self-Help Legal Publications and Software412
12.Personal Sources of Assistance413
15.Magazines, Newspapers, and Monthly Guides425
16.Personal/Physical Resources427

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