A Woman's Open Door 2a Man's Game

A Woman's Open Door 2a Man's Game

by Angel Perales


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It's a book filled with short stories, opinions, scenarios and advice on the games men play. Topics like commitment, love, why cheat and etc., are turned into Chapters. I provide the reader with my insight on the games men play when in a relationship. It's definitely an interesting book that many can relate to or just find entertaining. So if you ever felt victim to a man's game or just curious, I recommend you read it.

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ISBN-13: 9781438947044
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/28/2010
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.41(d)

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A Woman's Open Door 2A Man's Game

By Angel Perales


Copyright © 2010 Angel Perales
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4389-4704-4

Chapter One

My Nine Months Of Her Pregnancy

Wow! What a beautiful thing. I made love or lust to this woman and in a split second I made a decision whether our genes will go well together. "Is she the one for me?" I asked myself. Will I be proud to admit who the mother of my child is, or would I stutter as if I was letting someone know it's not important? Nine months and she will give me a gift. Being the average male I say, "I hope it's a boy" but inside my heart I know the gender of the baby wouldn't matter, as long as the child was healthy.

On the week I found out she was pregnant, she lets me know with a look on her face as if she didn't expect by me not pulling out because we were caught in the heat of the moment this could be possible. Call it "irresponsible" or whatever; never would I promote unsafe sex but the truth was, at that moment with her I just didn't care. I felt she was feeling me and I was feeling her. My scandalous mind thought, I want to be inside this woman with no holding back. She got off watching how I handled her. You could say it's what I call "innocent force." I got off from watching how her body moved according to that innocent force I used on her.

Her breast would shake to the motion; she grabbed them together as if they hurt but at the same time appreciating her body. Her ass would vibrate slightly to every motion we made. With every stroke I felt I was in love. As she reached her climax, she would moan out of pleasure while slightly biting her bottom lip and sucking in her teeth. I stared at her enjoying every second, and at that moment I felt I could put my guard down. Not one thing about this woman physically turned me off, and as she climaxed, I felt the appreciation a hero feels after saving someone, telling myself, "if my boys could only see me now, tearing this up." Not to say that I want my friends to see my girl and I naked, but in all reality amongst men, bragging is a must. Then it was my turn, I felt I had satisfied her and could get creative with the short time I had left before it could become uncomfortable for her down there. So I turned her, lifted her, slid her back to me knowing I was close to climaxing as I started to feel that tingle of pleasure. I felt I was in the zone, was she the one for me? Or was I so in love with the sex that it blinded me? Did I really love this woman? Only time would tell.

I was happy with the thought of becoming a father, but would occasionally ask myself if she felt the same? It seemed as if she was worried more than I was. Could it be she worried about our future, careers, and where we would both be financially raising this child? Well, to be honest, all I thought about was if it was going to be a boy, would he play sports like I did? Would he need tips on meeting girls? What if he gets into a fight? You could say my thoughts were selfish and immature, but at that time it just didn't matter.

As time went by, her one month of pregnancy turned into two and three. She bragged about her breasts looking larger, and her butt feeling bigger. I noticed the sex was better, I was loving it! I would ask myself, "What is everybody talking about? This isn't so bad, this experience is actually good." Even though I appreciated her body before the pregnancy, I have to admit her chest had a little more bounce, and her ass had more to grab on to.

At three to four months her stomach wasn't big but was noticeable. We would talk about names for the child as I rubbed cocoa butter on her stomach; it was a great feeling, I couldn't see it going wrong. When the fifth and sixth month of her pregnancy arrived, things took a big turn for the both of us.

I had never been through this before, and even though I heard the stories, I felt I would be prepared; well, I wasn't. It seemed nothing I did was right. All my little habits bothered her. The detergent I used to wash my clothes made her nauseous. She would criticize the clothes I wore, and blamed me for everything that bothered her. I felt confused and wondered if I had made a mistake. Never will I know the feeling of having a child inside me, or experience the emotional and physical changes that a woman endures during a pregnancy. I found myself taking on extra hours at work, always alert in case of an emergency but away from home. My friends would nod their heads with a look of relief, as if they were happy they weren't me. Her words towards me were disrespectful. It was hard for me to swallow my pride, I wasn't used to anyone speaking to me the way she did while she was pregnant. If anyone else would've spoken to me in that way I would've fought them. However, this situation was different, not only was she a woman, but she was the woman carrying my child.

The weight she gained made her depressed. My words of comfort and support didn't matter. The arguments had gotten worse and I felt that I was to the point that I wanted out. The comfort I wanted needed to come from another woman. I could never cry to another man or really express my feelings, so what should I do? I miss those moments we had, where did they go? I brushed it off my mind, as if to say, "fuck it." I went to my boy's house and as I got closer to the door I heard laughs. I knew my friends had women over, I felt alive for that second. No one has seen me in months and right before I knocked on the door I touched up real quick on my appearance. I knew if I went in, it would probably lead to something regrettable. Right before I knocked on the door I questioned myself, "Is it love or lust that I have for this woman?" I answered, "love" but told myself, "you aren't doing anything wrong." I wondered what these girls looked like and convinced myself that if anything were to happen it wouldn't matter because she would never find out. Call it wrong because years later I did, but after that last thought, followed a knock.


Ladies, never will a man get to experience the feelings and changes a woman goes through when she's pregnant, which makes you very special. This is something that becomes a test to a man. Will your changes force a man to act on his temptations and lead him to the next woman's open arms, or will he understand his love for you should bring nothing or no one in between you both?

In Between Thought

I wonder what if the roles were reversed. How would a woman act if she were able to get a man pregnant? One woman told me, if she was able to get a man pregnant, she would get three of them pregnant and deny being the mother of each child to all three men. Another woman told me, if she were able to get a man pregnant, she would be out every night and come and go as she pleased.

You can say the men have it easy when it comes to becoming a parent. For nine months the woman's body goes through changes as well as her emotions. At any moment in time during her pregnancy he can walk out of the relationship without any changes or damages done to his physical. He knows she's at a disadvantage and feels she isn't going anywhere while being pregnant. Making him feel free to explore his options, have a little fun and possibly go back home to open arms. He knows her weakness, which is the love she has for him, and the extra effort she would put in to keeping her family complete. You can call it selfish, immature, and ignorant of him but no matter what you call it, that's just what some men do.

I also feel another major reason for a man getting a woman pregnant, other than the fact that he's in love and prepared for it would be to keep her around until he is ready to commit. He knows it's just not that easy for her to walk away. It's another irresponsible and selfish act but I know there are men who think this way. It's like a secure feeling for him or a solid thought. What I mean is that it's hard enough to get or keep a beautiful woman's attention with her having to tolerate and reject a man everyday she steps out. Well, why not feel like you can get a step further than the next man can. So while she might exchange words or give another man the satisfaction of saying he dated her or was able to get her phone number, I have the satisfaction without telling him, I've already been inside this woman and as long as she has my child, I will always be around.

Winter Love, Summer Breakup

I think we're all familiar with Winter Love and Summer Breakup. It seems the love starts after Labor Day and it starts falling apart right before spring. In my opinion, this starts to happen for many reasons. It's a pattern that we all seem to follow every year like the seasons.

Winter Love

The winter seems to have love written all over it. The weather is cold, the streets are empty, the pools are closed, and the beaches are hardly mentioned. For a man it's like being locked away from the women. Our phone books in our cell phones seem to be emptier. Women we used to call are going back to college, getting back with their ex-boyfriends, or have taken a new path that doesn't involve us.

We stare at our phone book and realize no one is worth calling. All of a sudden from that moment on, we start feeling like we can't live this way anymore. We start thinking about the last relationship we were in, asking ourselves, "What was so wrong with it, why all of a sudden did we start arguing so much?" Convincing ourselves that maybe we should try the relationship again. Noticing our faults, we seem to be more understanding, realizing our mistakes, making us feel that the anger and frustration made us act this way and all we needed was time to collect our thoughts.

Our conversations seem to have more meaning. To our surprise, we find ourselves willing to talk about any topic or answer questions that we would always find a way to avoid discussing. Our affection and attention towards her comes easy, as if we knew this is what she wanted and the only way to grab her attention would be by letting her know we felt the same way.

The cold weather invites cuddling. We start picturing the warmth and the comfort from her body heat. There really aren't many distractions, allowing us to give her hundred percent of our undivided attention. Another woman walks by and it's like she isn't even there. The heavy attire she wears to keep her warm fades away the curves from her chest to her hips. The boots that protect her from the cold weather take away from her sexy feet that she would reveal on a beautiful summer day.

In the beginning of the chapter, I compared "Winter Love" to a man being locked away from women. Well, this is what I meant: when a man is locked up in jail, the first person he calls is his family followed by a girl that meant something to him, someone who will put up with his nonsense, receive him back now that no one else is there to accept him. This takes you back to the beginning of Winter Love; all of a sudden when nothing else is available, the one thing that is, doesn't seem so bad anymore.

Summer Breakup

It starts with a simple flick of the channel. He finds out the weather this weekend is going to be in the high seventy degrees. He turns on the radio and is reminded once again of the upcoming beautiful weather and events that will follow. The day has more life all of a sudden, the music has more swagger and less depression. He searches through his closet to see how his gear is looking for the summer. He stares and flexes in the mirror searching for ways to improve his physical appearance. He speaks to his friends about beaches that will open, vacation spots they will go to, women they've had, and many more that will come their way. He's thinking of himself, and has begun to brush off the feelings he had when everything was about him and his girl.

Commitment becomes questionable in his eyes. The commitment to the relationship is the only thing in the way from allowing him to do what he wants. How does he let go without losing her completely? He wants to have his cake and eat it too. He becomes less understanding, impatient, and selfish. Everything she does annoys him, and arguments come more frequently. He always finds ways to turn it around and make it seem like it's her fault, or he walks away from the problem leaving it unresolved. So depending on how much fun he's having without her, will determine how much longer the arguments between the two will last.

The more he is exposed to the single life, the more he starts to feel that his heart isn't there anymore and time away from each other would be best. The reasons he wants out of the relationship are obvious, but he gives her reasons good enough to have her in disbelief and confused. Three months is all he needs, and he knows how she functions. He knows three months are enough for him to enjoy himself, but not enough time for her to completely leave him. To make sure of that, he continues to pop up in locations where he knows she will be. Every time he feels she might be slipping away, he finds a way to bring her back to square one. You could say he has taken her for granted and has left her side until the Winter Love calls him again.

In Between Thought

I've been through Winter Love and Summer Breakup. Now that I think about it, I realize that I was being blind to reality. I was living off a perfect picture that I drew up in my head of everything I had seen every summer, back to back, year after year. It's like I took moments from each day when I was single and placed them in my head exactly how I would want my single life in the summer to be like. I pictured my friends and I posted up "Down the Shore" shouting, hollering at women, and receiving love back. That fine woman that I spotted walking with those sexy legs, small waist, and pretty face was put in my perfect picture. I totally ignored the fact that she didn't even notice me. She could have been married, taken, or just not interested, yet I ignored that possibility and kept her in my head as an open option, as if her social and love life were on pause, waiting for me to come along.

The parties I went to, not one was alike. At the end of the night they were all replaceable memories. The women I met, when I really thought about it, didn't compare to the one I left back at home. I was caught up in the moment of the single wild life. I look back and realize, "wow, my standards were low. Did I enjoy it?" While in the moment, I would have to say "yes, I did," but at the end, I felt like the biggest ass because Labor Day came around again and shortly after, I found myself back to square one, begging for my Winter Love again.

Games B4 Commitment

In this chapter, I wanted to explain a little about different types of relationships. How some of our relationships are built, how something that looked so promising never had an opportunity even before it began. How some people play games to throw off their partners about their true feelings, personal life, intentions, and demeanor.

Love is hardly ever perfect. I truly believe that love is never balanced perfectly, and always felt that it's impossible for two people to share the same amount of emotions for one another. No individual is exactly alike. A person's life experiences make them who they are. Whether their experiences make or break them, they still carry that baggage, and memory. I feel that other than love there can be so many other reasons for people to rush or get involved with someone.

From the many situations that I witnessed or experienced, I decided to give you a better understanding of what I mean about the different types of relationships. I chose few scenarios to write about and separated them into categories I felt they best fit.


An example of a convenient relationship would be one in which both people share the same friends and nightlife. The majority of times this happens when two groups of people consisting of men and women hang out together a lot. The ones who continue to get stuck with each other start to have a change of heart. In many situations like this you'll find that one person is interested in building the relationship a little more than the other. In my opinion, this type of a relationship has almost no chance of becoming concrete because in most cases, as the other relationships fall apart so does theirs. This happens to both men and women, but since men are known to take one for the team, they may take it a little further sexually than a woman playing this game. Another example of a convenient relationship would be, one that takes place at work. Whether the person is your type or not, it doesn't matter, sometimes the fact that you see them so often and they are the most appealing out of all your other co-workers becomes more convincing. The excitement of messing with a co-worker after knowing most work places forbid it makes it more tempting to want to do without anyone finding out. This type of relationship hardly ever works out because the person really isn't your type. When you are no longer working together you see no point in trying to get in touch with that person. The relationship is no longer convenient for you because you have to put in work and effort into seeing them again, oppose to when you were working with them, you were able to flirt and make it exciting for the affair to continue.


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Table of Contents


My Nine Months Of Her Pregnancy....................1
Winter Love, Summer Breakup....................9
Games B4 Commitment....................17
Caught Him With Someone Else....................27
Never Realize, Until It's Gone....................33
Getting Him Back....................41
The Word Love So Soon....................49
Does He Only Want Sex?....................59
Why Cheat?....................67
Baby Mama Drama....................79
Slept With A Man Too Soon....................87
Friendship After Commitment....................95
No More Questions, Only Answers....................105
The First 30 Days....................119
The Age Game....................131
Minute Man....................149
Open Eyes....................161
Who Am I?....................167

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