A Working Mother's GPS: A Guide to Parenting Success for the Modern Working Mom

A Working Mother's GPS: A Guide to Parenting Success for the Modern Working Mom

by Atara Malach


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"If you're a working mom, get this book and create a life of better balance, more fulfillment, and a happier family."

  - Jack Canfield - Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul 

If you've ever felt road-weary from trying to navigate new and difficult stages of parenting while also steering your career in the right direction, you know the stresses of the modern working mother. Atara Malach's latest book is the roadmap you've been looking for to guide you on your parenting journey.  

Atara's time-tested program for regaining control of your home and career is based on the logical approach of leading with authority, trust, and love. Using language you're already familiar with, Atara's methods are clearly stated, simple to implement, and grounded in practicality and flexibility. The techniques are adaptable for your family's unique needs and easily transferable to your workplace.

  In this book, you'll learn how to:  

  • Parent competently and confidently by implementing theGPSmethod, which is based on the universally recognized traffic-light colors and road signs; 
  • Use theGPSskills and tactics with your toddler as well as with your older children;there’s no need to change parenting skills as your child changes over the years; 
  • Customize thisGPSparenting method to your own specific family situations(single moms/blended family)so that you are always in the driver's seat, feeling empowered; 
  • Apply these exact sameGPSparenting skills in your workplace to enhance your career and create similar, amazing results!
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    ISBN-13: 9781948787086
    Publisher: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press
    Publication date: 04/11/2019
    Pages: 318
    Sales rank: 741,739
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    About the Author

    Atara Malach is a highly respected psychotherapist, widely known life coach and in-demand public speaker who specializes in empowering women to achieve professional success while maximizing the joy in their personal lives. With more than 30 years’ experience in private practice, Atara is the Founding Director of the Parenting University and the Advisory Center for Adolescents. She is a dynamic and inspiring keynote speaker who has delivered thousands of lectures and workshops around the world. Atara Malach lives in Brooklyn, NY

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