A World Away (A New Adult Romance Novel)

A World Away (A New Adult Romance Novel)

by Lila Lacroix

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College sophomore Sophie Burnette has just been dumped by her boyfriend, is losing touch with her high school friends and is generally tired of her life in her small Midwestern city. When she sees an ad for doing a semester abroad, she jumps on the opportunity.

Philippe Vaillancourt is a graduate student with a turbulent past who can’t help but immediately fall for Sophie when she walks past him in the park one day.

Sophie’s heart, however, has already been captured by local photographer Jacques Lafleur who shows her a Paris Sophie couldn’t have dreamed existed. But when circumstances throw Sophie and Philippe together, and she begins to realize she’s heading down a dark and dangerous path, will Philippe be able to bring her back, or is Sophie already in too deep?

Please enjoy this excerpt from A World Away (18+ readers only):

I turned around to tell them off, but the instant I spun around I stopped. My body melted. I was staring directly into the eyes of Philippe Vaillancourt. I gaped at him, my body outwardly frozen, while my insides tumbled around. Electricity radiated though me, coursing through every fiber of my body. Desire made itself evident, my sex muscles clenching as I looked at Philippe’s perfect face, sculpted like a Greek statue, those dark eyes, so piercing, so strong, gazing at me. The hardness of his face was broken with a smile, revealing those dimples I liked to see so much. Why did this man have such an effect on me?

“Hey,” I finally said, hoping I sounded casual enough.

“Sophie. I did not expect to see you at this party.”

“Why not? It’s a free country.”

“Well, I’m not sure why not. I guess I didn’t think you would be a student at the University.”

“Yes, I’m here as part of the exchange program. What about you? Surely you’re older than me.”

“I’m a graduate student now. But yes, I do attend the University as well. I never would have picked you as being so young.”

“How old do you think I am? And remember, no matter what you answer, I have the right to be insulted.”

Philippe laughed. It was so pure, so beautiful a sound. Compared to his husky, deep voice, his laugh rang completely clearly, and the instant the noise reached my ears I knew I wanted to hear it again. I wanted to make him laugh. Good lord, what was wrong with me?

“I would say you are twenty two.”

“Twenty. Off by two years. How dare you think I’m an old maid of twenty two?”

Again, that laugh. I could feel my body’s reaction, the way juices began to form inside of me when I heard it. Everything about this man turned me on. He was electrifying. I both wanted him to go away and wanted him to take me right here on the balcony at the same time.

“Why are you up here, Sophie? Why do you not go have fun, with the others?”

“I don’t drink.”

“It is rare for a girl of your age to not drink,” Philippe continued, but he didn’t press. I didn’t reply. Eventually, I broke the silence.

“What about you? Why are you here?”

“I have some friends, they are down below. They are heavy drinkers, and they desired to come tonight to find some young girls to have a good time with. They dragged me along with them, as I had no good excuse to not come. But for myself, I prefer not to drink. I know only too well the dangers that come with letting one’s guard down.”

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