A Yard From Hell: Samuel Marsden Flogging Parson

A Yard From Hell: Samuel Marsden Flogging Parson

by Doug Buckley


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When writer Doug Buckley’s town, Sydney, staged Alex Buzo’s play Macquarie, the Reverend Samuel Marsden was kitted out throughout with a long black stock-whip in his belt. Indeed, enunciate Samuel Marsden to a Sydneysider and the comeback, even by Christians, will be The Flogging Parson. This offensive label was attached generations after Marsden’s death by lesser men who never knew him. Yet does it convey serious truth? Who indeed was the diminutive, larger-than-life senior chaplain to the brutal British convict colony of New South Wales? Why has he been named Apostle to New Zealand? Novelist Doug Buckley retells the story of this versatile and innovative pastor but with a difference, he seeks to write as Sam himself might have written.

“Some want to live within the sound

of church or chapel bell.

I want to run a rescue shop

within a yard of hell.”

C T Studd

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780648887300
Publisher: Initiate Media Pty Ltd
Publication date: 09/16/2020
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.42(d)

About the Author

The versatile Doug Buckley is a fifth generation Australian with a strong convict heritage. He was born in country New South Wales and grew up mainly in Broken Hill. As well as lecturing in engineering at universities in Australia, Japan and Europe from an academic base at the University of New South Wales, he has worked widely as a professional engineer in research, planning, construction and finance. His memoir Fragments From a Forgettory was well received. Amongst his long and short fiction, the novel One Black Bureaucrat Moves On was short-listed for the ABC Bicentennial Literary Award. Doug and his English-born wife Rosemary have enjoyed three children, a remarkable twenty-five grandchildren and great-grandchildren and near a dozen of their husbands and wives. Doug and Rosemary live in Sydney in what passes for retirement where they are part of a lively, growing Christian congregation.

Table of Contents

1: Last Man Standing- The Bradbury Principle 1

2: Ship of Fools 14

3: Nathanael 20

4: Parramatta 25

5: Only a Scotsman 35

6: Rum Advocate 42

7: Ex-Tahiti 48

8: The Irish 54

9: The Pain of Decision 57

10: The Orphans 60

11: Civilize first? 67

12: Vinegar Hill lite 72

13: Supervisor Sam 76

14: Sooty neighbours 79

15: Strategy Sam 82

16: Mate Wilbur 87

17: Hull 100

18: Home news 105

19: Surprise them 110

20: Goodbye to Old England foreverer 116

21: An almost-noble savage 119

22: Big Mac 123

23: Taking on the tyranny of distance 131

24: Farmer Sam 135

25: “An eminently useful man” 138

26: Moral Mac 142

27: Mishoes we have known 149

28: Anonymous slanders 156

29: Two kinds of bravery 167

30: “Tidings of great joy” 177

Authors Note 180

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