AACN Procedure Manual for Critical Care / Edition 4

AACN Procedure Manual for Critical Care / Edition 4

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Elsevier Health Sciences

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AACN Procedure Manual for Critical Care / Edition 4

Turn here for comprehensive coverage of procedures commonly performed in the critical care environment. Each procedure is detailed step by step with the very latest informaiton, a strong research base, and rationales for each step. The fourth edition features new advanced practice procedures that are noted with special icons. Also inlcudes new procedures for cardiac arrest devices, continuous venovenous hemofiltration, and more. Research-based data has been added to strengthen recommendations for each procedure.

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ISBN-13: 9780721682686
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 12/15/2000
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 976
Product dimensions: 7.62(w) x 10.98(h) x 1.57(d)

Table of Contents

PULMONARY SYSTEM · Airway Management · Endotracheal Intubation (Perform) AP · Endotracheal Intubation (Assist) · Endotracheal Tube Care · Extubation / Decannulation (Perform) AP (new) · Extubation / Decannulation (Assist) · Nasopharyngeal Airway Insertion · Oropharyngeal Airway Insertion · Oxygen Tank Preparation and Setup · Suctioning, Endotracheal or Tracheostomy Tube · Tracheal Tube (Cuff) Care · Tracheostomy Tube Care · Special Pulmonary Procedures · Continuous End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide Monitoring (new) · Continuous Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation · Oxygen Saturation Monitoring by Pulse Oximetry · Pronation Therapy (new) · Thoracic Cavity Management · Autotransfusion · Chest Tube Placement (Perform) AP (new) · Chest Tube Placement (Assist) · Chest Tube Removal (Perform) AP · Chest Tube Removal (Assist) · Closed Chest Drainage System (Bottle and disposable units) · Needle Thoracostomy (Perform) AP · Thoracentesis (Perform) AP · Thoracentesis (Assist) · Ventilatory Management · Arterial-Venous Oxygen Difference Calculation · Auto-PEEP Calculation · Compliance and Resistance Measurement · Manual Self-inflating Resuscitation Bag · Oxygenation Indices · Shunt Calculation · Ventilatory Management (Volume and Pressure modes) · Weaning Criteria (Negative Inspiratory Pressure, Positive End-expiratory Pressure, Spontaneous Tidal Volume, Vital Capacity Measurement) · Weaning Process · CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM · Cardiac Emergencies · Automatic External Defibrillation · Cardioversion · Defibrillation (External) · Defibrillation (Internal) · Emergent Open Sternotomy (Perform) AP (new) · Emergent Open Sternotomy (Assist) (new) · Pericardiocentesis (Assist) · Cardiac Pacemakers · Atrial Electrograms · Atrial Overdrive Pacing (Perform) AP · Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator · Permanent Pacing · Temporary Transcutaneous (External) Pacing · Temporary Transvenous Pacemaker Insertion (Perform) AP (new) · Temporary Transvenous and Epicardial Pacing · Circulatory Assist Devices · Intraaortic Balloon Pump Management · External Counterpressure with Pneumatic Antishock Garments · Ventricular Assist Devices (new) · Electrocardiographic Leads and Cardiac Monitoring · Electrophysiologic Monitoring: Hardwire and Telemetry · Extra Electrocardiography Leads: Right Precordial and Left Posterior (new) · ST Segment Monitoring (new) · Twelve Lead Electrocardiogram · Hemodynamic Monitoring · Arterial Catheter Insertion (Perform) AP (new) · Arterial Catheter Insertion (Assist), Care and Removal · Blood Sampling from Arterial Pressure Line · Blood Sampling from Pulmonary Artery Line · Cardiac Output Measurement Techniques (invasive) · Central Venous / Right Atrial Pressure Line, Removal · Central Venous / Right Atrial Pressure Line Site Care · Central Venous / Right Atrial Pressure Monitoring · Left Atrial Pressure Line, Care and Assisting with Removal · Non-invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring: Impedance Cardiography (new) · Pulmonary Artery Catheter Insertion (Perform) AP (new) · Pulmonary Artery Catheter Insertion (Assist) and Pressure Monitoring · Pulmonary Artery Pressure Lines, Removal · Pulmonary Artery Pressure Lines, Troubleshooting · Single and Multiple Pressure Transducer Systems · Special Cardiac Procedures · Arterial Sheath Removal AP (new) · Pericardial Catheter Management · Vascular Access · Arterial Puncture AP · Central Venous Catheter Insertion (Perform) AP · Central Venous Catheter Insertion (Assist) · Peripheral IV Insertion · Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICC) AP · Venipuncture · NEUROLOGIC SYSTEM · Neurologic Monitoring · Intracranial Bolt Insertion (Assist), Care, and Troubleshooting · Intraventricular Catheter Insertion (Assist), Care, and Troubleshooting · Jugular Venous Oxygen Saturation (SVO2) Monitoring: Insertion (Assist), Care, and Removal (new) · Transcranial Doppler Monitoring AP (new) · Special Neurologic Procedures · Cerebrospinal Fluid Drainage Assessment · External Warming / Cooling Devices · Ice-Water Caloric Testing for Vestibular Dysfunction (Assist) · Lumbar Punctures (Perform) AP · Lumbar and Cisternal Punctures (Assist) · Lumbar Subarachnoid Catheter Insertion for Cerebral Spinal Fluid Pressure Monitoring and Drainage · Traction Management · External Fixation Device Insertion (Assist) · Halo Traction Care · Tong and Pin Care · Traction Maintenance · Pain Management · Epidural Catheters (new) · Peripheral Nerve Stimulators (new) · GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM · Esophagogastric Tamponade Tube · Gastric Lavage in Hemorrhage and Overdose · Intra-abdominal Pressure Monitoring (new) · Nasogastric Tube Insertion, Care, and Removal · Paracentesis (Perform) AP (new) · Paracentesis (Assist) · Peritoneal Lavage (Perform) AP · Peritoneal Lavage (Assist) · Scleral Endoscopic Therapy · RENAL SYSTEM · Renal Replacement · Continuous Renal Replacement Therapies · Hemodialysis · Peritoneal Dialysis · Special Renal Replacement · Plasmaphoresis · HEMOTOLOGIC SYSTEM · Fluid Management · Blood and Blood Component Administration · Blood Pump Use · Continuous Arteriovenous Rewarming · Massive Transfusion Devices · Transfusion Reaction Management · Special Hematologic Procedures · Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspiration (Perform) AP (new) · Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspiration (Assist) (new) · Determination of Microhematocrit via Centrifuge · INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM · Burn Wound Management · Donor Site Care · Burn Wound Care · Skin Graft Care · Special Integumentary Procedures · Intercompartmental Pressure Monitoring · Pressure Reducing Devices: Lateral Rotation Therapy · Suturing (Perform) AP · Wound Management · Cleaning, Irrigating, Culturing, and Dressing an Open Wound · Dressing Wounds with Drains · Drain Removal · Pouching a Wound · NUTRITION · Enteral Nutrition · Parenteral Nutrition · Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG), Gastrostomy, or Jejunostomy Tube Care · Small Bore Feeding Tube, Insertion and Care · END OF LIFE · Advance Directives (new) · Determination of Death AP (new) · Care of Organ Donors · Identification of Potential Organ Donors · Request for Organ Donation · Withholding/Withdrawing Life Sustaining Treatment (new) · CALCULATING MEDICATION DOSES · Calculating Doses, Flow Rates, and Administration of Continuous Intravenous Infusions

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