The AARP Retirement Survival Guide: How to Make Smart Financial Decisions in Good Times and Bad

The AARP Retirement Survival Guide: How to Make Smart Financial Decisions in Good Times and Bad

by Julie Jason


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Named by Booklist (The American Library Association) to its Top 10 Business Book List for 2010***
Winner of the 2010 EIFLE Award for Excellence in Financial Literacy Education
Winner of the 2010 International Book Award for Personal Finance
Winner of the 2010 National Best Books Award for Personal Finance

“I promise you this: if you have never invested, never read an investment book, or never worked with a financial adviser, you will not be left behind. No matter who you are or what steps you have or have not taken up to this point, there is always something you can do to improve your situation.” – Julie Jason, from the Introduction

Bank bailouts. Ponzi schemes. Plunging financial markets. Given today’s dire headlines, planning a secure retirement has become a more crtical task than ever.

Now, for Americans seeking safety and stability in a time of wrenching economic change, comes investment educator Julie Jason with this no-nonsense guide offering time-tested, rock-solid retirement advice for people of every income level. In addition to showing those on the verge of retirement how to create their own “personal pension,” Jason deftly guides prospective retirees through the otherwise bewildering process of evaluating their needs, anticipating future expenses (and managing current ones), and converting present assets into future retirement income. To achieve this goal, she assembles—and shares with the reader—an entire tool kit of self-assessments, tables, checklists, and essential questions.

Winner of the International Book Award and one of Booklist's Top Ten Business Books!

“A fast read on a difficult-to-follow subject. In these tougher times, a guide like this becomes an even more invaluable tool.” —Jonathan Dahl, Editor in Chief, SmartMoney

“Hard-working Americans need a road map through today's bewildering financial world. From the basics of financial planning to understanding how to secure a dignified retirement, Julie Jason has provided a financial GPS for attaining your goals.”
—Joseph Borg, Director, Alabama Securities Commission

“Whether you’re a do-it-yourself investor or want a professional to help you, The AARP
Retirement Survival Guide
spells out what you need to consider and understand to make informed retirement-income planning decisions.” —Betty Meredith, InFRE Retirement Resource Center

"The AARP brand works extraordinarily well in providing valuable and objective information that readers can put to good use immediately...Case in point: author...and investment counsel Jason thoroughly, accurately reviews the state of retirement 2009 with full consideration of our current economy. That state includes a solid grounding in the basics...What’s unusual is her factual analysis of CDs (featuring a checklist), reverse mortgages, annuities in all shapes and forms (e.g., immediate, equity-indexed, fixed), and guaranteed minimum benefits (in the forms of withdrawal and income benefits). In fact, it’s well worth the book’s cover price to delve into these somewhat arcane financial instruments if only because the author posits, in plain English, the ups and downs...If that isn’t clear enough, she creates a fictional case study with numbers and charts, accompanied by a straightforward assessment on ease of understanding, complexity, risks, safety, costs and taxes, and the salesperson’s motivation. That approach characterizes all of the chapters, whether on tax-deferred accounts or sales scams to avoid. Resources and research cinch the deal to consider this top of the borrower’s pile." —Booklist

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ISBN-13: 9781402743412
Publisher: Sterling
Publication date: 08/04/2009
Series: AARP Series
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 317,583
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Julie Jason is a personal money manager who began her career as a securities lawyer thirty years ago. She is principal of Jackson, Grant Investment Advisers, Inc., of Stamford, Connecticut, an SEC-registered investment adviser. Jackson, Grant serves conservative retirees who want to create retirement income.

A proponent of investor protection, Ms. Jason writes and lectures on investment topics. Her award-winning weekly column, published in the Sunday business sections of the Stamford Advocate and the Greenwich Time, is in its tenth year of publication. The column has been recognized by the IRS for “accurate, timely, informative, and helpful tax information,” and by the Connecticut Society of Journalists and Authors for excellence in journalism.

Ms. Jason is also the author of You and Your 401(k), The 401(k) Plan Handbook, JK Lasser’s Strategic Investing After 50, Julie Jason’s Guide to Connecticut Probate, and the forthcoming Julie Jason’s Guide to Managing Retirement Wealth.

Table of Contents

Introduction vii

Part I Understanding the Basics

Chapter 1 Achieving a Secure Retirement 3

Chapter 2 Your Personal Cash Flow 13

Chapter 3 Sources of Retirement Income 23

Chapter 4 Income from Social Security 33

Chapter 5 Will Your Money Last as Long as You Do? 47

Chapter 6 Can You Improve Your Situation? 61

Chapter 7 Enter the Financial Adviser 75

Part II Security for Sale: Evaluating Retirement-Income Products

Chapter 8 Guaranteed Lifelong Income 95

Chapter 9 Creating Your Own Personal Pension 105

Chapter 10 The Promise of Gain with No Pain: Equity-Indexed or Fixed Annuities 123

Chapter 11 It's Not Too Late to Catch Up: The Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefit 139

Chapter 12 Guaranteed Withdrawals So You Don't Run Out of Money: The Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit, or GMWB 161

Chapter 13 Certificates of Deposit: Not All CDs Are Created Equal 177

Chapter 14 Cashing Out of Your Home 189

Part III Investing in Your Future: Retirement-Income Planning and the Markets

Chapter 15 Tax-Deferred Account Decisions 205

Chapter 16 Making the Markets Work for You 219

Part IV Pulling It All Together: Uncle Sam, Your Adviser, and You

Chapter 17 Taxes in Retirement 239

Chapter 18 Taking Money Out of IRAs and Other Tax-Deferred Accounts 251

Chapter 19 Sales Tactics, Scams, and Bad Advice: A "Perfect Storm" for Retirees 261

Chapter 20 Finding an Adviser Who Is Right for You 275

Chapter 21 The Finish Line 287

Part V More Retirement Resources

Appendix A Prospective Adviser Notepad 299

Appendix B Client Reference Notepad 300

Appendix C Quick-Test Factors for Different Retirement Periods and Rates of Return301

Appendix D Retirement Income Management: A Case Study 302

Appendix E AARP Resources 323

Acknowledgments 324

About the Author 326

Index 327

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AARP Retirement Survival Guide 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Janice_Calkin More than 1 year ago
I know Julie through her lectures at Greenwich Continuing Education. She teaches (and writes) as the reader's advocate and friend. As a recent retiree, I found Julie's book very helpful and skillfully presented without being pretentious or confusing, but responsive to the inevitable dilemmas facing the potential retiree. Julie inserts references to chapters where certain subjects will be expanded, offers terse summaries at frequent intervals and uses phrases like "Do this exercise with me..." I recommend the AARP Retirement Survival Guide to anyone who wants solid advice from a trusted friend and ally.
Cyrano1db More than 1 year ago
Finally! A life preserver in a sea of financial uncertainty. Enables anyone to evaluate their present position and chart a course toward a more secure retirement. Takes the reader by the hand and guides without condescension. Checklists, hints, warnings, from a pro!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An extremely valuable and comprehensive decision making framework for pre-retiree and retirees. Beyond what you would normally see in books that cover investing for retirement, this book goes one step further and includes ways to evaluate financial advisors, what they say, and the investment products they sell. Julie's "Don't Be Fooled Rules in chapter 19 are particularly valuable in addition to her "Retirement Risk Assessment" on page 294. This book is an easy to understand and tremendously valuable resource. A must read!
Elliederidder More than 1 year ago
This book is fun to read. It not a dry boring financial book. I found it thought-provoking, reassuring and practical. A book needed now.
dianaleez on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
More helpful than most retirement guides I've read in the last few months. Twenty-one chapters detailing topics such as cash flow, retirement income, social security, investments, the joys of compound interest, and the biggie - will your money last as long as you do? Jason speaks in specifics - not the generalized useless information of too many retirement guides - and is very good about warning consumers about scams and dubious practices.My one complaint is her tendency to talk about potential investments in terms of 8% returns. While I remember those days, they are gone for the moment.This is the one retirement guide that I'm glad we bought. Now, here's hoping we live long and our money lasts forever....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago