Abbe Boulah!

Abbe Boulah!

by Thorbjoern Mann

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Abbe Boulah! by Thorbjoern Mann

Abbé Boulah! A collection of strange stories featuring pranks, adventures and cantankerous comments by and about the mysterious Abbé Boulah and his weirdo friend Bog-Hubert. There are tales from the mythical Fog Island Tavern and Bog-Hubert’s schemes such as his Island Beach and Beauty Restoration enterprise, the rumors about his secret still in the swamps of North Florida, (producing the potent “Eau d’Hole”) and various commentaries about architecture, urban design, downtown revitalization: “The Designer’s Dream’, ‘CRA Sticking in Abbé Boulah’s Craw’. and ‘The T-Square and Bumwaderhole’. A yarn of strange foulups in the intelligence agencies (‘Counter Intelligence’), various unconventional machinations about a metropolitan mass transit system (‘Tallahaitian Mass Transit’) are mixed in with Abbé Boulah’s musings about education, (‘Peace Prize Problems’, The Evolution of Education’, ‘The Tragedy of Education’, ‘Plaintive Soliloqy’). on leadership and power (‘Stupid Power’, ‘On Leadership’) a different take on a famous journalist’s book regarding the shape of the Earth (’Flat World Rings Hollow’), presidential elections “Abbé Boulah for Ex-President’), even a kind of utopia on an abandoned oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico (‘Rigatopia’). Other wild ravings contain creatively different views on various global and societal problems, such as interspecies relations (‘AbbéBug-Lah’), Mideast problems (‘Holy Coin’), the deplorable lack of imaginative names for real, imaginary and complex numbers (‘’), the human and legal rights of multiple personalities (‘Judge Severin M. Aledict’), and other recklessly unconventional ideas and proposals. But even with a final prank concerning emergency planning in the Sunshine State, the mystery of ‘Who Is Abbé Boulah? never gets completely resolved.

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ISBN-13: 9781462824113
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 05/22/2007
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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