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Abe: Four in Hand

Abe: Four in Hand

4.2 28
by MJ Fields

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Twenty-six-year-old Abraham O'Donnell is the CFO of Steel Inc. After working tirelessly for over a year, he takes a week off to enjoy the sand, surf, and bikini-clad women of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. After all, he's earned it. When a brief interlude with a flight attendant in her hotel room goes awry, Abe heads to a rental home with a private beach. While floating


Twenty-six-year-old Abraham O'Donnell is the CFO of Steel Inc. After working tirelessly for over a year, he takes a week off to enjoy the sand, surf, and bikini-clad women of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. After all, he's earned it. When a brief interlude with a flight attendant in her hotel room goes awry, Abe heads to a rental home with a private beach. While floating naked in the pool, he learns a guest house on the property is also occupied. So much for rest and relaxation. Ever the gentleman, Abe tries to make the most of his misfortune and offers to make the beauties staying on the property some dinner. It's senior year and Nikolette (Nikki) Bassett is a few days late for her last college Spring Break with her four best girlfriends. When she arrives, all these ladies can talk about is the guy next door. And once Nikki gets a look at him, she knows what they mean. Fresh from an afternoon of surfing, Nikki can hardly believe her eyes when Abe approaches. The sexual tension and banter between the two of them leads to steamy hot sex on the Atlantic shore. It's only a Spring Break fling, and both Abe and Nikki know better than to make it out to be more than that. Or do they? Abe's calm demeanor changes once he has a taste of Nikki. That night, no location is safe. He takes her on the beach and ravages her in his bed. But despite their mind-blowing sex, Abe's taste for ultimate control in the bedroom makes Nikki uneasy. Nikki's just getting over a heartbreak and she can't afford to let Abe in. So, she pushes aside her budding feelings and leaves Florida and Abe behind without a backwards glance. Not used to being dumped and afraid to admit how much it hurts, Abe cuts his losses and heads back to Steel Inc., resume his role at the top of Steel Inc., pouring his heart and soul into his work. But Nikki Moore won't be forgotten so easily. Her taste, scent, voice, the noises she made when he brought her to ecstasy, the way she tasted on his tongue, and felt under his touch haunts him. Always fighting for control, Abe tries to push Nikki far into the back of his mind, as he fucks the rented women he had grown accustom to. But Karma is a bitch, and Abe blames her for Nikki leaving him the way she did. So when Nikki shows up unexpectedly, Abe welcomes Karma with open arms. Control has left the building and safety of one's heart is no longer strong enough to stop what happens next. ABE, is the first in the TIES OF STEEL series from bestselling romance erotica author MJ Fields. It is a spin-off of the bestselling MEN OF STEEL series featuring the Steel brothers: Jase, Cyrus, Zandor and Xavier.

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MJ Fields
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Ties of Steel Series , #1
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ABE: FOUR IN HAND 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This could have been more detailed and hotter. Really like the series. I just wish this story lasted longer.
2kmats More than 1 year ago
MJ Fields has FOUR ACES IN HER HAND with this book.   MJ Fields is THE master at writing Sexy, Smart, Alpha Males…Did I mention dominant and tattooed as well? I’m so glad that Ms. Fields has decided to expand her Steel World to include ABE because I knew he had a story to tell and boy is it a hot and crazy one. If you’re looking for a really well written story about the all-American guy with a control streak a mile- wide, and oh so many inventive ways to exercise that personality trait, this is the book for you. Nikolette, the object of his obsession is a great foil to his controlling ways and is right there to call him on his caveman crap. There is a scene in this book that I found hilarious and exhibits the ends to which she will go to not to be a doormat and let a man run her life.  Buy this…it will fulfill all the criteria you have for a fun, sexy, emotional read, and will give you another BBF to add to the top of your list.
Reader_love More than 1 year ago
Abe is a 26yr old CFO of Steel Inc. best friend of Jase Steel, who likes to have control in all things. After a year of working hard Abe Decides it's time to take a vacation. Little he Know he would meet a girl Niki (Four) who would send him in a tailspin. Abe is magnificent! This book will grab you and hold you to the end! MJ Fields writing will leave you begging for more! If your looking for a book thats hot this is the one!
ahlewis32 More than 1 year ago
ABE: FOUR IN HAND is part of the new Ties of Steel series that builds upon MJ Fields’ successful Men of Steel series that features the Steel brothers. All of the Steel brothers and their significant others appear in ABE: FOUR IN HAND as supporting characters and provide great support and humor. The story revolves around Abe O’Donnell, CFO of Steel, Inc, who heads to Ft. Lauderdale at the height of spring break with hopes of surfing, relaxing, and losing himself in a woman, or two. Enter Nikolette, the college senior who needs an escape of her own and is staying in the guest house next door. The sparks fly but Nikolette isn’t ready for the demands that Abe puts forward.  It’s an interesting take on the s/m lifestyle, one I’ve not seen before. MJ Fields gives us a look at the very beginning of a dom/sub relationship, showing us how it begins over time. There’s very little of the lifestyle portrayed in the book since it’s about the events that bring the couple together, not the events that keep them together.  Both the hero and heroine have issues with relationships and all their issues play out during the story. I found the story quite plausible and enjoyable to read since it doesn’t sugar-coat those issues but hits them head on and provides answers.  Humor is a plus in the story. All the characters are entertaining in their own special way. My favorites were the Steel brothers and their partners. It’s a very entertaining and sexy book about two young people who come to terms with their wants and needs. I highly recommend it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MJ Fields has done it again, and even better with this first installment to the Ties of Steel series, a spin off from the Best Selling Men of Steel series. Abe is sexy and temperamental and he has no idea what he is in for. Nikki falls hard and as much as she wants to avoid Abe, serendipity is on their side. This is a must read from beginning to end. Hot, funny, sexy and simply awesome. 
Anonymous 13 days ago
Good book
Anonymous 19 days ago
First time reading this author. Story was interesting. She was a 3, he was a 4. So the story was a 3.5. Will try one more by this author to see if more are bought.
Anonymous 25 days ago
209 pages
Anonymous 30 days ago
Enjoyable and interesting .
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
Five stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a great read. It is a well written fun story to read. Loving this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A man who tells you when to bathe, eat and go home isnt hot. Sorry, but I do not see the appeal in this at all....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CMM77 More than 1 year ago
I think this one was my favorite in the series! Can't wait for more!
Book_worms77 More than 1 year ago
This is book one in he Ties of Steel Series, but it is a spin off from The Men of Steel series. I gave this book 5 stars.  This is Abe and Nikolette's story (Nikki, Four, Ms. Bassett) Right from the start I loved this man, he has so many levels to him, he knows what he wants out of life and he doesn't take no for an answer. That is until he meets his match, Nikki. She is a little spit fire and she explodes into his life. Leaving him to shake his head and wonder what he will ever do with her or without her.  These two together are hilarious and magical. I laughed so hard in one sentence and in the next was swooning from the damn heat coming off of my kindle. I couldn't put this book down and gobbled it up in one day!  Thank you for this amazing series MJ I love it and cannot wait to see what you have coming up next for us.  I am a huge fan of yours and you never disappoint!! 
LoriC5 More than 1 year ago
This was an enjoyable read. I wasn’t glued to the pages, but it was interesting and steamy! It’s is always fun to revisit the other characters from the Steel Series, but Abe and Nikki were a fun addition to the group. Abe is a yummy alpha male with a big cuddly heart, but he demands COMPLETE control in the bedroom. Due to his position as CEO of such a high profile company, he sticks mostly to hired companions. However, when he meets Nikki, he knows almost immediately that she will change his life.  Nikki is a little jaded from being cheated on and Abe’s intensity scares her and she takes off in the night. When they are brought together again by circumstance, she decides she wants to take a chance on them.  It’s a rocky road, but they find a common rhythm. Along the way, Abe eases Nikki into learning and experiencing his preferences in the bedroom. Abe doesn’t cross the line into BDSM, but more like extreme control. They fall in love and it seems as though they might be able to walk off into the sunset.  The problem is that Nikki’s got some trouble following her and Abe is determined to keep her safe. Even if it means sending her away.  The relationship between Abe and Nikki is back and forth, almost but not quite causing some whiplash. However, they are both characters with great personalities and a sweet love story. They have humor, wit, and intelligence. Seeing as how baseball is my favorite sport, that element in the book added was fun for me! My biggest issue with this book was the epilogue. It’s not a cliffhanger, but it still left me hanging and a little confused. The story was completely buttoned up, but the last scene didn’t resolve. It seemed to end right in the middle, like watching a TV show and even though you’ve discovered who the killer is, you’re still left unsatisfied when the cable goes out for the last 5 minutes of the show.  Despite that, I really did enjoy this book and I look forward to reading the next in the series. As well as going back and catching up with any Steel brothers I missed!
lorijo42 More than 1 year ago
Really loving the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sorry, this just didn't work for me. The main characters were vapid and unconvincing - you don't need a guy like Abe in your life, trust me.
craftylady18801 More than 1 year ago
He should have Been a Steele Man he fit right in just loved all the books want moor plz.
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
5 stars This Abe and Nikki's story. If you read the Men Of Steel series listed below you have already meet Abe. Jase (Men Of Steel, #1) Jase & Carly (Men Of Steel, #1.5) Cyrus (Men Of Steel, #2) Zandor (Men Of Steel, #3) Xavier (Men Of Steel, #4) Forever Steel (Men of Steel, #4.5) Abe is an Alpha male who knows just what he wants and has no trouble going after it. He also loves to be in control. Enter Nikki (four) who has trouble trusting. Not sure she likes Abe always being in control. Can she trust Abe? Or will she run from him at every turn. MJ writes some steamy sex scenes!! She will have you laughing, crying, wanting to smack some of the characters and swooning all in the same chapters. This is a must read!!! You will NOT be disappointed. You will be pulled in from the first page and hooked until the very last page. Can't wait to see what MJ will release next!!! Highly recommend this book and this author!!
laura10LK More than 1 year ago
i feel in love with mj books since i read the men of steel series and she did it again with abe they just keep getting better every time and cant wait for more
badkat17us More than 1 year ago
I have not read the other Steel brothers books but I loved this one and I can’t wait to read the others. Abe decided to take a much needed vacation and got more than he was bargaining for. He wound up meeting a woman that he wanted for more than just night. He winds up falling in love. This book was fantastic. The woman he meets is named Nikki. When Abe wakes up after their fantastic night together and finds her gone he isn’t sure what to do or how he really feels about it. Then when he gets back to work sooner than expected the guys tease him a bit. They tell him that they need him to do this interview for them. He doesn’t want to but agrees to do it anyway. Boy is he surprised when the reporter shows up and it Nikki. He immediately tells he isn’t doing the interview and shows her out. Nikki isn’t taking no for an answer. She is going to get her story one way or another, even if she has to spy on him to get it. Let the fun begin. This book is a definite recommended read. Looking forward to reading more books in this spin off series as well the Brothers of Steel series. Nikki’s character is spunky and determined. Abe finds himself wanting to protect her and take of her. Feelings he hasn’t had before and isn’t sure he wants at first. This book was steamy, interesting and of course had a little danger. How else is the alpha male supposed to save his women if she isn’t in some kind of danger. The story was wonderfully written. Another fantastic book by MJ Fields. I was given this book in return for an honest review.
Donald361 More than 1 year ago
I knew I was going to LOVE this story but OMG I wish I had more Stars to Give ya... This book swept me away, I couldn't put it down.. Abe - Smoking Hot Alpha that looks hot as hell in the Surf, in a Suit, in his Jeans or rocking that Baseball uniform.. Nik "Four" is scared, confused and recovery from a cheating ex.. Abe rocks her world on vacation and she runs for the hills.. unsure how to handle his words and actions she has never felt this kind of passion before. Abe is hurt beyond measure when he wakes alone and finds her gone, only leaving a note - no names... a summer fling! Abe returns to the Jersey Shore to resume his life, upon his return a reporter meets him to do a story on Jersey's Most Eligible Bachelor and it's his Summer Fling "Nikolette" "Nikki " "Four"- she is in shock that its Abe and Abe is pissed off. He refuses her the interview.. OMG the story is amazing, I don't wants to give it away so y'all will just have to read it... MJ Fields... Love you.. Amazing read.. Please oh Please get me the next in the series ASAP... I'm in LOVE with these boys from the Jersey Shore..