The Abortion Controversy

The Abortion Controversy

by Emma Bernay, Lynette Knapp


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ISBN-13: 9780737732740
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing
Publication date: 06/08/2007
Series: Current Controversies Series
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 199
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 15 - 17 Years

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Table of Contents

Foreword     11
Introduction     14
Is Abortion Immoral?
Deciding Abortion: An Overview   Daniel Oliver     19
Yes: Abortion Is Immoral
Selective Abortion Is Immoral   Patricia E. Bauer     25
It Is Immoral to Treat Fetuses as Property   Carl Estabrook     29
No: Abortion Is Not Immoral
Abortion Cannot Be Regarded as Immoral   Richard C. Carrier     34
Religion Does Not Condemn Abortion$dFreedom from Religion Foundation     43
Should Abortion Rights Be Protected or Restricted?
Chapter Preface     51
Religious Groups Aim to Eliminate Women's Rights   Austin Cline     54
Legal Threats Aim to Undermine Abortion Rights   Karen O'Connor     58
Most Americans Favor Restrictions on Abortions$dU.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops     68
Abortion Is a Social Failure   Misty Mealey     78
Should Women Have Greater Access to Abortion?
Chapter Preface     83
Yes: Women Should Have Greater Access to Abortion
Women Need Greater Access to Abortion   Michelle Goldberg     85
Politicians Threaten Access to Abortions "Anonymous"     91
Late-Term Abortions Should Not Be Banned   Jason Abaluck     99
No: Women ShouldNot Have Greater Access to Abortion
We Should Strive to Reduce the Number of Abortions   Jessica Arons   Shira Saperstein     106
Birth Control Methods Are Another Form of Abortion That Needs to Be Eliminated Life and Liberty Ministries     110
Partial-Birth Abortions Should Be Banned   Rich Deem     115
Should Protesters Target Abortion Clinics and Providers?
Chapter Preface     119
Yes: Protesters Should Target Abortion Clinics and Providers
The Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Protestors   Michelle Chen     121
Killing Abortion Providers Is Justifiable Homicide   Chuck Spingola     126
No: Protesters Should Not Target Abortion Clinics and Providers
Protesters Harass Patients and Invade Their Privacy$dCentre for Reproductive Rights     132
Abortion Providers Should Not Have to Work with Fear, Threats, and Violence   Sarah Todd     136
Should Aborted Fetuses Be Used for Medical Research?
Chapter Preface     145
Yes: Aborted Fetuses Should Be Used for Medical Research
Stem Cell Research Plays a Critical Role in Medicine   Julie Hutto     147
Therapeutic Cloning Is Not a Form of Abortion   Dena S. Davis     154
No: Aborted Fetuses Should Not Be Used for Medical Research
Fetal Research Devalues Human Dignity   Thomas A. Shannon      159
New Scientific Breakthroughs Make Fetal Research Obsolete   Kathryn Jean Lopez   Robert P. George     170
Organizations to Contact     177
Bibliography     184
Index     190

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