Abortion: Teen Rights and Freedoms Series

Abortion: Teen Rights and Freedoms Series

by Noel Merino

Hardcover(Library Binding)

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This timely series examines a broad range of perceived or actual legal rights and freedoms that impact the lives of American teens; many volumes cover how the Bill of Rights are interpreted and protected with regard to minors.; This book explores real or perceived teen rights related to abortion, including the federal decriminalization of abortion and state laws concerning abortion, parental consent and involvement laws for minors seeking abortion, and public and personal opinio; This timely new series from Greenhaven Press examines a broad range of perceived or actual legal rights and freedoms that impact the lives of American teens. Many of the volumes cover rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights and how these rights are int

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ISBN-13: 9780737763973
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing
Publication date: 01/25/2013
Series: Teen Rights and Freedoms Series
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 15 - 17 Years

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Table of Contents

Foreword 5

Introduction 7

Chapter 1 Is Abortion Immoral?

1 Abortion Is Unjustified Homicide Matthew Flannagan 12

2 Abortion Does Not Have the Moral Status of Murder William Saletan 18

3 Abortion Violates the Right to Life of the Unborn Baby Frank Pavone 23

4 Prohibition on Abortion Violates the Human Rights of Women Karen Espindola 29

5 Abortion Is Wrong Because Human Life Begins at Conception Colleen Carroll Campbell 35

6 The Existence of Human Life Is Irrelevant to the Moral Issue of Abortion Garry Wills 41

Chapter 2 Should Abortion Be Legally Restricted?

1 Roe v. Wade Should Be Overturned Ken Blackivell 47

2 Roe v. Wade Should Not Be Overturned Center for Reproductive Rights 52

3 There Should Be Some Restrictions on Abortion Ross Douthat 58

4 Restrictions Do Not Significantly Reduce Abortions and Have Harmful Consequences Janet Pearson 64

5 Abortion Should Be Completely Restricted Without Exceptions Leslie Tignor 70

6 Parental Involvement Laws Should Be Required for a Minor s Abortion Maggie Datiles 75

7 Parental Involvement Laws Should Not Be Required for a Minor's Abortion NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation 82

Chapter 3 Does Legal Abortion Benefit or Harm Society?

1 Roe v. Wade Has Advanced Women's Equality Deborah Jacobs 90

2 Roe v. Wade Has Not Resulted in Progress Janice Shaw Crouse 95

3 Legal Abortion Saves Women's Lives NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation 101

4 Legal Abortion Has Not Saved Women's Lives Human Life Lnternational 106

5 Legal Abortion Results in a Culture of Death George Neumayr 112

6 Opponents of Abortion Are Creating a Culture of Terror Melissa Harris-Perry 117

Facts About Abortion 123

Organizations to Contact 126

For Further Reading 132

Index 137

Picture Credits 143

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