About Creation: Who We Are

About Creation: Who We Are

by Bob Demyanovich


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The panorama of human thought is fed by the fruits of history and engorged with multitudes of populations unprecedented in any known era of our world until this day. Behaviors, customs and societies are now eclipsed in the wash of the communication juggernaut. The real new world order beset preoccupied cultures ahead of much thought for transitional preparations. The information torrent is a riot of ideas that agitate against peace to test beliefs that sustained the former manner of relations. The question of human being is now reinvigorated to address the onslaught of change. Who are we?

Was early human thought sufficient to create a story that manipulates even today? Was it only a mere slice of people throughout history that were much more intelligent than most of humanity? Were brute humans evolving, thinking, attaining society and culture through accretion to become who we are now or was profound ancient thought revealed by archeological evidences the actual condition? Has there been an ebb and tide of knowledge and society? Are theories of ancient humans accurately conceived apart from present day expectations or as constrained to fit an evolutionary model? Are we more aware today or merely deluded? So much irony in the reality of our being taunts conclusions of how we are who we are.

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ISBN-13: 9780615584188
Publisher: Bob Demyanovich
Publication date: 12/30/2011
Pages: 248
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