About Edwin Drood

About Edwin Drood

by Henry Jackson


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Originally published in 1911, this book contains an assessment of the remaining fragments of Dickens' unfinished novel Edwin Drood. Dickens scholar Henry Jackson does not attempt to reconstruct the story's plot, but brings out certain details overlooked by other experts of his day, including clues contained in the book's unpublished cover. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in Dickens' final work.

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ISBN-13: 9781107458871
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 01/29/2015
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.28(d)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction; 2. The chronology of the extant fragment; 3. Jasper's machinations against Edwin Drood: chapters i-xiv; 4. Jasper's machinations against Neville Landless: chapters xv-xvii and xxiii; 5. Datchery: chapters xviii and xxiii; 6. The cover; 7. The opium-woman; 8. Did Drood escape; 9. The manuscript; 10. Conclusion.

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