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About That Fling

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About That Fling by Tawna Fenske, Kelly Mizell

As the top PR person for the Belmont Health System, bright, beautiful Jenna McArthur knows how to spin bad news and make it sound good. But when her adorable Aunt Gertie—a secret romance writer—urges Jenna to embrace her wild side, Jenna tumbles into bed with Adam Thomas, a guy she’s just met, for a fun and fantastic one-night stand. Too bad Adam is the one guy who’s totally off-limits. There aren’t enough clever words in the world to spin the story in a way that won’t wreck Jenna’s closest friendship or destroy her job.

With the irresistible Adam always around her at work, wearing an aura of temptation like a fabulous cologne, Jenna has to hold tight to her senses to avoid falling for him. Will he take her to the heights of pleasure again—or will their attraction destroy everything she’s worked for?

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ISBN-13: 9781491590447
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication date: 09/01/2015
Edition description: Unabridged
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 5.50(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Tawna Fenske is a romantic-comedy author who writes humorous fiction, risqué romance, and heartwarming love stories with quirky twists. Her offbeat brand of romance has been praised by Booklist as “a tame Carl Hiaasen on Cupid juice,” and her debut novel, Making Waves, was a nominee for RT Book Reviews’ contemporary romance of the year. She is a fourth-generation Oregonian who can peel a banana with her toes and loses an average of twenty pairs of eyeglasses per year. She lives in Bend, Oregon, with her husband, her stepkids, and a menagerie of ill-behaved pets.

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About That Fling 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Kimmiepoppins More than 1 year ago
Another fabulous Tawna Fenske novel! This one really stuck with me because it highlighted how complicated our relationships can be--even when we are trying really hard to do the right thing. It also showed the advantages of being willing to grow and change, not only for the people we care about, but for ourselves. Learning how to communicate can change everything. And of course, all this happens with a heaping side of humor, sweet and steamy romance and a gorgeous cover.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This is definitely one of the more complex romances I've read, in terms of the relationship dynamics between the hero and heroine. In a nutshell, Jenna is best friends with Mia, who has been divorced from her previous husband and is married again and 8 months pregnant. When Jenna has a one night stand with a handsome stranger, she never imagines that not only is he the mediator hired by her hospital to negotiate a labour dispute, he's also Mia's ex-husband, the one she's heard all about. The man she knows doesn't fit the description she's always heard. In fact, he seems quite the opposite. Not only that, but her Aunt Gertie has a secret career as an erotica writer, knowledge of which Jenna believes could impact her job. It's only a matter of time before all the strings start to tangle up and Jenna has to make some choices about how much she's willing to risk for love. I really enjoyed this. It's a sensual love story, the scenes between Adam and Jenna being not overly explicit but still detailed enough to take this a bit beyond the sweet category. And oh my, the complications! As each little detail of past relationships is revealed, it almost leaves your head spinning, and it's no wonder that Jenna starts to feel to torn about what the right action is, versus what she is starting to feel for Adam. There was a fair amount of bittersweet in the story, the reality of failed marriages, step-children relationships, hurt feelings and guilt all coming into play. Yet there are many light hearted and humorous moments too. It makes for a very realistic romance, the characters being flawed but always trying to do their best in difficult situations. They might not have always made the right choices, but they are willing to own up to their mistakes. From beginning to end I found it highly entertaining and really hard to put down. There was tension from one chapter to the next as revelations are made, but still an overall sweet and lovely story with a really heartwarming ending. 4.5 stars.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
I tend to avoid the longer novels because I get bored very easily, which results in fast-forwarding through the chapters and missing key elements of the story. So when I was given the opportunity to read About That Fling, a 300-page book from author Tawna Fenske, I was a little hesitant. Almost immediately my reluctance was soon forgotten, due to the engaging plot, creative characters, and some truly hysterical moments. The colorful and cheery cover is what piqued my interest in the first place. This contemporary romance is about hospital executive Jenna McArthur, and Adam Thomas, an attorney, mediator and counselor. Jenna's best friend Mia works at the hospital as well, in addition to being Adam's ex-wife. Adam has been hired by the hospital to calm everyone down and prevent a nurses strike. However, before all of this information is out in the open, Jenna and Adam share an amazing night together, which ends up evolving into much more. In a nutshell, the secrets Jenna is harboring have the power to upset the people that she loves, however, once the truths are unveiled, she is pleasantly surprised at the outcome. This is a well-written book with some dramatic twists and turns that kept me engaged from start to finish. To begin with, Jenna's Aunt Gertie is a real hoot. She is a smart and hip 78-year-old woman that has found recent success as an author of erotica. Secondly, the witty and fun banter between Adam and Jenna, as well as Mia and Jenna, left me smiling from ear to ear. Lastly, I loved the positive energy that is continuously flowing throughout. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
3 - "Discretion is my middle name." Stars! I have read a few of Tawna Fenske's books now, and one thing you can always be ensured of is that you are going be be entertained. About That Fling was definitely entertaining, but it didn't quite grab me as much as the previous books I have read by this author have. I didn't dislike the story, far from it. But whereas it started at a great pace, there are large swathes of it where it almost slows down to a complete stop. The premise for this one is really good and is ultimately what piqued my interest, how can you not be intrigued by a relationship starting between two people who seemingly have nothing to connect them, to then find out that pretty much everything between them is completely interconnected, with both their work and private lives. As you would expect it caused a few uncomfortable and comical moments for them as a pair, and as individuals, and I really enjoyed getting in both Adam and Jenna's heads as each situation and scenarios played out. "You've only heard Mia's side of the story." So how do you deal with the fact that you are falling for your best friends ex husband... How do you work through the difficulties of pursuing a woman that you are working with in a mediatory capacity... These are things the author took and explored extremely well and in a pretty entertaining fashion. I just think the pacing of the book was a little on the slow side, and some of its content definitely could have been reduced in length to keep things moving along at a more steadier pace. ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Jenna MacArthur, by nature is a fairly conservative person, and as the public relations person for a hospital that suffered a recent scandal that is a good thing. The hospital is undergoing problems negotiating with their unions, and they have called in the help of Adam Thomas, a former lawyer and professional negotiator. They hook up before either knows the other works/will work together. The next day Adam and Jenna are introduced to each other as members of the negotiating committee. In addition, Adam's ex-wife works for the hospital and is best friends with Jenna. While they are very attracted to each other, but many factors keep them apart. Will they find a happily ever after, or just be friends? I loved how Ms. Fenske created a realistic, complicated romance with a outstanding supporting character in great aunt Gertie, who is paying her medical bills by writing erotica. I was given a free copy for an honest review by netgalley.com