About Women: Poems of Wonderment and Discovery & Perhaps Surprises and Confusion

About Women: Poems of Wonderment and Discovery & Perhaps Surprises and Confusion

by Dennis Herrell


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ISBN-13: 9781634913652
Publisher: BookLocker.com Inc
Publication date: 05/01/2016
Pages: 156
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Liking Women

I like the thousand ways that women are different
from men and other creatures.
Their clear eyes, innocent but knowing,
making incisions through surfaces,
eyes that have resisted mom and dad, boss and priest,
cop and banker, mechanic and landlord.

I admire how they walk faster than I can jog,
stare at me with hands on hips,
the way they know which colors match
and even know what the different colors are,
how they know they can be late
and be forgiven for that grievous lapse.

I can live with their strange
attachments for bathrooms and purses,
thank you notes and phone calls without goals,
for going shopping without buying,
with misplacing keys more times than I do,
and sometimes also losing me.

I even like the way they talk about us men
being the primates of the species,
better suited for life within caves,
our fixations about sex and remote controls
and putting sports above commitments -
so sure are women about their place in evolution.

A Public Acknowledgment

she is one of the small centers of creation
wet nurse for the world and its young
band aid for the weeping sick
sorceress of healing knowledge
chef for the hungry and lazy
janitor for countless living houses
manager of daily events
director of official secrets
commander of the flow of communication
but we will just call her the everyday woman


She is earth
bosom and womb
fecund within her warmth

He is moon
cold and distant
waiting to rise in her east


If you ever loved a woman,
it would be as to love mother earth,
to be safely folded in a warm valley,
with a soft haze
and such elemental sweet smell.

So much to belong to,
sleeping there by your body,
quiet breath in your ear,
somehow a strand of hair across your cheek,
and the perfect curve of nature

Table of Contents

A Note from the Author
Liking Women
Observations by a mere male
Interactions and Relationships

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