Above the Field of Play: A Developmental Approach to the Psychology of Sports and Peak Performance

Above the Field of Play: A Developmental Approach to the Psychology of Sports and Peak Performance

by John C Panepinto PsyD


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Above the Field of Play delivers the psychological essentials to complement the physical skills and strategies of your sport on the path to competitive excellence. The workbook offers a developmental approach to the psychology of sports, providing a dependable foundation for the changes required at each stage to unlock peak performance. You will discover a framework of the most important psychological concepts to structure your path to improvement.

More and more studies point to the leverage that psychological principles provide for success and well-being. Above the Field of Play draws from the growing literature on development, motivation, positive psychology, neuroscience (and more), delivered in a concise and practical format.

While most coaching and training focuses on doing something different and better, Above the Field of Play goes straight to the source, providing the information, processes, and tools to be someone different and better. This book is a must-have for the athlete who is serious about getting the greatest leverage out of the most important element of actualizing potential: the mind.

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Publication date: 07/30/2018
Pages: 184
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About the Author

Dr. Panepinto has helped athletes optimize performance for over two decades. A certified tennis professional and coach, he specializes in sports psychology and counseling, working with competitors up to elite levels. His has written for Tennis Pro, and his articles on psychology and development have been published in psychology journals.

Table of Contents

Above the Field of Play

Assessing the Gap

Part One - Inside-Out, Bottom-to-Top


1 - Motivation

2 - Goals

3 - Habits

4 - Confidence

5 - Two Sides of Experience: Competitive IQ and EQ

6 - EQ and Managing Self

7 - A Growth Mindset

8 - Control

9 - Performance States

10 - Self-talk

11 - Attention

Part Two - Putting it All Together


Tools and Key Processes





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