Abraham: The World's First Psychopath

Abraham: The World's First Psychopath

by Adam Weishaupt

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If you consider it impossible that the True God of moral perfection would ever order a father to make a human sacrifice of his innocent son for no reason other than to demonstrate absolute, mindless obedience, then the God of Abraham cannot be God. So who is he? The ancient Gnostics had the obvious answer - he's Satan. Doesn't that immediately explain the horrific history of the Abrahamic religions and their grotesque propensity for violence and terrorism? Abrahamism is a terrorist religion, led by a terrorist God who demands unwavering obedience even when it contradicts morality. The Jews, Christians and Muslims who trace their common ancestry to Abraham are thus revealed as evil Devil worshippers.

This book provides a theological and philosophical dissection of the tale of Abraham from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim perspectives. It reveals Abraham as one of the most evil men in history and unquestionably the world's first psychopath. Like the Nazis, he placed obedience to a tyrannical monster above human life, even that of his own son.

In the Islamic telling of the tale, "Satan" three times pleads for Ishmael's life, and Abraham violently drives him away by pelting him with stones. When "God" orders the murder of the innocent and "Satan" begs for the innocent to be saved, which is truly "God"? Abrahamism is the logical inversion of good and evil. It has elevated Satan to the throne of God.

Do not read this book if you are a closed-minded Abrahamist or a conspiracy theorist. This material is not for petty, cheap, narrow-minded religious fanatics and those who believe in Reptilians. It is provided by the Pythagorean Illuminati, the oldest secret society on earth. The Illuminati subscribe to the Gnostic religion of Illumination.

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About the Author

Adam Weishaupt is the pseudonym of a senior member of the Pythagorean Illuminati.

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