Absolute Java: Covers Java 5.0 / Edition 2

Absolute Java: Covers Java 5.0 / Edition 2

by Walter Savitch
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Addison Wesley

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Absolute Java: Covers Java 5.0 / Edition 2

With the second edition of Absolute Java, best-selling author Walt Savitch offers a comprehensive introduction of the java programming language. This book gives programmers the tools to master the Java language. He takes full advantage of the new Java 5.0 features and incorporates the new Scanner class. There is comprehensive coverage of generic types, including how to define classes with type parameters, collection classes done as generic classes, and linked lists done with type parameters.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780321330246
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Publication date: 04/08/2005
Series: Savitch Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 1216
Product dimensions: 7.44(w) x 9.12(h) x 1.65(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Getting Started
Introduction to Java
Expressions and Assignment Statements
The Class String
Program Style
Chapter 2 Console Input and Output
Screen Output
Console Input Using the Scanner Class
Chapter 3 Flow of Control
Branching Mechanism
Boolean Expressions

Chapter 4 Defining Classes
Class Definitions
Information Hiding and Encapsulation

Chapter 5 Defining Classes II
Static Methods and Static Variables
References and Class Parameters
Using and Misusing References
Packages and javadoc

Chapter 6 Arrays
Introduction to Arrays
Arrays and References
Programming with Arrays
Multidimensional Arrays

Chapter 7 Inheritance
Inheritance Basics
Encapsulation and Inheritance
Programming with Inheritance

Chapter 8 Polymorphism and Abstract Classes
Abstract Classes

Chapter 9 Exception Handling
Exception Handling Basics
Throwing Exceptions in Methods
More Programming Techniques for Exception Handling

Chapter 10 File I/O
Introduction to File I/O
Text Files
The File Class
Binary Files
Random Access to Binary Files

Chapter 11 Recursion
Recursive void Methods
Recursive Methods that Return a Value
Thinking Recursively

Chapter 12 UML and Patterns

Chapter 13 Interfaces and Inner Classes
Simple Uses of InnerClasses
More About Inner Classes

Chapter 14 Generics and ArrayList Class
The ArrayList Class

Chapter 15 Linked Data Structures
Java Linked Lists
Copy Constructors and the clone Method
Variations on a Linked List

Chapter 16 Collections and Iterators

Chapter 17 Swing I
Event-Driven Programming
Buttons, Events, and Other Swing Basics
Containers and Layout Managers
Menus and Buttons
Text Fields and Text Areas

Chapter 18 Applets
A Brief Introduction to HTML
Programming Applets
Applets in HTML Documents

Chapter 19 Swing II
Window Listeners
Icons and Scroll Bars
The Graphics Class
Fonts and the drawString Method

Chapter 20 Java Never Ends
Java and Database Connections

Appendix 1 Keywords
Appendix 2 Precedence and Associativity Rules
Appendix 3 Unicode Character Set
Appendix 4 Format Specifications for printf
Appendix 5 Summary of Classes and Interfaces


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