Absolute Truth Exposed - Volume 1

Absolute Truth Exposed - Volume 1

by Kent R Rieske


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Absolute Truth Exposed - Volume 1 by Kent R Rieske

Absolute Truth Exposed - Volume 1 covers eight topics that are vitally important to everyone. Your life will be transformed in astonishing, almost miraculous ways if you study and apply the Absolute Truth Exposed in this book. Nearly everyone has or will have an autoimmune disease because the list of several dozen diseases seems endless. Doctors and their patients who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and other autoimmune diseases have observed the cycles between periods of activity called flares and periods of calm called remissions, but they have failed to discover the truth behind the cause of these diseases and the reason for the cycling. I have exposed the absolute truth about these diseases and presents dietary guidelines that will allow sufferers to achieve remission for longer periods of time and avoid many of the painful flares. You will come to realize that you and all of society have been brainwashed by false dietary guidelines given to us by professional nutritionists, or you may fall back into the pit of worldwide nutritional myths.
You may or may not believe the Big Bang Theory of the origin of the universe. This dilemma has been resolved. Absolute Truth Exposed - Volume 1 presents scientific facts to prove that Dr. Edwin Hubble's Redshift Light Theory is wrong. The claim is being made in this book that the redshift in the spectrum of light coming from distant galaxies is caused by a decrease in the speed of light, not by expansion of the distant galaxies accelerating away from Earth. The Rieske Spacetime Drag Coefficient for the Speed of Light proves beyond any possible doubt that Dr. Edwin Hubble's Redshift Light Theory is wrong and in doing so, destroys the Big Bang Theory as well. Astronomers and astrophysicists have made a major blunder by summarily accepting the error that the speed of light is a constant. Absolute Truth Exposed - Volume 1 scientifically proves that the speed of light decays as it travels through space, and the decay rate has been calculated.
I hope you have the courage and inspiration to look beyond and through the massive amount of false information that has been dumped on our society by companies, organizations, educators, and politicians with their diverse agendas. If you succeed, you will have Absolute Truth Exposed. I am certain you will find this book to be fascinating, shocking, and hopefully life changing. Many of your lifelong beliefs will be challenged. Enjoy, Kent R. Rieske, author.

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ISBN-13: 9780982848517
Publisher: Exalt Publishing
Publication date: 08/10/2010
Pages: 456
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.92(d)
Age Range: 15 Years

About the Author

I was born at home on a small farm in Provo, Utah, in 1939. I graduated from college in 1962 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and became a registered Professional Engineer in several states. My career included positions as Chief Mechanical Engineer and Director of Engineering. In 1985, I started a home-based consulting engineering firm, developed and marketed engineering software worldwide, and created a non-denominational Christian website based on dispensational theology. The website also includes a scientific approach to health and nutrition. My extensive 10-year scientific study of nutrition, health, medicine, and human physiology gave me a depth of knowledge rarely achieved even by those educated as professional nutritionists or earning more advanced Ph.D. degrees. Physicians are usually not good sources for nutritional advice because they receive very little nutritional training in medical school.

My research revealed the shocking truth that officially-promoted nutrition, as taught in universities and sponsored by government agencies, is nothing more than brainwashing with myths, distortions, and lies. The USDA Food Guide Pyramid has no connection with scientific facts.

Over a period of three years, I monitored an Internet message board that specialized in digestive ailments. Although the diet promoted on the message board provided some help for the sufferers, it was severely deficient. Three or four of the 1000 members recognized that numerous foods from the acceptable list were actually offensive, but the organizers of the message board quickly dismissed their reports. These three or four people restricted their diets enough to enjoy a reasonable remission from Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. The diet promoted by the board's founder was wrong, and the remaining 99.6% continued to suffer.

The proper diet required to prevent harsh autoimmune reactions is generally not recognized by gastroenterologists (physicians who specialize in digestive disorders) who continue to recommend dietary fiber that my research revealed to be the main culprit. The high-fiber diet makes patients' health worse -- not better. Hence, many gastroenterologists have given up recommending dietary changes to their patients and rely solely on drugs, which are intended to destroy the immune system rather than stop the offenders -- fiber and carbohydrates.

My research has also revealed that our society has been brainwashed with false information on nearly every topic of concern to our everyday lives. Discovering the truth is the connecting link between the title of this book and nutrition, health, medicine, science, and religion. Yes, a strong connection exists between brainwashing, religion, and diet in our society.

I placed my research information on a website that received 3,000 to 4,000 thousand visits per day, and I provided my email address to give the visitors a chance to share their personal experiences. This is directly opposite to the attitude of most physicians, who simply don't want any feedback from the patient. The feedback from the website was a perfect confirmation of the research information. Dietary fiber is a sinister invader of the colon, not the panacea of health promoted in other books, websites, universities, and government health departments. Fiber is a bad dude. Carbohydrates were found to be as bad an actor as fiber. There are no good carbohydrates as popularly claimed. Some carbohydrates are bad and the rest are dreadful. I will provide scientific proof to support my statements. I hope you have the courage to read and study Absolute Truth Exposed - Volume 1 in detail. The material has been condensed and summarized to give you a jump-start into good health. Many diseases can be reversed or placed into remission by adopting my recommendations for diet, supplements, and standard medical support. I strongly recommend that you seek medical care from a physician who truly understands the connection between diet and health. Simply reading this book won't bring health improvements. You must be proactive and make significant changes to your lifestyle.

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RebeccaPowers7911 More than 1 year ago
Having just finished the groundbreaking book Absolute Truth Exposed Volume 1 by Kent R. Rieske, I feel that the message therein needs to be explored by every adult in America. This Scientific Study and Research packed book serves as a guide to true human nutrition, diet and overall health and well being. These matters are of crucial importance as we seek solutions to not only America's current health crisis but the medical ailments of our immediate family members. This book gives you pause to question the way our food (supply) is not only processed but how it is marketed to our emotional or sentimental needs rather than our health needs. Between the brilliantly written 'Top Ten Nutritional Myths' and 'Top Twelve Historical Events' you will be challenged to re-think they way that you perceive food preparation, distribution and consumption and the state of our healthcare. Further, scientifically proven remedies have been provided for curing various digestive diseases, rampant in men and women of all ages now, and the steps for restoring our bodies Immune System protection. Absolute Truth Exposed Volume 1 also presents a concise explanation how the current train of thought on The Big Bang Theory and The Redshift Light Theory are incorrect and provides the scientific proof why, thud providing a better understanding of our planet's place in the universe. Over the last 60 years, we have been mislead into believing that food manufacturers, the food processing industry, pharmaceutical companies, marketing agencies and government appointed boards know what is best for our health and are working in our best interest. Absolute Truth Exposed Volume 1 by Kent R. Rieske, completely blows this naive way of thinking out of the water and helps to open our minds to the possibility that the media barrage we are bombarded with day in and day out might not be the truth...........in fact the Absolute Truth in all matters are presented here. I invite you to read this masterful work of scientific study at your earliest convenience. You may be surprised by the opportunity for improvements in your life.