Absolutely, Positively, Genuine, Real Fake News: A Jaunty Romp through the Deep State, Media-Industrial Complex and the Progressive Mind

Absolutely, Positively, Genuine, Real Fake News: A Jaunty Romp through the Deep State, Media-Industrial Complex and the Progressive Mind

by Sir Telsunn Margraves

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Fake News is actually a wonderful thing in that it allows for so many appealing possibilities to consider. All fake news needs to have is some element of truth in order for it to reverberate with viewers, readers or consumers of news through any source. For example, there is a James Comey, he is a former director of the FBI; there is a Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she is a current justice of the United States Supreme Court; both persons work out of Washington, DC; sexual harassment exists and used Hummers are sold via classified ads all the time. That seems pretty ordinary when considered as separate items, but when you combine them in a single news item you get “Former FBI Director Comey Accuses Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of Sexual Harassment!” See…simple, quick, easy, hard-to-prove and hard-to disprove and the prospect that it could be true makes the possibility even more fascinating. Another item of keen interest in “Absolutely…Positively…Genuine…Real Fake News” is the presser held when the Clooney’s and their family came back to the US. They were here to announce the opening of the “George and Amal Clooney Beverly Hills Muslim Outreach Center.” The author uses this opportunity to write about his ruminations so that the reader may consider his experiences as their view into a world reserved for the privileged few. Another favorite APGR Fake News feature is when “Chelsea Handler Launches the “I Hate Trump Fan Club” and a stellar event it was. The Club’s Advisory Board is comprised of so many women who have so little regard for the President that it makes for an excellent example into what Americans call a study in cohesive and collective thought. There are so many possibilities in fake newsworthy events that the mind boggles. You need not go any further than when “North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Weds actress Madeleine LeBeau” or HBO’s John Oliver as he taped his soon-to-be-released documentary “The Snowflake Lounge”, or Bill Nye “The Science Guy Blames Man-made Global Warming for Drastic Drop of UFO Sightings” plus more than 36 articles, interviews, blog posts, features all written to titillate, illuminate and fascinate the reader. It all culminates in the First Annual “Fake News Awards” where honors are bestowed on the men and women who make fake news what it is! “Absolutely, Positively, Genuine, Real Fake News” is written as a tribute to America; a marvel to the fact that even when the media reports fake news they do it in a truly magnificent way. The mainstream of news networks, entertainment venues, online blogs, prestigious newspapers and other media have turned a beautifully blind eye toward the curiosity for truth that had been their hallmark. Now it seems that a uniformity of common purpose guides so much of what is thought, written, reported and accepted by the fifth estate. Whether there is a story about “The Trump Limbaugh Barbeque” or destroyed emails or some Russian collusion, real or imagined, sourced or unsourced, founded or unfounded, that does not deter the ever powerful cannons of the Mainstream Media from using the American news consumers as fodder…truly magnificent!

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ISBN-13: 9780692199954
Publisher: Harbour Point Publishing
Publication date: 11/01/2018
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About the Author

When one hears the name Telsunn Margraves one conjures up the image of an eminently successful, world class thinker and authority. The Margraves Family Royal Lineage goes back for centuries in Brandenburg. The Margraves family however settled in Great Britain in the 14th century AD and Telsunn proudly carries on the grand ancestral tradition. He attended Britain's most prestigious public school, The Wellington Marlborough Academy for Advancement and, upon graduation, was offered a full scholarship to Harvard University. Telsunn Margraves graduated from Harvard in six months was named a Rhodes Scholar attending Oxford. He received the following doctorates in his first year of study; Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Civil Law, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Letters, Doctor of Science, and Doctor of Music. He continued attending Oxford for another year just for the fun of it. Sir Telsunn Margraves then moved across the pond to the colonies in 1994 where he took up residence in New York City. Sir Telsunn Margraves has met with the world's leading politicians, stars of stage, screen as well as celebrated figures and personalities from all walks of life. Sir Telsunn observes and recounts various states of affairs and writes them down for posterity. To this end he has taken "...pen to paper to create Real Fake News the Book for discerning peoples of the world!" Telsunn likes to tell anyone who will listen, "People are funny." This is the mantra that gave way to Telsunn Margraves developing his enormously popular and oft visited political blog which features absolutely...positively...genuine...real fake news of the moment or the near moment in 'Breaking News' at www.realfakenewsthebook.com. In 2010 in recognition of his achievements, Telsunn Margraves was awarded Knighthood in "the Order of the Companions of Honour." Sir Telsunn Margraves, CH, DBE, FBA, FMedSci, continually nurtures his other passions including engineering, collecting Hummel, sports car racing and commercial kitchen food preparation and was named the world's most eligible bachelor by "Architectural Digest", "Home Shopping Network", "Car and Driver" and "Food Industry News."
Michael Medico was born in New York City where he attended Power Memorial Academy. After graduation Michael joined the U.S. Navy and served stateside during the Vietnam War. After being honorably discharged from the service, he attended Pace University and graduated with a degree in marketing and advertising. Michael founded an advertising agency and served as CEO for 35 years. He has written the suspense/thriller trilogy, The Sainted published by Brick Tower Press and Ibooks can be seen at www.thesaintednovel.com. He has also written numerous articles published in trade journals and has been a featured participant on many panels discussion and advertising industry workshops. As amanuensis to Sir Telsunn Margraves, Michael Medico faithfully transcribes the texts as dictated and presents it to the reader as "Absolutely...Positively...Genuine...Real Fake News!"

Table of Contents

• Introduction • Samantha Bee Interviews the Clinton’s • George and Amal Clooney Open the Beverly Hills Muslim Outreach Center • Former FBI Director Comey Accuses Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of Sexual Harassment • The Trump – Limbaugh Barbeque • Kim Jong Un and Actress Madeleine LeBeau Wed • Chelsea Handler Launches the “I Hate Trump Fan Club” • The Snowflake Lounge • Senator Elizabeth Warren to be First Guest on Mister Roger’s Neighborhood Reboot • The Science Guy Blames Man-made global warming for Drastic Drop of UFO Sightings • Chrissy Teigen’s Moment to Shine • ISIS Terrorist Checks into Seattle Clinic • Transgender to Form Their Own Military • Democrats Gives America “A Better Deal” • Stephen Colbert Files Suit to Prevent Church from Using Town Park For Bake Sale • Russian Meddling in Presidential Election Proven • Acosta and Tapper of CNN Become Engaged! • Shadow Government, Ready to Overthrow President Trump, Found in Obama’s Basement • The New EU Campaign “Wear a Burka to Worka!” • You May be White but You Ain’t Right • Massive Google Controversy “Tampons in Men’s Rooms” • Liberal Groups Seek to Ban Items They Deem as “Unsafe, Unhealthy, Unnecessary, Unconscionable, Unneeded and Uninformed” • Colin Kaepernick Signs with NFL • New Poll! Trump Approval Drops to 3%! • Nancy Pelosi's Clarifies Her Father’s Dedication of a Confederate Monument • Ana Navarro of CNN calls Trump a ‘Shameful Nincompoop’ and ‘Unfit to Be Human’ • Snowflake Students Condemn Bananas and their Peels at Ole Miss • Brave Political Reporters on Cable News in Eye of the Storms • Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Welcoming Immigrants • Startling Comparisons: President Trump VS Various Diseases • Rob Reiner Forms Task Force to Investigate Trump/Russia Collusion • Lawrence O’Donnell Confesses - “I May Have Tourette’s Syndrome” • Robert Mueller adds Members to his team Investigating the President • The Obama Legacy…It’s All In How You Look At It • North West Gives New Direction to America? • The First Annual APGR Fake News Awards • The Author • Acknowledgements

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