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Absolutely Stuffed!

Absolutely Stuffed!

by Natalie Deschain


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STUFFED! The Complete Series, together in one place!

One lonely night, Stephanie gets dumped and makes a wish, and her collection of plush toys springs to life to make her dreams come true... but it doesn't stop there. Every stuffed toy she encounters springs to life, and they're all looking for some fun with her! Everywhere she goes, our heroine finds armies of plush toys ready to fulfill her every need. This collection is packed full. Grab it now, if you think you can handle it!

Stuffed! Taken by the Toys

Dumped, by text no less, on Christmas Eve! Stephanie wanders home and flops into bed. Suddenly, her collection of stuffed toys springs to life...

Stuffed! Taken by the Toys II: Bunny Bang

Waking early one morning, Stephanie discovers a pastel egg on her kitchen table. She searches her home only to discover a plushie intruder with a basket full of eggs, and four of his friends...

Stuffed! Taken by the Toys III: Pool Party

Time for a swim! Little does she know that the inflatable toys sharing the pool with her can't resist her charms...

Stuffed! Taken by the Toys IV

This time, she's taken a new job at the toy store. What she failed to mention on her job application is that wherever she goes, stuffed toys miraculously spring to life...

Stuffed! Taken by the Toys V

This time our heroine is working a dull, boring job at a toy store, and nearly quits when her manager tells her about the Christmas in July sale. Not only does she have to wear a ridiculous elf outfit, there's a new shipment of toys ready to unload...

Stuffed! Taken by the Toys VI

Our heroine has a new job- the local baseball team's mascot! Well, co-mascot. It's not much. All she has to do is parade around in a skimpy costume. Her new boss promises the original mascot will be a perfect gentleman, after all.

Stuffed! Taken by the Toys VII

Having returned to her job at the toy store, she's been invited to the annual employee halloween party... when a newly delivered truckload of stuffed toys bursts to life, tears out of their packaging and joins the fun!

Stuffed! Taken by the Toys VIII

It's that time of year. Turkeys, shopping, absurd amounts of food... and a good Stuffing!

Stuffed! Taken by the Toys IX

Every year, the Queen of Toys must lay with her subjects so new toys can come to be, and Stephanie has been chosen! Now that she's been transformed into a plush toy, she can take pleasures no human body can handle.

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ISBN-13: 9781500703776
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/06/2014
Pages: 206
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)

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