Abuse is not Gods Plan: The Code of Silence

Abuse is not Gods Plan: The Code of Silence

by Dr. Ollie B Fobbs Jr.


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ISBN-13: 9781539931782
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/04/2016
Pages: 112
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About the Author

My father was an Elder in the Church, but for many years I was scared to absolute death of him, he drank really bad, and he wasn't a good drunk, the whole family ran away from home one time trying to get away from him, but by the end of the summer we were all back in Richmond with him, he gave up drinking for a minute, then a short time later he was right back at it again. My mom finally divorced him, then he gave up drinking, got baptized, became a Deacon, then a minister, then an Elder, these were the cherished years, the years that I wish I could hold onto, but in 2007 right before I met my wife to be, he died and at that point I realized that I would miss the relationship that we were building, and that hurt tremendously.
Most of my life was spent in Richmond Virginia, we moved there in 1966 and I finally moved away in 2007, but in that time period, I had to deal with being raped, being bullied by my friends, class mates, brothers, co-workers, and the list goes on, trying to avoid one thing led to having to deal with another thing, it seemed like life was a spiders web and I was a fly or bug caught in the web and couldn't get free, maybe that's why I hate spider webs even to this day. Until I met my present wife, I had never had a good power filled relationship with a girl or woman, every relationship always turned into a situation and I would always back out of it, after many attempts to change that status in my life, the Lord sent me to Mount Oliver Church to get that mess pushed down and out of my life, through the help of Bishop Husband and his brother, they and a few others help God pull all of the running spirit out of me and changed my status from runner to standing for God, which makes a big difference, while I was there I didn't realize what was going on but once I got to North Carolina, it was then that I realized what had happened, so as Joseph said to his brothers "that which you did to me, it wasn't you that did it, but it was God, the Lord did this to direct my path and ways to get me to this point" (paraphrased mine).
I am the founder of the Praise and Worship International Missions Center, which for right now is located in our home, but we soon hope to have our new ministry home so that we can move ahead and begin to reach out to people God's way.
As stated, I am Married to LaVonia Fobbs, we at this point have been married nine and a half years. All of my family lives in Richmond Virginia, where I grew up. My goal is to bless others.

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