Abuse Recovery: Break The Chain - Escape Your Pain

Abuse Recovery: Break The Chain - Escape Your Pain


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ISBN-13: 9780957565012
Publisher: Builder Publishing
Publication date: 03/05/2016
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.60(d)

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My Story
Growing up in rural Ireland in a benign compassionate community I had no concept of the horrors and pain that abuse can leave to those who are unfortunate to experience it.
I was told the story of how my father was abused by his teacher and he got so traumatized when he was about nine years old that he could not learn and was told (by the teacher) "Go home and pick potatoes - that's all you will ever be good for"
He was beaten with a sapling out of the hedge - 15 to 20 mm thick and from 600mm to 900mm long and it was legal back then.
My father had a brilliant brain for "mechanics" and was taught all the basics of how an engine (internal combustion) operated in one night! A master mechanic was home on holidays from America and visited with my father. From that night onwards my father serviced his own vehicles and rebuilt the engines.
I have been voluntarily coaching the Homeless in a local Shelter for over seven years and perhaps it was the memory of this story that helped to heighten my reaction when I listened to my Homeless clients stories of their abuse.
My own childhood was idyllic and loving, so much so that I was unprepared for the harshness that life can throw at you.
I have endured at least one employer who through his own lack of confidence was a rampant bully and through exercising the concepts within this book I came through that experience unscathed.
Because of my naivety and trustfulness I have been exploited and again I have refused to let the episode damage my life. I have learned how to deal with treachery and betrayal and survive and I share my beliefs and strategies in this book.
(John McManus)

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