Accepting the Alpha

Accepting the Alpha

by JJ Black

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Can an Alpha wolf convince his straight mate to give love a chance, before an unexpected enemy tries to rob them of all they hold dear...even their own lives?

Eli Steele is a wolf without a pack. An invitation from his best friend, brings him to Grand Rapids, and a meeting with the local Alpha changes Eli's life in ways he ever expected.

Kellan Reeves, Alpha of the Grand Rapids Pack, had lost hope of ever finding his mate until Eli came to him, looking for a pack. Realising Eli is his mate, he feels things couldn't be more perfect...discounting the angry pack Eli left behind. There's also the insignificant fact that Eli's not gay. It's nothing an Alpha wolf can't handle.

While Eli struggles to understand his feelings for Kellan, an unexpected call for help has everyone on edge. As enemies move in and a horrifying plot is revealed, Kellan and Eli fight back, not only for themselves, but for the fate of all shifters.

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ISBN-13: 9781781849446
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date: 02/14/2014
Series: Great Lakes Wolves
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 141
Sales rank: 253,699
File size: 333 KB

About the Author

"Born and raised in Western Michigan, JJ Black's love affair with books started young and has only grown with age. Always a fan of supernatural fiction and romance, JJ stumbled across the M/M genre and has never looked back. JJ loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at:"

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"I can't believe I let you talk me into this," Eli huffed, irritation clear in his voice.

"Oh, come on! You told me you wanted to meet the local Alpha and I wanted to go to a club. Kellan owns the club, so I see this as a win-win situation. It's like multitasking."

Eli stared at his friend in disbelief. "You brought me to a gay bar, asshole. In case you failed to notice, I'm straight. You honestly think this is the best place for me to approach the Alpha about joining his pack?"

"Are you kidding?" Jai scoffed. "I can't think of a better place than the club. The atmosphere here is way more relaxed than a formal meeting would be. Besides, you know as well as I do that it's always better to approach an Alpha when he's in a good mood." Jai leered, waggling his eyebrows. "Trust me. Kellan is always in a good mood here."

Eli glared at his best friend. "Don't you think the fact that I'm not gay is going to count against me in a place like this?"

Shaking his head, Jai gave him a look of disgust. "Not everyone in the club is gay, douche. Sephora is the official gathering place for the pack. Everyone comes here to hang out — gay, straight or bi. Besides," he added smugly, "I already told Kellan you would be here tonight. He's looking forward to meeting you." With a smirk on his face, Jai turned away, effectively dismissing Eli and his nervous rant, to check out the night's offerings. By the look on his face, he definitely liked what he saw.

Letting out a weary sigh, Eli leaned back in his seat, taking another look around the club. At a glance, it didn't look that much different than any other club he had been in back home. The main floor of the building looked more like a sports bar than a gay club. A long, oak bar took up one wall with large flat-screen TVs mounted down the wall above. Tall, round tables filled the central floor, while pool tables and dartboards had residence at the back of the room. Without the higher than average number of same-sex couples holding hands or snuggling in booths, it would have been difficult to single it out as a gay club.

The real action, however, could be found upstairs in the dance club portion of the bar, aptly nicknamed Temptation. In Temptation, clothing seemed to be optional, as showcased by the writhing masses of men and women pressed together in a seemingly endless display of sweat-slick skin and groping hands. Although complete nudity was not allowed, it seemed the patrons of the club liked to push the rule to the limit. Most of the inhabitants of the dance floor were showing more skin than they had covered, be the men or women. For as far as the eye could see, there was glistening skin pressed tight to glistening skin. Large male hands groping hard male flesh. Female lips laving and teasing the feminine curve of a neck. The occasional male-female couple could be found to round out the group, but they were most definitely in the minority.

As the music blared and the bass rumbled like thunder, the bodies on the floor gyrated together like limbs of a massive beast. Twisting, turning, wrapped together in intimate embrace. The air was thick with lust and made Eli aware of just how long it had been since he'd slaked his own. The aphrodisiac quality of it was not lost on him.

Taking in the sights, Eli was surprised when he found himself checking out just as many of the male pleasure seekers as female. He tried to dismiss it, convinced it was nothing more than casual appreciation. Just one man recognizing the good looks of another. So what if he focused a little too long on the rippled planes of a male abdomen or had the strangest desire to snag a small masculine nipple between his teeth before laving the sting away with his tongue? He wanted to chalk it up to a mere side effect of being immersed in this new environment, where sexuality was not just encouraged, but accentuated and put on display. He'd never experienced the kind of sexual freedom he observed within the walls of Temptation. Surrounded by such overt expressions of homosexuality, he tried to remind himself that this type of display couldn't possibly turn him on. However, as his pants started to become uncomfortably tight, he had a feeling that he wasn't being completely honest with himself. Unnerved by his unwanted arousal, Eli shivered, turning back to the bar and his beer. Taking a long pull from the bottle, he spared a glance over at Jai. His friend, ever on the prowl, was too busy taking in the buffet of naked flesh to notice.

Eli took advantage of Jai's moment of distraction to observe him objectively. Jai had always garnered a lot of attention, both male and female, when they went out. Despite having been friends since infancy, he realized he had never taken the time to see what all the fuss was about.

As teenagers, they had been nicknamed Day and Night, for their opposing looks. They were nearly identical in height and build, reaching around six foot three and just over two hundred pounds. That, however, was where the similarities ended. Jai embodied everything that was light, with his golden hair, sun-kissed skin and eyes the color of a cloudless summer day. With his hard, muscled body encased in dark denim and a collared shirt the color of his eyes, he resembled a golden god. Eli had to admit, he could definitely understand all the attention his friend was garnering at the club. The man practically glowed, drawing people in like moths to a flame.

Eli, on the other hand, personified all that was night. His hair was black, so dark that when the sun hit it just right there appeared to be blue highlights streaked throughout. He wore it short in the back and sides, leaving the front just long enough to tease the arch of his brows. His eyes were also blue but the blue-black of twilight. Dressed as he was in a pair of threadbare jeans, a tight, gray T-shirt and scuffed motorcycle boots, Jai and Eli really did look like opposite sides of the same coin.

A change in his friend's demeanor brought back his focus. Looking closely, Eli watched as his best friend's eyes lit up like Christmas morning. A grin spread across his face and he practically vibrated with happiness. Curious to see the cause of Jai's excitement, Eli followed the direction of his gaze toward the front entrance of the club.

Walking through the doorway was a group of some of the largest men Eli had ever seen in his life. Eli was far from small, but in comparison to these men, he seemed almost dainty. They were not just tall, but had thick, muscular bodies as well. With their wide shoulders and powerful frames, they were built like defensive linemen. As they walked, muscles bulged beneath tight T-shirts that looked as though they were moments away from complete disintegration from the strain. Their whole demeanor screamed — Back the fuck away!

Noticing Eli's perusal, the largest member of the group chose that moment to glance his way. Eli was shocked by the sheer size of the man. He had to be at least six and a half feet tall and close to three hundred pounds. His well-formed body was covered in finely honed sinew. The man was built like a brick shithouse. His hair was a rich, chocolate brown and long enough that it was pulled back into a ponytail at the base of his neck. His black dress shirt was untucked, with the sleeves pulled back to mid forearm, showcasing powerful arms and prominent veins that, for a moment, Eli had a nearly overwhelming urge to trace with his tongue. Power rolled off the big man in waves and crackled along Eli's skin, making his wolf perk up and take notice.

At a glance, he looked relaxed and ready for a night of drinking and dancing with friends, but on closer inspection, Eli could sense his alertness. The predator within was anything but idle. The dark Aviators he wore were probably meant to camouflage the way his eyes scanned the room for any possible threat, but Eli recognized the subtle shifts of his body and occasional tilt of his head as signs of his vigilance. The large man was ready to take action at a moment's notice. This was without a doubt the Alpha, Kellan Reeves. Although he couldn't see it, Eli could feel the heavy weight of the Alpha's stare. The man's gaze seemed to burn right into him. His body heated and a shiver worked its way through his frame.

A smirk formed on the man's lips, telling Eli that Alpha Reeves had noticed his inspection, as well as his reaction to him. Eli's cheeks flamed scarlet as embarrassment made his heart speed to a gallop in his chest. He tried to break eye contact with the larger man but felt frozen in place. The smile on the Alpha's face only grew larger as Eli's embarrassment grew. Eli watched as Alpha Reeves slowly ran his tongue over his lips, leaving behind an enticing sheen of moisture. He felt a familiar tightening in his balls, and his cock hardened to the point of pain. He bit back a moan as confusion warred with his unwanted arousal.

What the hell?

While Eli knew many shifters who were attracted to both sexes and had no issue switching between the two, he had never been even remotely attracted to another male, let alone got hard from just an appraising look from one. Something about this man, however, appealed to Eli on a level he had never experienced before. From his high cheekbones, strong muscled body and rugged good looks, Kellan Reeves had him nearly panting like a dog in heat.

Eli didn't want to examine his attraction too closely. He had enough on his plate without adding in an unexpected attraction to the local Alpha. Joining the pack had to be his number one priority. He had already gone too long as a lone wolf. Much longer and he could become a danger to himself or to others. Wolf shifters were not meant to be solitary creatures. The longer they were without a pack, the closer they came to going feral and attacking innocents. That wasn't something he was willing to risk, no matter how startled he was about the strange attraction he was feeling toward the Alpha.

The gorgeous man continued to hold his gaze until a club employee approached, causing him to break eye contact and release Eli from his thrall. A few words were shared between the two before the employee nodded and headed off in the direction of the bar. Sparing a glance back in their direction, the Alpha motioned for Jai and Eli to follow, then turned and made his way up the stairs, into the heart of Temptation. Eli could follow his progress from his seat at the bar easily. The crowd parted before him, like Moses and the Red Sea. A sigh escaped Eli's lips before he could cut it off. Turning back to the bar, he found Jai staring at him expectantly.

"Come on, man. Kellan's waiting on us. Let's go." He nudged Eli's arm with his elbow. "The guys with him are some of his Betas. He looks like he's in a good mood so this will be the perfect time to talk to him about joining the Pack."

Eli sighed. He knew what he had to do. It was just a matter of manning up and finding the courage to do it. He needed a pack and he needed to be near his best friend. Ever since their birth pack had forced Jai to leave after he'd announced he was gay, Eli had felt like a huge part of himself had been missing. Now, with his own exit from their old pack and the new separation from his brothers, Eli was more than grateful to have Jai back in his life. The Grand Rapids Pack was his best option at starting over.

Rising from his seat, he dutifully followed Jai through the teeming masses. As they worked their way through the crowd and up the stairs to Temptation, he could only hope that this would be the fresh start he needed.

As they reached the landing, Eli took a deep breath and almost took off running back down the stairs. If he had thought the pheromones were strong downstairs, this close they were nearly unbearable. He shook his head, trying to clear it, and promised himself that he would get laid before stepping into the club again. The scent of lust and sex in the building was too much for even a straight man to take. Unbidden, a vision of the Alpha's handsome face filled his mind, mocking him as arousal coursed through his body once again. Okay, he thought, chagrined, maybe not completely straight.

Despite his reservations, Eli realized that he wasn't completely against the idea of being with a man. Especially if that man was Kellan Reeves. Perhaps his lack of fear stemmed from his inherent easy-going personality. He'd never been one to stress about every little thing, preferring to just go with the flow. While being with a man was not an option he had ever considered before, it was something he was definitely thinking about now.

When they finally cleared the crowded dance floor, Eli saw that the entire back wall was lined with large, private booths. As they approached, he noticed, much to his shock, that most of them were filled with groups of people engaged in varying stages of intimacy. All of the booths were equipped with long, thick curtains that could be pulled out to completely enclose the booth, but most of the booths' inhabitants had forgone their use. The farther back they ventured, the more pornographic the acts became.

At one of the last tables, a thin, blond twink knelt on the floor as he swallowed the shaft of a much larger, dark-haired man. The brunet had a strong grip on his hair and was thrusting roughly into his mouth. As the smaller man devoured his thick, dripping cock, growls rolled out of his partner's mouth, as well as a graphic list of all the things he was going to do to the blond as soon as he was done fucking his mouth. The slim man moaned loudly, his eyes glazing over as the filthy words reached his ears. His cheeks hollowed as he started to suck more voraciously. The larger man's chest began to heave and just when Eli was sure he was going to blow, he ripped the blond off his cock, threw him down face first on the table, yanked down his pants and impaled him in one violent thrust. Eli winced at the brutality of it, but the smaller man seemed to love it, if the volume of his cries were any indication. Eli quickened his steps, desperate to insure he did not lose Jai in the crowd. Not accustomed to this kind of club, he was a little afraid of what else he might accidentally walk in on if he got lost in this place.

He was starting to wonder how big the club actually was when Jai came to a stop in front of a large lounge area in the back corner of the building. The entire area sat on an elevated platform that allowed for a clear line of sight of the rest of the club. Another massive booth was set against the back wall, and was flanked by a scattering of low sitting couches and chairs, all filled to capacity with a variety of pack members and partygoers.

As they approached, Eli recognized many of the men from their earlier entrance, although there were a number of new faces as well. Mixed in among the large Betas were a few small, waif-thin young men. All of them had smooth complexions and baby soft skin. Eli even noticed makeup on one or two. He mentally shook his head. He had never understood the appeal twinks had for some gay men. He had always figured if a man was gay, he would want to have sex with a man who was ... well ... manly. Eli could not grasp the appeal of the effeminate faces and reed-thin bodies. It seemed too much like having sex with a woman with a few extra parts. Then again, Eli had never considered the possibility that he would ever find another man sexually attractive until about five minutes earlier, so what did he really know about the mind of a gay man?

The small men giggled, girlishly fawning all over the larger men, and the guys seemed to be eating it up. Reaching out with his wolf senses told him that five of the large men were pack Betas, two of the twinks were low level pack members and the rest were all human. Add to that the numerous other men and women congregating around the area, and they had the makings of what could be a rowdy evening. The only thing that seemed to be missing from the equation was the Alpha. Frowning, Eli wondered where the big man had gone, until an extremely annoying peal of laughter drew his attention to the booth at the back of the room.

At first, all Eli could see was the slim back and short red hair of yet another twink. God, were they breeding them here or something? He had never seen so many in one place before. As he started to turn away, the small-bodied man was forcibly relocated and before him, in all his glory and pulsing power, sat a slightly annoyed-looking Alpha Kellan Reeves.

Moving to step up onto the dais, Jai and Eli were halted when a massive wall of muscle stepped in their way, blocking their path. Looking up, Eli was barely able to take in the image of a tall, dark-haired man with bulging muscles before Jai stepped in between them, red-faced and filled with righteous anger.


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Accepting the Alpha 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Debby236 More than 1 year ago
Eli Steele left his home pack after an argument with his father and alpha. Now packless, he is unsure what to do until his best friend invites him to visit Grand Rapids. When he meets the Alpha of the Grand Rapids pack, he knows his life is changed forever. Alpha Kellan Reeves never thought he would find his mate until Eli walked in. He knows Eli is his mate and he knows Eli thinks he is straight and that Eli’s pack could come after him but Kellan is an Alpha and he is sure he can overcome all those somewhat minor obstacles. Kellan does have his hands full with his new mate. Not only is Eli straight but he comes with issues. Eli for his part struggles with everything he feels for Eli. He had never wanted a man before and is not sure he can handle that wanting now. But as everything unfolds and a horrifying plot is revealed, Eli and Kellan will need each other if they are to survive. What an incredible start to a new series for JJ Black. The excitement never ends as each page is turned. There are betrayals by more than one person and all the packs will need to unite if they are to survive the coming horror. This promises to be an amazing series and I plan to be there for every book. I have the second book and am ready to read that one now.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CrystalMarie218 More than 1 year ago
I found this book by total fluke and I can say that I’m so glad that I did!! I was going through Amazon and saw that it was a new release and on sale so I had to pick it up because I’m that type of person. I can say with this being the first book I have read by this author, it was amazing to me. I loved the shifter aspect of the story. The sex scenes that happened were done extremely well in my opinion. I did like how there was enough drama and action happening in the book that it kept me turning the pages. I was really shocked at how much I liked the main characters of this book, mainly because it’s rare that I enjoy them both. But throughout this book, I just couldn’t get enough of them. I was really left wanting for more, but not in a bad way in any means. The secondary characters were done insanely well. Each had their own personality and added to the story in their own ways. One huge thing that I liked about this story was even though the sex scenes were done very well, there was more to the story than just that. There is action, drama, suspense and intrigue that will keep you going as you progress further into the story. Even with everything that was happening and going on during the course of the book, I didn’t feel as though we were overloaded with information. I can say that I cannot wait for the next book in the series because I want to see what the author has in store for us next. Reviewed by Crystal for Crystal’s Many Reviewers