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Prentice Hall
Access 2000 Essentials Basic / Edition 1

Access 2000 Essentials Basic / Edition 1

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ISBN-13: 9781580760942
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 08/26/1999
Series: Essentials Series for Office 2000 Series
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 238
Product dimensions: 9.08(w) x 11.37(h) x 0.52(d)

Table of Contents

Project 1: Getting Started with Access.

Lesson 1. Copying and Renaming a Database File. Lesson 2. Opening and Closing a Database. Lesson 3. Opening and Closing a Database Table. Lesson 4. Identifying Access Window. Lesson 5. Getting Help. Lesson 6. Exiting Access and Windows.

Project 2: Creating a Database.

Lesson 1. Creating a New Database. Lesson 2. Creating a New Table. Lesson 3. Saving a Table Design and Creating a Primary Key. Lesson 4. Adding Fields. Lesson 5. Editing Fields. Lesson 6. Moving Fields. Lesson 7. Deleting Fields.

Project 3: Entering and Editing Data.

Lesson 1. Adding Records. Lesson 2. Moving Among Records. Lesson 3. Editing Records. Lesson 4. Inserting and Deleting Records. Lesson 5. Adjusting Column Widths and Hiding Columns. Lesson 6. Finding a Record. Lesson 7. Sorting Records.

Project 4: Querying Your Database.

Lesson 1. Creating a New Query. Lesson 2. Choosing Fields for a Query. Lesson 3. Saving the Query. Lesson 4. Editing the Query. Lesson 5. Changing the Field Order and Sorting the Query. Lesson 6. Matching Criteria. Lesson 7. Saving the Query with a New Name and Opening Multiple Queries.

Project 5: Creating and Using Forms.

Lesson 1. Creating an AutoForm. Lesson 2. Entering and Editing Data Using a Form. Lesson 3. Saving, Closing and Opening a Form. Lesson 4. Creating a New Form from Scratch. Lesson 5. Adding Fields to Forms. Lesson 6. Moving and Resizing Fields in Forms. Lesson 7. Adding a Form Header and Label.

Project 6: Creating and Printing Reports.

Lesson 1. Printing the Table Data.Lesson 2. Creating a Report Using the Report Wizards. Lesson 3. Printing and Renaming a Report. Lesson 4. Modifying a Report Design. Lesson 5. Saving the Report with a New Name. Lesson 6. Adding Labels to Reports.

Project 7: Customizing Fields and Tables.

Lesson 1. Modifying a Table Design. Lesson 2. Entering a Default Value. Lesson 3. Changing a Field Type and Selecting a Format. Lesson 4. Changing a Field Size. Lesson 5. Working with More Than One Table. Lesson 6. Creating Table Relationships. Lesson 7. Creating a Multiple-Table Query.

Project 8: Integrating Access with Other Sources of Data and the Internet.

Lesson 1. Converting a Database from a Previous Version of Access. Lesson 2. Linking an Access Table to a Form Letter in Word. Lesson 3. Merging an Access Table with a Form Letter. Lesson 4. Importing a Table from Excel. Lesson 5. Saving a Form as a Data Access Page. Lesson 6. Using a Browser to Interact with the Database.


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