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Accidental Truth: A Vortex Through Time

Accidental Truth: A Vortex Through Time

by Nikool McIndoe
Accidental Truth: A Vortex Through Time

Accidental Truth: A Vortex Through Time

by Nikool McIndoe


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What if you discovered the clues to your past could save your future?

Aurora Knightley thought she had it all, with a burgeoning art career and the ideal fiancé. Until a fateful night sent it all crashing down.

Aurora is a woman with a past-many pasts, in fact. But in all of her past lives she has been killed because of a truth buried deep within her. After a horrific car accident leaves her with a traumatic brain injury, she encounters a swirling rainbow vortex-a wormhole-bringing her face to face with her past lives, and a chance to follow their clues to save the world from imminent darkness.

This is Aurora's last life, and it needs to count. Her mission, tied to the brilliant scientist Nikola Tesla, is to awaken humanity to a New Earth free from corruption and control. The knowledge locked inside her holds the keys to creating a free and fair utopian society, making her a prime target of the CIA.

With fate driving her, she delves back in time through the vortex over thousands of years, piecing together exhilarating and sometimes frightening clues. Along the way she meets an elderly soothsayer, travels to the forgotten sunken city of Atlantis, makes a crucial discovery at the pyramids in Egypt, and shares experiences with extra-terrestrials from higher dimensions.

Who really is Aurora Knightley? Enter the vortex and experience a mind-blowing ride to find the truth.

A thrilling time-travel adventure perfect for fans of Kate Atkinson, Catherine Taylor, Kevin Kuhn, and Rysa Walker.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781945026690
Publisher: Sacred Stories Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 06/16/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 432
File size: 938 KB

Table of Contents


The Crash

The Vortex

The Coming To

The Lover

The Pull

The Assessment

The Relationship


The Artist

The Darkness

The Unicorn Horn


The Professor

The Stars

The Guide

The File

The Reason

The Discovery


The Inventor

The Change

The Frequencies

The Agent

The Life Creed


The Soothsayer

The Oracle Cards

The Cave

The Master Craftsman

The Low

The High

The Preparation

The Program

The Secret Society


The Head Builder

The Messenger

The Informant

The Apartment

The Golden City

The Banter

The Dinner

The Revelation

The Sunken City

The Smackdown

The Shaman

The Twin Flames

The Recount


The Blue Avian

The Healing

The Blessing

The Debriefing

The Lyran

The Bliss

The Torus Stone

The Hunters


The Arcturian

The Remembering

The Sacrifice

The Center

The Dirty Deed

The Trek

The Rush


The Activation

The Truth



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