According To Your Faith: Hearing...Believing...Manifesting

According To Your Faith: Hearing...Believing...Manifesting

by Mr. Stacey L. Mizell Sr.


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ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH is the second book in the Fig Tree Tools™ Series. This book not only shines a light onto the spiritual Truths hidden beneath the veil of Biblical Scripture, but also provides the reader with the steps needed for harnessing the power of faith locked up within them. Every living human being has been given "the measure" of faith, but the knowledge or otherwise of how to use one's faith is the separating factor between living a perishing life and living a life filled with the desires of one's heart.

To the Truth Seeker, reading the words within this book will be likened to obtaining the jewels of wisdom needed for spiritual growth.

To the Visionary, the pages within this book will provide the necessary steps for laying a firm and purposeful foundation of faith so that the contents of one's vision can be drawn into his or her life.

Do you yearn to live a fulfilled and meaningful life in which your outer reality matches you inner desires? Are you tired of living a life based on the ideas of others and ready to live a life based on your own divinely inspired gifts? Read this book and begin the steps necessary for Hearing, Believing and Manifesting your inner desires into your world.

Stacey L. Mizell Sr. is the founder of Fig Tree Tools™, an organization dedicated to promoting Universal Oneness throughout the world. Through writing and lecturing, the A.I.M. (Awaken...Inspire...Motivate) of Fig Tree Tools™ is to teach individuals how to become aware of their spiritual essence and how to develop a greater awareness of the spirituality within others.

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