Ace of Hearts

Ace of Hearts

by Chantal Fernando

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ISBN-13: 9781501172960
Publisher: Pocket Star
Publication date: 06/11/2018
Series: The Cursed Ravens MC Series , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 287
Sales rank: 3,719
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Chantal Fernando is the New York Times bestselling author of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series, the Cursed Raven Motorcycle Club series, and the Maybe series, along with several other novels. She lives in Western Australia, where she is working on her next book. Find her online at, and on Twitter and Facebook.

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Ace of Hearts 1


I don’t know what I’m doing here.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I guess I do know what I’m doing here.

I just don’t know how I’m going to get through it.

I’m so out of my element, out of my comfort zone, yet that determined, stubborn part of me will not give up until I finish what I came here to do. He might not want me, or want anything to do with me, but at least I will know. At least I can say I tried. And if I know, I can close the chapter on this part of my life. I can stop wondering and wishing, and playing out the what-ifs in my mind.

It’s a Saturday night, and I just got out of the taxi that drove me straight here from the bus station. When I walk toward the building, I know I’ve made a huge mistake in choosing today to come, but it’s too late to go back now. It’s not what I thought it would look like. I was picturing some kind of warehouse, not a large two-story home set on a couple acres of land. Just passing by, you would think a regular family lived here. Not a bunch of bikers. But as you get closer, you start to hear the loud music blasting and see people everywhere. I wring my hands together, giving myself a little pep talk before I enter.

I can do this.

No one pays attention to me as I approach the door, which is probably a good thing, yet it has me questioning myself even more. I look down at my worn, ripped blue jeans and black ankle boots. Should I have tried to look nicer? First impressions matter, as my mother always told me. Though I might not get the best one of him right now, during what seems to be a wild party, I still want him to think the world of me, not that I’d ever admit that out loud. I glance at the people congregating around their motorcycles. Men dressed in black from head to toe, wearing leather vests, all quite intimidating in their stature and demeanor—tall, broad, and mostly tattooed—and women showing off a lot of skin. I look away quickly, not wanting to make eye contact with any of them. These people look like they could eat me alive. Like the large man with the beard, or the woman standing next to him, dressed in tight leather, a collar around her neck, staring intently at me. And yet something inside me won’t let me walk away.

I’m so close now.

I have to do this.

As I lift my hand to push open the door, my black crop top rides up, and I feel cool air hit my stomach. I pull my top down as I step in, my eyes taking in everything around me.

It’s like a whole other world inside.

All the research I did before coming here didn’t prepare me for what I see.

There are men filling the dimly lit room, some sitting and some standing, a cloud of smoke surrounding them. Most are in the same leather vests as I saw outside, and I stare at the words written on the back of one. CURSED RAVENS MC. A motorcycle club. I’m definitely in the right place.

There are women laughing and dancing, not like one would in a club, unless it was a strip club. I see two of them dancing on each other, and for a moment I watch, both shocked and mesmerized. I notice a few of the men watching them, which is clearly their goal. I don’t know what to think.

I feel frozen in place, not sure how I’m meant to find him in this crowd. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. I shake my head and drag my eyes away from the show in front of me, scanning the hordes of people. As my eyes pass a man sitting directly across from me, I do a double take.

Maybe because he’s looking right back at me.

Or maybe it’s because he’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in real life.

Sitting in the middle of a black leather couch, with a woman on either side of him, he’s dressed in all black, a contrast to his light hair. I can’t see his eye color from here, but I know that they too are light. Everything else about him, however, is dark. He doesn’t smile as he takes me in from head to toe and back again, and I have to wonder what he sees. One of the women whispers something in his ear, but he doesn’t pay her any attention; he doesn’t even turn his head. No, he’s still watching me, like a wolf would his prey. And I cannot look away, caught in his gaze. I should, but for some reason, I don’t want to.

A whistle to the right of me gets my attention though, as a dark-haired man approaches me, licking his lips lavishly. I don’t like the look in this man’s brown eyes.

“And what do we have here?” he rumbles, glancing behind me, checking out my ass. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around before.”

Is he seriously trying to recognize me by my ass?

A sliver of unease hits me. Just how far out of my element am I? What if it’s unsafe for me to be here? I didn’t even consider that this could be risky. I was so focused on finding my way here that I didn’t think of the dangers.

I’m not sure how this is going to play out, and I don’t like the way this man is looking at me like I’m a piece of meat. Like he could have me if he wanted to; like I am a sure thing. A man who is used to getting what he wants. I’ve never met any bikers before, and I don’t know what to think right now. I’m here for one reason only, and it’s not to chat with any of these random men.

I turn to face him. “I haven’t been here before,” I admit, shifting on my feet. “And I’m also totally out of your league. I’m actually looking for—”

“I know just what you’re looking for,” he says, grinning. He’d be good-looking if he wasn’t such a creep. My sister, Eden, and I do this little motion when a guy seems too . . . pervy. It’s a sprinkle action with our fingers, one that represents someone spiking a drink. If she were here, we’d both be doing it right now. This guy is way too sleazy for his own good. Does this actually work on some women?

“Why don’t you come back to my room so I can give it to you?” He gently grabs my upper arm, but I pull away before he can lead me anywhere.

“No, thank you,” I say, lifting my chin and looking him in the eye. “I’d rather stick needles into my eyeballs and roll around on the floor than go anywhere with you.”

He arches a brow. “Sassy, aren’t you? Have a certain member in mind then? Trust me, whoever it is they won’t give a fuck if you give me a little taste first. I like the whole . . . innocent vibe you have going on. I’m Shack, by the way. Remember it, because you might be screaming it later.”

Yeah, no.

That innocent shit isn’t a vibe, and I need to get out of this situation right now before he figures that out and probably kicks my ass out of here before I can find Gage.

I look back to the man sitting on the couch, and Shack catches it and barks out a laugh. “Yeah, of course it’s Ace you’re after.”


The name suits him. I wish it were him over here talking to me instead of this creeper. “Who’s this, Shack?” a man with blond dreads asks, studying me, but not in a sleazy way. More curious. He has beautiful amber eyes and an easygoing, calm vibe that I can’t help but want to soak up. The golden stubble on his cheeks adds to his appeal.

“I call dibs,” Shack replies, flashing his teeth. “As soon as I can get her to give up on fucking Ace tonight.”

I’ve officially had enough.

I’m normally a very calm, sweet woman, but the minute I’m pushed too far I tend to have a bit of a temper. Things obviously run a little differently around here, something I wasn’t necessarily prepared for, but I don’t care who these men are, they can’t talk about me like I’m not right here. Like I’m less than them just because I’m a woman and not part of their world.

Throwing my hands up in the air, I yell, “I’m not here to fuck anyone! And stop talking about me like I’m not standing here; it’s fucking rude. I’m here to see Gage Liam Parker. So if one of you would kindly direct me his way, that would be greatly appreciated.”

As soon as the words leave my mouth I can feel the shift in the room, the sudden change in the atmosphere. It’s almost as if all the air gets sucked out, leaving me struggling to breathe, as the men look at me in a completely different way, their joking demeanor gone.

“How do you know the name of our president?” Shack asks me, eyes narrowed and jaw tight.

I didn’t know Gage was their president, right up until this moment.


Now it’s as if he’s assessing a threat. It’s better than seeing the lust that was in his eyes, but only barely. I’d laugh at the thought of me being a danger to anyone, but I don’t want to push them any further than I already have.

This time when Shack’s hand clasps around my upper arm, it is not gentle, nor is it playful. His whole demeanor has changed—no longer sleazy, a dangerous edge about him.

“Who are you?” he demands, tightening his hold.

“Let her go,” a deep, hypnotic voice says. I turn my head to see Ace’s handsome face up close. It’s even more perfect than I thought it would be. His light gray eyes give nothing away; they are lifeless, but also so beautiful that it almost hurts to look directly into them. The hair on my skin stands on end, a shiver taking over my body. I’ve never reacted like this to anyone before, and I don’t know why it’s happening right now. I feel like simultaneously running to him and away from him. Or maybe I need to do one or the other.

Shack lets me go but moves his body closer to mine, as if I might try to run away. Fear fills me. Damn. I should’ve thought this out better. I don’t even know if I’m allowed to be standing here, but being surrounded by these three imposing men, I don’t know what to think or do. I can hear Eden’s voice in my head, telling me that I shouldn’t have come here. That it’s not a good idea. That something could happen to me, but I didn’t listen. Eden and I are so very different, and although she will always love and support me, that doesn’t mean she will ever understand me. I’ve always been the black sheep of the family, and a little reckless, and now I know why.

“I’ll get the prez,” Dreads says, leaving me sandwiched between Ace and Shack.

“What’s the problem?” Ace asks his friend, a muscle ticking in his cheek. “Is she too much for you to handle?”

Shack says something to him quietly that I can’t hear, but I can guess what he’s telling him.

Ace brings his eyes back to me, once again giving nothing away. If it’s possible, they’re even more guarded than before. What did I do now?

“Who are you? Another woman wanting to fuck her way up to the top?” Ace asks me, before he shares a look with Shack. “They’re starting young these days, aren’t they, brother?”

“Young and delicious,” Shack replies, staring at my chest.

Total creep.

I give them both the finger. They’re assholes. Why do they have to make assumptions? These men clearly have major trust issues. What do they think I’m going to do? I’m half their size, in height and width, and they could easily restrain me if they wanted to. They think I’m here because I want to fuck my way to the top of the club? They have no fucking idea. If only they knew.

“I wouldn’t fuck you if you were the last man alive,” I mutter under my breath, as I cross my arms over my chest and narrow my eyes at Shack. I ignore Ace, pretending he doesn’t exist. It’s just easier that way. I don’t like how he spoke to me, and even though we don’t know each other, it annoys me that he’d think that of me. He didn’t have to be so rude.

“What the fuck did you say?” Shack asks me, but I decide to ignore him too. My temper is spiked, so much so that all my common sense seems to have left me. All I can feel is tension. Tension between me and Shack—anger mainly—and an entirely different kind of tension with Ace.

Dreads reappears and nods his head toward the hallway. Shack grabs my arm again and pulls me with him, Ace at my back, until we come to a room. I can feel his body behind me even though we aren’t even touching. He’s powerful, and not just physically. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it’s like he’s a giant magnet, pulling people toward him. I’m tempted to lean back and press myself against his chest, just to absorb a little bit of whatever he’s throwing off.

Shack knocks, and a man calls out, “Come in.”

The door opens, and I’m ushered inside a spacious white-walled room. Gage sits on a large brown leather chair in the corner of the room, shirtless, his jeans on but not done up, his expression annoyed. I’ve seen him before, only in a photo, when he was much younger, but I have no doubt that it’s him. To his left, there’s a woman asleep on his bed on her stomach, naked. I keep my eyes on him, suddenly feeling very nervous and awkward. I’ve been dragged in here like a common criminal, even though I haven’t done anything wrong. This is not what I’d planned on when I’d decided to come here tonight. I couldn’t have prepared myself for this. I don’t know why, but the scene before me makes me angry. My hands clench to fists. This is not how things were meant to go. I’ve imagined this scene so many times, but it wasn’t meant to be like this.

“What the fuck is so important right now that couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning?” he asks in a calm, husky tone. His blue eyes narrow ever so slightly, and even I can tell just how unimpressed he is about the whole situation.

Well, he can join the club.

Shack steps aside to reveal me.

Gage crosses his arms over his chest. “Two of you are here to bring me a fucking girl? I thought there was something wrong.” He eyes me, not looking very impressed. “Why is she here? A bit young for my tastes. Why don’t one of you have her? Better yet, why don’t you all get the fuck out of my room so I can get some sleep?”

A bit . . . young?

Why don’t one of them have me?

Does he think?

You have got to be kidding me right now. This just went from bad to worse. Who talks about women this way? And for him to think that I want to have sex with him? I don’t think I’ve ever been so disgusted in my life.

My nails dig into my palms. “No one is going to fucking have me!”

I can’t help it, I lose it. I’m a mix of emotions right now, and none of them are good. I wonder if he can hear the contempt in my voice. He is nothing like what I expected. I was naïve to think he’d be some big hero who would be so happy to find out about me, and who would welcome me with open arms. I pictured him as a good man, a strong one. Someone I’d be proud to call my father. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, but it wasn’t this. My stupid expectations should have been lowered. Realistic. He is just a man, after all, and a biker at that, and I was a fool to think otherwise. Gage looks younger than the midforties I know he is, and he’s still as fit as the other men in here. He’s dark, brooding, and his silent anger is directed at me. He says nothing at my outburst, but I can almost feel the disapproval wafting from him.

I’m nothing but an inconvenience.

Numbness starts to fill my veins. That moment when you realize just how badly you’ve fucked up and you know you’ve made a bad decision, hits me. That moment of pure regret. I never should have come here.

“She asked for you by name,” Ace says, and I don’t know why but his heat at my back is suddenly oddly reassuring. Maybe because he told Shack to let me go when he was squeezing the life out of my arm. Or maybe he’s just the lesser of the evil that’s in this room right now. Either way, I’m glad that he’s here, even though I have no reason to be. I feel safer.

Gage’s eyes turn from impassive to both curious and menacing. “Only my men know my real name,” he murmurs, running a large finger down the dark stubble on his cheek. His voice is deceptively calm. “How do you?”

I try to reach into my jean pocket, but both my arms are grabbed by Shack and put behind my back before I even know what’s happening.

“Who are you, the police?” I snap, breathless. “I’m just going to take a piece of paper out of my pocket, you psychotic asshole.”

Ace quickly pats down my pockets and then nods to Shack, who instantly lets me go. I give them all the dirtiest look I can muster, then slowly reach into my pocket, fingers trembling, and pull out the folded document.

Looking him right in the eye, I hesitate as I unfold it and hand it to him. When I say the next line, my words come out angry.

“Because I’m your daughter.”

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Ace of Hearts 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book was good, but lacked something. The storyline was good, but its execution fell short of being a re-read for me. Maybe it was too short (200 pages) to fully develop some emotional heat. The characters read their lives, and didn't live them!
Anonymous 8 months ago
Starts off to be a good read and falls FLAT!
Anonymous 9 months ago
I have read this author numerous times and this book is a miss. The character development isn't what it should be to keep the readers attention.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed the story, I'm very much looking forward 2 reading the rest of the series when they become available. Love the author, she is always for me, a must buy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cursed Ravens is a great follow-up to the the Wind Dragons. Love how Clover is slipped into the story. Erin finds her Ace, even after some issues, like poisoning, happen. Solid MC read.
Anonymous 10 months ago
NaughtySmuttyBookBlog 11 months ago
This is my first novel from this author but I can honestly say she is amazing. Her writing style and laughable characters make flying through the pages such a breeze. Erin finds out her biological dad is part of the MC. Only she gets so much more than she bargined for. Ace is mysterious at first, dark and kind of brooding. He makes her stop and take notice the very first meeting. Erin grows so much from her time getting to know her dad's MC family. She starts to change and embrace everything that goes with it. Yet parents always want to control you and not everyone is happy she was found. I enjoyed getting to know this MC that really is one big family!
Anonymous 11 months ago
A great new MC series. Really enjoyed the story line and Ace and Erin. Knuckles was a hoot, also.!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Stunning start fr The Cursed Ravens MC series. Love the characters, the storyline.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Did someone else write this? I love this author; I’ve read all her MC books ( I think), but this didn’t sound anything like her. The descriptions, diction, and rhythm seemed very different. Not as rich , real or fluid. I’m going to go back and re-read her other novels to compare. It’s a decent book, but not as good as her other MC novels.
gigiluvsbooks2 More than 1 year ago
The New York Times bestselling author of the “swoonworthy and addicting” (Kim Karr, New York Times bestselling author) Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series is back with more bad boy bikers in this first novel in the Cursed Ravens Motorcycle Club series. Erin Dawson had the perfect life growing up in a perfect home with a perfect family. Her parents gave her and her sister everything a child could want. But after learning that the man she’s called “dad” her whole life isn’t actually her biological father, Erin is determined to find the man who is. Armed with her original birth certificate, she finds her father, but begins questioning if her mom had been right all along to keep this information buried. It turns out he is the president of a motorcycle club, which could not be further from the life Erin leads. But, she’s determined to get to know the man who she gets her striking blue eyes from. Despite getting what she wants and finding her biological father, it’s the slightly older, much rougher but incredibly sexy biker Ace that catches Erin’s eye. As the new “princess” of the Cursed Ravens, Erin is learning a whole new world, but her father has made it clear she is off limits. Will Ace follow his President’s orders or will he put his heart ahead of his duty? Review: If you are new to MC books this would be a good starter. First, it is the first in a new series, so you can get on board at the beginning. Secondly, it is lighter in feel than a lot of MC books. The story also has witty dialogue and has a light side to the whole book. A lot of MC books have a lot of blatant violence and sex. While there are sexy times and a little mild violence it is not hard core, it is much more about the characters. I loved that Erin goes all in trying to find her Dad and becoming familiar with the MC lifestyle. She tough and does not take crap from no one, love her. Ace is pretty great too, but Erin was my favorite. I loved reading about her and her interactions with the club members. There is a little mystery woven into the story too. The Author really did a great job writing a book that kept me interested and invested in the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the next book coming out. 4Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the publisher.*
JulieD2 More than 1 year ago
Erin is on a mission to meet her real father after learning the man she’d always called dad, wasn’t actually true. She takes off for the Cursed Raven MC and learns he’s now the President, which makes her highly protected and off limits to any of the brothers as she’s the club’s Princess. And that includes strikingly handsome Ace, who’s immediately drawn to Erin and she to him. Life in the MC is an eye opener for Erin, completely different from what she’s used to, but she settles in and makes unlikely friends, until danger comes a knocking. Everyone goes on alert, her dad, Ace and the rest of the MC make her safety their main task, then it’s revealed a trust has been broken. Will Erin return to her old life and leave her dad and Ace, would she be safer? Erin is a woman who knows what she wants, she’s strong and determined, and life with the Cursed Ravens and her dad was something she wanted. But is it really smart for her to be there now? This was a really amazing start to the new series. Fantastic characters and a wonderful storyline. I’m really looking forward to the next Cursed Ravens MC outing Knuckles #2. A great read, I highly recommend it!
bbarneybooks28 More than 1 year ago
I’m a huge fan of MC romance series; I adored Chantal Fernando’s Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series, so I was excited to dive into Ace of Hearts, the first book in Fernando’s new motorcycle series that focuses on the Cursed Ravens Motorcycle Club. There’s just something about being in the biker world, surrounded by badass alpha males who protect their own and go after what they want with grit and determination. Erin Dawson’s world is nothing like the one she’s about to enter, but she’s hellbent on walking into the Cursed Ravens club and demanding a meeting with Gage who just so happens to be the Cursed Ravens’ president. But, as much as she thought she was ready to meet her father…as much as she’s always felt like the black sheep of her family, it’s clear that her world is about to be turned upside down in unimaginable ways, and when it comes down to it, she’ll have to decide if she’s ready to be the princess of the Cursed Ravens or go back to the sheltered world she never felt accepted in, letting go of any contact with her biological father or the biker who she was instantly attracted to as soon as their eyes connected. As soon as Erin takes one step inside, she’s initiated into ‘club life,’ and her moniker of ‘Trouble’ seems to fit her to a T, and because Erin’s story is told from her own perspective, readers come along for the ride, experiencing every ‘first’ that Erin has, all the ups and downs that come with it, finding her way and understanding how things work inside a biker club as well as forcing her to either accept how it all works or move on from what might be a family of bikers that she’s always needed. Erin’s a sassy, smart-mouthed heroine who can definitely handle herself in the environment she finds herself in, but there’s also a learning curve for her because she’s not used to the no holds barred attitude that dominates the Cursed Ravens’ bikers’ lives or the fact that not all of her questions will receive answers. Ace is all about his club, his brothers, and the code they follow, but Erin is a game changer for him, and while she’s supposed to be off-limits due to her ‘princess’ status, what’s between them is undeniable, so they’re both willing to face whatever consequences might be handed down from Erin’s dad/Ace’s President. I really enjoyed Ace’s Heart; the interactions between Erin and her dad as well as the growing bond between Erin and Ace. I did have a few issues with the conflict/main antagonists given the setting of the storyline and the potential threats that the club could face; it felt a bit too contrived, but even though I struggled with it, I get that there needed to be events/situations that would lead to Erin’s realization of where she truly belongs, and what occurred did get the job done. I’m excited for Fernando’s new biker series, and I’m eager to be introduced to other members of the Cursed Ravens and see what trouble they can cause as well as see how these MC brothers react and handle the women who make these bikers’ lives both heavenly and hellish at the same time. 4 Poison Apples
Alyssa75 More than 1 year ago
***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog*** Ace of Hearts by Chantal Fernando Book One of the Cursed Ravens series Publisher: Pocket Star (Gallery) Publication Date: June 11, 2018 Rating: 4 stars Source: eARC from Edelweiss Summary (from Goodreads): The New York Times bestselling author of the “swoonworthy and addicting” (Kim Karr, New York Times bestselling author) Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series is back with more bad boy bikers in this first novel in the Cursed Ravens Motorcycle Club series. Erin Dawson had the perfect life growing up in a perfect home with a perfect family. Her parents gave her and her sister everything a child could want. But after learning that the man she’s called “dad” her whole life isn’t actually her biological father, Erin is determined to find the man who is. Armed with her original birth certificate, she finds her father, but begins questioning if her mom had been right all along to keep this information buried. It turns out he is the president of a motorcycle club, which could not be further from the life Erin leads. But, she’s determined to get to know the man who she gets her striking blue eyes from. Despite getting what she wants and finding her biological father, it’s the slightly older, much rougher but incredibly sexy biker Ace that catches Erin’s eye. As the new “princess” of the Cursed Ravens, Erin is learning a whole new world, but her father has made it clear she is off limits. Will Ace follow his President’s orders or will he put his heart ahead of his duty? A sizzling tale of family and passion, Ace of Hearts features Fernando’s signature “snark and sass” (Booklist) and is perfect for fans of Kristin Ashley. What I Liked: This was an impulse read for me. I'd not heard of the book. I'd not heard of the author. But I stumbled upon this book on Edelweiss, and it sounded interesting, so I thought about giving it a chance. I've been in a massive reading slump for weeks, and the thought of just reading felt like too much. I am so behind in my review copies TBR, and I haven't had the zeal to read anything familiar. This book was totally unfamiliar and I've seen absolutely no early feedback for it (within my blogging circles), so I had no expectations for the book. I am so glad that I decided to give it a chance, because it was fresh and untouched and very good. I'd not heard of Chantal Fernando before, but I can see what critics are talking about, when they refer to her signature snark and sass, and great storytelling. This is the first book in a new motorcycle club (MC) romance novel by Chantal Fernando. This author has written previous MC romances, but this series is new and separate. In this first novel, the heroine Erin has recently found out that her father isn't biological father - her biological father is a member of the Cursed Ravens motorcycle club. Erin decides to meet her father in person, and finds out that he is not only a member, but the president, and he had no idea she existed. Erin is welcomed with open arms, and she is labelled as the princess of the Cursed Ravens. She wants to develop a good relationship with her father... and maybe the sexy, brooding, intense man who didn't stop staring at her when she first came to the clubhouse. Erin has a lot to learn, and it isn't all fun and games. Is the new lifestyle worth it? Read the rest of my review on my blog, The Eater of Books! - eaterofbooks DOT blogspot DOT com :)
nelriv More than 1 year ago
Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author (netgalley)I really enjoyed this book and I am surprised that I have never read this author before and that my friends changed today and am adding her to my will read pile..We meet Erin who finds out that the man that has raised her is not her real father, her real father is Gage President of a biker gang only she didn't know he was the president. Erin sets out to meet him and finds herself in a wild party something she is not really used this whole life is so different than hers. However when Gage meets her he wants to get to know her and she agrees. He has warned all his men that she is off-limits which she is not crazy about since she has her eye on Ace and vice versa. Does he ignore feelings? Well please read and find out, you wont be disappointed! Enjoy!!
UpAllNightBB More than 1 year ago
Review by Terren Late Night Reviewer for Up All Night w/ Books Blog I am a avid fan of Chantal Fernando, I fell in love with her Conflict of Interest series, and like that series the first in her Ravens MC did not disappoint me in the least. Ace of Hearts is a coming of age story with truth, lies and betrayal. Erin and Ace come from two different worlds. Smart mouth and sassy, Erin claims what is rightfully hers as the princess of the Ravens MC, in the process charming all that she meets along the way. After finding her true identity Erin finds her father, Gage, who is the president of the Ravens. Trust is built and broken, attempted murder not once but twice happens. A little girl finds her wings under Ace, and gains a family she never knew she had. Ace finds that hiding the truth isn’t always the best way to cover up what is truly meant to be. This is my first MC romance and it probably won’t be my last. Tastefully written, you will devour this book. I give it a solid four stars.
sweetpotato101 More than 1 year ago
Ace of Hearts is book one in Chantal Fernando’s Cursed Ravens MC series. While it was a fun read, it didn’t offer more than the usual MC fare. Erin wants to find her dad and armed with her birth certificate goes to find him. Only he’s president of The Cursed Ravens MC, and the world is unlike any she has ever known. And then there’s Ace who is off limits. But is there a way around her father’s decrees? The most refreshing aspect was how Erin's initial meeting with her father goes. I was prepared for the denial--do you just want money from me--stage, and instead, we get a positive experience! I loved this. It offered a new twist and exceeded my expectations right out of the gate. Then it just got...a little cliched. It didn't offer anything new. Erin was a bit too immature throughout, and I never really warmed up to Ace as the hero either. On the plus side, it’s relatively low angst, and I enjoyed that aspect of it. If you’re looking for an MC romance that has good banter and is relatively light then I think you’ll enjoy this one. 3 stars!
BoundlessBookaholic More than 1 year ago
I really liked this one. I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars. This review is for an ARC, and reflects my honest opinion. So I took this author off my TBR after a friend didn’t like one of her other books. But then the same friend read this book, and ended up really enjoying it, so I had to give it a go. I’m so glad I did! I haven’t read many motorcycle club books (I think the first two books of Katie McGarry’s Thunder Road series are the only ones), but I do like alpha males to a certain extent. And while I doubt I’d like living in the MC world, it’s fascinating. This book was like a more grown up version of Nowhere But Here. I loved Ace’s character so much! He’s definitely going on my book boyfriend list. Erin was okay, but she annoyed me more than a main character should. She acted kind of childish, and also too stubborn at times while being flippant at other times. She was just kind of all over the place. I liked the other MC people we got to know more intimately (Gage, Knuckles, Rogue, etc.) and I’d love to read books featuring all of them! When I wrote this review, I hadn’t checked out who the other books were focused on for this series, but I was right. Besides my problems with Erin, there were some things I was left wondering about that I’ll never get answers to anytime soon, if ever. And also, I felt like there’d be more drama going down (I was expecting it), which is another reason why I couldn’t give this 5 stars. I highly recommend this book if you love alpha males, motorcycles, and some bad boys with soft spots. The epilogue was super cute, and I want the next book ASAP! Like seriously, upload it onto NetGalley already Pocket Star….PLEASE?!?!?
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
When Erin Dawson stumbles across her birth certificate she realizes that the life that she has lead for the last twenty years has been a lie, the man she has believed to be her father, is a replacement for her biological father. Her mother made a decision twenty years ago to keep her real father out of the picture and while that fact may sting, it also leaves her curious about the man who created her, so she sets out on a journey to find him. When she arrives at the Cursed Ravens clubhouse she instantly feels out of her element, the men look are looking at her like she is their next meal, and the women scowl at her because she is wandering into their territory. Within minutes she is circled by several big brooding bikers wanting to stake a claim on her, but before one of them has a chance to she gets whisked away by a devastatingly handsome man named Ace. Little does she know this one little encounter is about to give her everything she is after... and so much more! There is so much to love about Ace Of Hearts, I am a sucker for biker romances, and this one spoke volumes to me, it was rich with emotion, had a little suspense to keep me intrigued, and some serious heat to curl the toes!! Within minutes of starting of it I found myself growing quite attached to the main character Erin, she was fearless, feisty, and knew how to keep the men around her on their toes at all times... the girl was downright inspiring! Then Ace came crashing into her world, and not only did the man steal her heart, but he stole mine too, he had an unexpected soft side that really sealed the deal for me. I also loved meeting all the secondary characters, I have my eye on a few of them, and cannot wait to get my hands on their stories, and get up close and personal with them! I highly recommend you take a chance on this one, it's a well crafted tale that will speak to heart and leave thoroughly satisfied! I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love. LOVE. the wit and humor and snark that Chantal blesses her characters with. Not just the men either. She is sharing that far and wide in her books and I think that is what manages to make a fairly serious topic (i.e. meeting your biological father who you didn't know about for 21 year and basically accepting that you life has been a partial lie and trying to make a new extended second family within a MC or possibly the life altering situation a young woman finds herself in) and make it more light hearted. Since I let the cat out of the bag above (sorta... kinda... Maybe not really) we obviously have a situation where Erin is walking in blind. She was raised the proverbial "good girl" but it never really fit her right, she always feels little out of place with her opinions and wit and stubbornness. She's gone to church every Sunday. She lived in a quaint and quiet small town. Both her parents are teachers... then BOOM, nothing is quiet as it seems and her ever present standing as the family Black Sheep starts to make more sense once she meets dear ol' dad. With a father who is an MC president, she has a entirely new set of rules to learn and along the way she'll gain a new family that fits like a favorite sweater but it won't be without dangers, they are after all a MC. With the possibility of being in danger Erin starts to wonder who has it out for her? Sweet and sexy. With snark and sarcasm in practically every page Chantal delivers exactly what she's known for. A fun epicly entertaining read and the beginning of what will prove to be a new series. I'm very excited to see where she takes thing since we had a small cameo from the Wind Dragons own MC Princess Clover!
Loupy More than 1 year ago
Loved this MC Romance. The author has given us a wonderful storyline and characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. They are sassy, funny, strong-willed, determined and protective. Erin has just learned the man she has always known as her Dad isn’t her biological father. Determined to learn about her real father she takes off for the Cursed Raven MC. She soon learns that her Dad is President is the MC, which in turn makes her the club’s Princess and off limits. A fact that Ace struggles with as he is instantly drawn to the sexy Erin and her to him from the moment their eyes meet. As Erin begins to learn about her father and MC life, she soon finds herself in danger. While her dad, Ace and the club’s VPs try to keep her safe, secrets come out and trusts are broken. Will Erin go back to the life she’s always known and leave her Dad, Ace and the Cursed Ravens behind? Will she be safe even if she leaves? Erin is a strong willed girl and doesn’t take crap from anyone. Will that be her downfall or give her strength to endure? This is a fantastic start to a new MC series and this reader is extremely excited about this book as well as book 2 “Knuckles”. I Highly Recommend Reading Ace of Hearts, you won’t regret it. 2 Thumbs Up!!!
AmyBosica More than 1 year ago
Actual Rating 3.5 Stars When I first heard about Ace of Hearts, I was over the moon. I was ridiculously excited. I’m a huge fan of Chantal Fernando’s Wind Dragon MC Series, so I couldn’t wait to dive into this one. Ace of Hearts hits the ground running and had me totally captivated. My first impressions of Erin was she was one bada**, ballsy chick. She had no fear when it came to confronting the father she never knew about. Suddenly Erin finds herself immersed in a world that she never knew existed and has the caught the eye of Ace. Ace is rugged, sexy and everything Erin should stay away from. But, the pull between these two is instant and wild horses couldn’t keep these two away from one another. Will Ace and Erin pursue their connection despite her father’s warnings? Will Erin be tough enough to handle the biker world?? There’s only one way to find out… Overall, I thought this book was an ok read. It’s kind of hard for me to review because there were so many wonderful parts that I just loved and wanted more of. And then there were parts that were just rough. Let’s start with the good: I loved the characters. They were everything I wanted and then some. They were bikers with a heart of gold. You could tell they were bada** when they needed to be, but also had really big hearts. I loved Ace. He was real with Erin and didn’t play games. He was sexy and swoon worthy; the total package. And Erin, I really loved her fearlessness. She had balls and was tough. I could definitely see her fitting in well with the MC world. Together, I thought Ace and Erin made a good match. Their chemistry was instant and smokin hot. The tension between the two of them was definitely palpable and made you want to see more of their story. What didn’t work: At times the story felt a little rough, like it needed to be developed a little more. I felt like the the intensity of the MC world was dumbed down at times for Erin and I would have liked to see it be a little more real. There were definitely some moments that felt a little cheesy to me. Also, I wish there had been a little more consistency with Erin. For most of the story, she is portrayed as this strong, bada** daughter of the MC president. However, there were moments where she appeared bratty, weak even. I wanted to roll my eyes at some of her behavior. So, while this book isn’t a 100% slam dunk for me, I do think that this series has a lot of potential. For me, there were some elements that worked and others that didn’t. And while I didn’t love it, I still had a good time reading this book. Like I said there is a ton of potential here and in the end, the characters won me over and had me wanting to know more. I’m curious to see where this series will go next and would be open to reading more from it in the future.
DorisB More than 1 year ago
The princess has arrived. This is the start of another great MC series by an author who knows how to incorporate humor, suspense, and lust into a book that you can’t put down. Erin is a person with a great sense of humor which will give you laugh out loud moments. Ace is a man that all the women want. Erin bravely walks into the Cursed Ravens MC clubhouse and stuns them all by giving them their Prez’s full legal name and tells them that she needs to see him. All of a sudden the flirtatious air of the men surrounding her turns into something full of animosity and suspicions. She has come to introduce herself to a father that never knew she existed. It shocked her as well to know that the man who raised her was not her biological father and her birth father was a president of the Cursed Ravens MC. I am excited for this new series because we are given characters that will touch your heart just like Ace, Erin and Gage have done in this book. Be ready for suspense and chemistry that we can only hope for. I received this book as an ARC for a freely given and honest review.
Jennifer_e911 More than 1 year ago
A brand new series by the author of one of my favorite series, The Wind Dragons MC (the one that got me hooked on MC romance, to begin with!) I really didn't think it could get better, but I really loved this book! Ace and Erin were pretty awesome! Erin is a 21 year old girl, who just found out that the man she was brought up thinking was her dad, really isn't. She makes the decision to find her biological father, and introduce herself, since he was never told of her existence. On her arrival, she finds not only a dad who wants to be part of her life, but a whole new family. She also finds Ace, who she is immediately attracted to. Ace is a member of The Cursed Raven's MC, along with Erin's dad (who is the president). He's pretty typical of MC members, a tough, hard riding, free living man. He also has an immediate attraction to Erin, but as the president's daughter, she is forbidden to him. Even so, he sticks pretty close to her side from then on. This book was a fun read, full of laughs, but there were also some pretty serious moments too. There was plenty to keep me interested, and I never knew what was coming next. It was a great introduction to the Cursed Ravens MC, and I'm looking forward to whatever comes next!