Aches and Gains: A Comprehensive Guide to Overcoming Your Pain

Aches and Gains: A Comprehensive Guide to Overcoming Your Pain

by Paul Christo
Aches and Gains: A Comprehensive Guide to Overcoming Your Pain

Aches and Gains: A Comprehensive Guide to Overcoming Your Pain

by Paul Christo


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Pain is often treatable but doctors, medical professionals, and patients don't understand the intricacies of chronic pain. Millions who suffer from pain become hopeless. With Aches and Gains, Dr. Paul Christo, a Johns Hopkins physician and leading pain specialist sheds new light on what it means to live with and overcome chronic pain. Dr. Christo shares celebrity interviews, including Naomi Judd, Lisa Swayze, Montel Williams, Ally Hilfiger, and Clay Walker, from his Sirius XM radio show Aches and Gains®, and stories from patients who have found a way to overcome the pain that once controlled their lives. Offering traditional, integrative, and innovative methods of easing pain, the book is a life-changing tool for anyone associated with pain including pain sufferers themselves, doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and caregivers.

Features a foreword by renowned talk show host Montel Williams.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781945188091
Publisher: Bull Publishing Company
Publication date: 09/05/2017
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Dr. Paul Christo is one of America’s leading pain experts and hosts Aches and Gains®, the first national radio talk show dedicated to overcoming pain, stress reduction, and healthy living. Listed as a Top Doctor and in the top 1% for Pain Management by U.S. News & World Report, Dr. Christo is widely consulted by the media for his expertise in pain diagnosis and treatment.

Table of Contents

Featured Celebrity Stories (listed in order of appearance in the book) xii

Foreword Montel Williams xiii

Preface xv

The Cost of Pain xv

The Experience of Pain xvi

Why I Wrote this Book xvii

Educating the Healers xx

Educating the Public xx

Acknowledgments xxii

Introduction 1

Why This Book? 1

Organization of the Book 2

General Strategies for Overcoming Pain 2

An Important Message About Caregiving 3

No One is Immune to Pain, but Together We Can Overcome It 4

What about the Opioid Epidemic? 4

Part I Understanding and Treating Your Pain

1 Headache Pain 7

Vignette-Headache Pain Priya 7

Understanding Headache Pain 8

Treating and Preventing Headache Pain 13

Hope for Headache Pain Relief 22

Suggested Further Reading 22

Other Resources to Explore 23

2 Joint and soft Tissue Pain 25

Vignette-Joint Pain Jennifer Grey Ty Warner 25

Understanding Joint Pain 26

Understanding Neck Pain 26

Treating Neck Pain 30

Understanding Low Back Pain 35

Treating Low Back Pain 39

Understanding Knee Pain 46

Treating Knee Pain 47

Vignette-Knee Pain Joe Montana 50

Understanding Shoulder Pain 51

Treating Shoulder Pain 52

Understanding Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) 54

Vignette-TMJ Pain Yumiko 55

Treating Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) 56

Hope for Joint and Soft Tissue Pain Relief 57

Suggested Further Reading 59

Other Resources to Explore 61

3 Arthritis Pain 63

Vignette-Arthritis Pain Kiki 63

Understanding Arthritis Pain 63

Understanding Osteoarthritis 63

Treating Osteoarthritis Pain 66

Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain 71

Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis 73

Understanding Gout 76

Treating Gout Pain 78

Hope for Arthritis Pain Relief 80

Suggested Further Reading 81

Other Resources to Explore 82

4 Neuropathic Pain 83

Understanding Neuropathic Pain 83

Treating Neuropathic Pain 85

Understanding Painful Diabetic Neuropathy 90

Vignette-Painful Diabetic Neuropath Jerry Mathers 90

Treating Painful Diabetic Neuropathy 91

Understanding Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 94

Treating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 97

Understanding Trigeminal Neuralgia 101

Treating Trigeminal Neuralgia 102

Understanding Fibromyalgia 104

Treating Fibromyalgia Pain 107

Understanding Postherpetic Neuralgia (Persistent Shingles Pain) 109

Vignette-Postherpetic Neuralgia Donald 109

Treating Postherpetic Neuralgia (Persistent Shingles Pain) 113

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis 115

Vignette-Multiple Sclerosis Clay Walker 115

Treating Multiple Sclerosis Pain 116

Understanding Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 119

Treating Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 121

Hope for Neuropathic Pain Relief 122

Suggested Further Reading 123

Other Resources to Explore 125

5 Pelvic and Sexual Pain 127

Vignette-Sexual Pain Ellen 127

Understanding Pelvic and Sexual Pain 127

Treating Pelvic and Sexual Pain 132

Hope for Sexual Pain Relief 136

Suggested Further Reading 137

Other Resources to Explore 138

6 Infant Pain 139

Vignette-Infant Pain 139

Understanding Infant Pain 139

Vignette-Placenta previa Jan 140

Preventing and Treating Infant Pain 141

Hope for Infant Pain Relief 144

Suggested Further Reading 144

Other Resources to Explore 145

7 Sports Injury and Pain 147

Vignette-Sports Pain Michael McCrary 147

Understanding Sports Injury and Pain 148

Treating Sports Injury and Pain 152

Hope for Sports Injury and Pain Relief 156

Suggested Further Reading 156

Other Resources to Explore 157

8 Skeletal Pain 159

Vignette-Skeletal Pain After Injury Trevor 159

Understanding Skeletal Pain 159

Treating Skeletal Paul 161

Hope for Skeletal Pain Relief 166

Suggested Further Reading 167

Other Resources to Explore 167

9 Workplace Injury and Pain 169

Vignette-Work-Related Pain Mark Peel 169

Understanding Workplace Injury and Pain 170

Treating Carpal Tunnel and Other Work-Related Injuries and Pain 170

Hope for Workplace Injury and Pain Relief 173

Suggested Further Reading 173

Other Resources to Explore 174

10 Postsurgical Pain 175

Understanding Postsurgical Pain 175

Preventing a Lifetime of Pain after Surgery: Regional Anesthesia 176

Vignette-Regional Anesthesia and Pain James 178

Hope for Postsurgical Pain Relief 179

Suggested Further Reading 180

Other Resources to Explore 180

11 Disease-Related Pain 181

Immunizations and Pain Prevention 181

Understanding Sickle Cell Disease 182

Vignette-Sickle Cell Anemia Prodigy 182

Treating the Pain of Sickle Cell Disease 183

Understanding Lyme Disease 185

Diagnosing Lyme Disease 186

Pain and Lyme Disease 186

Vignette-Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome Sarah 187

Causes of Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome 188

Preventing and Treating Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome Pain 189

Vignette-Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome Ally Hilfiger 190

Hope for Disease-Related Pain Relief 192

Suggested Further Reading 193

Other Resources to Explore 194

12 Cancer Pain and Caregiving 195

Vignette-Cancer Pain Carla 195

Understanding Cancer Pain 195

Treating Cancer Pain 200

Caring for Those in Pain 206

Vignette-Cancer Pain and Caregiving Lisa Patrick Swayze 206

The Role of the Caregiver 208

Hope and Support for the Caregiver 209

Pain Control When Life Ends 210

Hope for Cancer Pain Relief 213

Suggested Further Reading 214

Other Resources to Explore 215

13 Autoimmune Pain: A Hidden Epidemic 217

Vignette-Autoimmune Pain Elvis Presley 217

Understanding Autoimmune Pain 218

Elvis Presley and Autoimmune Pain 218

Traumatic Brain Injury and Autoimmune Pain 220

President John F. Kennedy and Autoimmune Pain 223

Vignette-Autoimmune Pain John F. Kennedy 225

Hope for Autoimmune Pain Relief 226

Suggested Further Reading 228

Part II Medical Therapies for Pain: Traditional and Innovative

14 Pharmacological Therapies 231

Acetaminophen and NSAIDs 231

Tricyclic Antidepressants and Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs) 233

Anticonvulsants 234

Muscle Relaxants 235

Opioids 236

Medical Marijuana: Uses and Controversy 242

Vignette-Medical Marijuana and Pain Montel Williams 243

Suggested Further Reading 248

Other Resources to Explore 249

15 Pain-Relieving Devices 251

Vignette-Spinal Cord Stimulation Stephen Noah 251

Understanding the Nervous System and Chronic Pain 252

Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) 253

Deep Brain Stimulation 257

Vignette-Deep Brain Stimulation Terry 257

Motor Cortex Stimulation 259

Vignette-Motor Cortex Stimulation Lee 261

Vagus Nerve Stimulation 262

Vignette-Vagus Nerve Stimulation Kyla 263

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation 265

Scrambler Therapy 265

Vignette-Scrambler Therapy: Colleen 267

Pain Pumps 268

Vignette-Pain Pump Graciela 270

Suggested Further Reading 272

Other Resources to Explore 273

16 Regenerative Biomedicine 275

Prolotherapy 275

Vignette-Prolotherapy Trenton 275

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy 279

Vignette-PRP Therapy Jerome 280

Stem Cell Therapy 282

Vignette-Stem, Cell Therapy Derrick 284

On the Horizon: Nerve Restoration 289

Hope for Damaged Nerves and Pain Relief 293

Suggested Further Reading 294

Other Resources co Explore 295

Part III Integrative Therapies for Pain

17 Weight Control, Exercise, and Diet 299

Understanding Obesity, Pain, and Weight Control 299

Understanding Exercise and Pain 301

Vignette-Weight, Exercise, and Pain Katherine 302

Understanding Diet, Food, and Pain 303

Vignette-Food and Pain Tami 305

Other Sources of Information about Weight Control, Exercise, and Diet 306

Suggested Further Reading 307

Other Resources to Explore 307

18 Sleep, Stress, and Emotional Health 309

Understanding Sleep and Pain 309

Vignette-Sleep and Pain Fatima 311

Treating Sleep Problems 312

Understanding Stress and Pain 314

Understanding Emotional Health and Pain Prevention 317

Vignette-Emotional Health and Pain Carrie 319

Hope for Emotional Pain Relief 320

Suggested Further Reading 320

Other Resources to Explore 321

19 Mind-Body Techniques for Pain Relief 323

Understanding the Mind-Body Connection 323

Biofeedback 324

Vignette-Biofeedback Clarissa 324

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 328

Vignette-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Neema 328

Hypnosis 333

Vignette-Hypnosis Marco 334

Other Sources of Information about Mind-Body Techniques for Pain Relief 338

Suggested Further Reading 338

Other Resources to Explore 339

20 Alternative Medicine and Pain Relief 341

Holistic Medicine 342

Vignette-Holistic Medicine Naomi Judd 342

Herbal Remedies 344

Acupuncture 347

Vignette-Acupuncture Lila 348

Other Sources of Information about Alternative Medicine and Pain Relief 352

Suggested Further Reading 353

21 Aromas, Music, and Pain Relief 355

Aromatherapy 355

Vignette-Aromatherapy Amanda Lana 356

Music Therapy 362

Vignette-Music Therapy Tim Janis 362

Vignette-Music Therapy Maria Kate 363

Vignette-Music Therapy Eliana and her mother 365

Other Sources of Information about Aromas, Music, and Pain Relief 366

Suggested Further Reading 367

Other Resources to Explore 368

22 Harnessing the Human Biofield 369

Healing with Touch and Energy 370

Chakra Healing 372

Vignette-Chakra Healing Ruby 372

Healing Touch 374

Vignette-Healing Touch Darla 375

The Japanese Healing Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu 377

Vignette-Jin Shin Jyutsu Elisabetta 377

Distance Healing 380

Vignette-Distance Healing Edina 381

Animal Therapy 383

Vignette-Animal Therapy Ted 384

Other Sources of Information about Harnessing the Human Biofield 386

Suggested Further Reading 386

Other Resources to Explore 387

23 Pain Relief through Movement 389

Yoga 390

Vignette-Yoga Antonio 390

Pain Relief through Posture and Movement 394

Vignette-Feldenkrais Method Tabitha 395

Vignette-Egoscue Method Rod Susma 398

Vignette-Revolution in Motion Selena 399

Vignette-Gokhale Method Yeji 400

Other Sources of Information about Engaging the Body 403

Suggested Further Reading 403

Other Resources to Explore 405

24 Conclusion 407

Don't Wait 407

Reach Out for the Help You Need 408

Be Open 409

Don't Give Up 410

Bibliography 411

Index 431

About the Author 441

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