Acid Test

Acid Test

by Ross LaManna
4.5 2

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Acid Test 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
ACID TEST by Ross LaManna Reading LaManna is akin to a hyped up Ludlum. Acid Test is a fast-paced thriller that borders on the possible. It all starts with a mission that goes terribly wrong in Australia. Men are found dead and dying when there is no way anyone should have been able to enter the building. This incident paves the way for Wilder to come in contact with a killer willing to kill himself than be captured. We are then taken on sky ride of adventure. It is an historically based story in that Batu Khan the villain is a descendant of Genghis Khan and we all know how he ran roughshod over the opponents. The current Khan has used the idea of unity to bring together many of the countries that were part of the Soviet Union. But his unity theory goes but so far. When he invades Kiev, although he preserves many of the city¿s monuments to history, he is brutal in his killing of not only the president but also the entire family. Batu is no fool. He has planned his invasion well. His men are well trained and in this day of push button war, Khan has returned to the old kind where you see the enemy before being killed. There are many levels to this tale. You have Wilder an American military man who is the first to encounter one of Batu¿s lethal soldiers. You have the president of the United States locked in a battle with a mad man while trying to preserve his sanity. You have Batu himself who believes in the use of cavalry since, ¿if stuck in the desert you can¿t eat your tank.¿ Batu also is a loving father and man devoted to the Eternal. His zeal is only outmatched by his fierceness. He doesn¿t leave the fighting to his men. The front line is where he is even when advised by his bone-reading shaman he shouldn¿t be there. Acid Test is a whirlwind read. It takes you through the experimentation of the sixties leading to ordinary people committing murders in the nineties for no reason. It shows the danger of apathy and on another level the abuse of power. It shows determination as Wilder investigates each case. If you want a real thrill then I highly recommend this book to you. It¿s hard to put down. Don¿t start it unless you¿re willing to give up sleep. I¿m cheerfully waiting for La Manna¿s next book. The characters are real and the story is plausible. Get it and sit back. Take yourself on a thrill ride.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In the last fifty or so years, no country has risen and expanded faster than the Trans Altaic Alliance. Its leader, the charismatic but deadly Batu Khan, has consolidated eight nations in three years without a drop of blood being shed as he pushes his agenda of reforming the Mongol Empire. However, his methodology dramatically changes when his Kaldum Elite troops overthrow the elected government in Georgia and execute the president, his wife and two small children.

Having ignored the rise of he TAA, the United States President Marsh knows a confrontation is inevitable. As he prepares to drum up support among his allies and the American people, weird homicides occur in which sudden personality change sends a calm normal person over the edge. Air Force Agent Matt Wilder has witnessed the phenomena twice and begins inquiries into it just as he is needed to help in the incident between America and the TAA.

ACID TEST is a fast-paced international thriller that will take readers along for a speed of light ride. The story line is filled with non-stop action, but Ross LaManna provides one too many subplots to his resourceful tale. The elements involving the TAA rise and threat is fabulous and worth the read. The subplot centering on sudden personality change is interesting in its own light, but could have used its own book as it fails to enhance the political thriller. Still, fans of action to the nth degree will delight in ACID TEST, a novel that proves Mr. LaManna more than just passes the writing examination of public approval.

Harriet Klausner