Acklinta's Competition [Second Book in Trilogy]

Acklinta's Competition [Second Book in Trilogy]

by Robert W. Birch

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ISBN-13: 9781554046041
Publisher: Carnal Desires Publishing
Publication date: 08/26/2008
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 140 KB

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Chapter One

Fred Nichols loved the alien female lying next to him in his bed. She had adjusted her body thermostat so that her temperature was just right for snuggling nude. He had been with this woman for over two years, and he would now go weeks without once thinking of her as an extraterrestrial. He cuddled close, feeling the softness of her skin and listening to the steady beat of her biomechanical heart. Fred adored this woman. He did not care that she had come from another planet.

Acklinta had traveled to Earth on a working vacation, her total awareness and essence having been fully assimilated into what she had referred to as her human fabrication. The engineers on Forsunti, her home planet, had fabricated a petite human female body with stunning eyes and long blonde hair. Sonar devices were housed in her perky breasts, and she had the ability to release powerful pheromones through her nostrils. When asked by Fred, the first human she had encountered, how she smells, she had been confused. "I don't know," she had replied. "Forsuntians can't smell themselves." Once she understood the question, she had pointed to her navel. There was an even more interesting design flaw Fred had not yet discovered.

As Acklinta slept, Fred thought of their first meeting on a California topless beach. He recalled discovering on that warm summer day that Acklinta was eager to experience sex with a male Earthling, and her stunningly good looks plus a healthy dose of her pheromones had rendered him more than ready. What he had not expected, however, was that Acklinta's fabrication did not have a human pussy between her shapely legs.

He recalled his surprise when his Forsuntianlover told him how the engineers on her home planet had been limited to the use of old Playboy centerfolds as their design patterns. Unfortunately, they only had photographs that dated back to issues when genitals were not shown, and any hint of a pussy was airbrushed away. Acklinta had been left with her original Forsuntian genitals, of which there were two, located high on her inner thighs. These had only been accessible when she did a total backbend. That position amazed Fred, but what had fascinated him even more were the two slits, dripping an orange fluid, that had become visible.

Fred laughed when he thought about how Acklinta had identified her Forsuntian dual pussies as her trappers, and how she had designated the one on her right as the most effective. Fred remembered how very aroused he grew. When his cock had barely touched the slit, a blue tongue she'd called her lapper flicked out, the slit opened, and he was forcefully sucked in. He remembered how delighted Acklinta was with his size and how impressed he had been with this aperture's ability to bring him to a rapid and intense orgasm, and then suck him dry.

There had been another surprise waiting for Fred. The Forsuntian engineers had somehow acquired an old porno film clip showing a woman masturbating to orgasm with finger stimulation. The details of what she was rubbing had not been shown, and so the engineers naively assumed that a human female's most erogenous area was located in a fingertip. Owing to their anatomical misconception, the only way Acklinta had been able to reach orgasm was by sticking her finger into Fred's eye. He chuckled when he remembered how she had described herself as a "Poke, stir, thank you, sir" kind of gal.

Despite his sporting a chronically sore eye, Fred had fallen in love with this beautiful alien, and she had fallen in love in return. At one point, Acklinta had traveled back to Forsunti, for she was involved in her family's intergalactic import and export business, and there were matters at home that required her attention. During her absence, Fred had lost an infected eye and now sported a glass one he could remove. He would often tell the story of how he had to explain the difference between a glass eye and a looking glass. His promise to keep an eye out for her when she returned, however, proved to be unnecessary. At the same time, unbeknownst to Fred, while back on her home planet, Acklinta had received an impressive upgrade: one that provided her with the internal and external features of a very functional, humanlike pussy. The upgrade package included the ability to smell her own fragrance, albeit though her navel.

She had returned to Earth. After meeting a few other aliens, experiencing a few exciting adventures, and indulging in a lot of exciting sex, Acklinta and Fred achieved a life together that resembled the life of a typical American couple. She continued looking for bargains on Earth to ship to Forsunti. Fred lost his employment as a writer for an alternative newspaper that went out of business, and settled for a job selling used cars. Their flexible schedules fit their lifestyle, for they both loved the freedom to travel and explore.

Acklinta yawned, exhibiting one of the unique human features of her fabrication. "Are you awake, love?" Fred asked, snuggling his six-foot-two-inch frame a little closer to her petite body. "Did you sleep well?"

When she had first arrived on Earth, Acklinta had been accustomed to sleeping for up to sixteen hours. A combination of atmosphere, the cycle of the sun, and Fred's schedule quickly enabled her to survive with only eleven hours. Her requirement for sleep continued gradually to decline.

"I got my minimum eight hours of sleep cuddling with your snoring body."

"Well, I woke a couple times, and you were zonked out--really sawing logs."

"I wasn't sawing any logs. I was recharging the battery that powers my sonar."

Fred would never get used to knowing that his beautiful Acklinta housed radar devices in her delightful breasts. The engineers had, as a part of her last upgrade, wired her nipples to the pleasure centers of the brain that contained her total personality and awareness. She had told him the radar was helpful in finding her way through the dense fog in the forests of Lutakiska, one of the planets where she had done business, and she insisted on keeping them operational just in case. He had learned to fondle her breasts gently, and they were both thrilled that she now experienced pleasure from his caress.

"If my snoring ever bothers you," he said as he turned her onto her back, "you should poke me with your elbow."

"Yes, I have discovered that elbows are good for poking, but the sounds you make while you sleep are actually very soothing. They resemble the song of the competti bird my mother had chained in my room when I was a child."

The image of a bird the size of an ostrich flashed through Fred's mind, but he had learned to allow many of the stories Acklinta shared just to pass by him.

"I would love to begin this day with a romp in the straw."

"Hay," Fred corrected.

"Hey, what? I'm right here."

"It's a romp in the hay, and I'd love to make love to you this morning."

"And I'll romp in the straw or the hay or anywhere else you want, Mr. Nichols."

"You've not using your pheromone mist on me, are you?"

"Baby, if you're horny this morning, it's entirely your fault."

Fred kissed her softly on forehead, on the tip of her nose and on each of her closed eyelids. "Baby, I am horny this morning, and it's your beautiful body's fault." Their lips met. He'd had to teach her about kissing, but she learned quickly, and her neuro-wiring sent messages to her pleasure center and from there down to her pussy. Fred's hand gently caressed a breast, causing Acklinta to moan.

She ran her hand across his chest, sifting her fingers though the hair. Fred remembered how she had naively wished she had a hairy chest so she would not have to wear shirts that would interfere with her radar. She was not accustomed to hair on her body and was surprised that the upgrade that gave her a vulva came packaged with pubic hair, leg hair and armpit hair. She could not understand why hair came with female genitals, only to be shaved off.

"I love touching you," she said. "Forsuntians are very touchy, but the Forsuntian skin is dry and rough. It's not at all like human skin."

"Then I'm glad you have human skin, Acklinta, for I love touching and licking your body."

"My receptors respond positively to your touch."

Fred's hand slid down over her flat abdomen. "So smooth," he said.

As his hand passed over her navel she commented, "Your hand still smells like the pepperoni pizza we had last night."

"I'll never get used to you smelling through your navel," Fred said as he tickled around it.

"And I'll never get used to you not blowing your pheromones out your nose," she said, "but something is making me awfully wet, and it's not the pepperoni smell."

Fred's fingers slid down over her pubic bone and onto her vulva. "Yes, you are very wet, my love." Gently, he spread her legs and moved down between them. "What a beautiful pussy," he said, running a finger up between the wet lips. "Perfect," he commented.

"Are there some that aren't perfect?"

"Oh, Acklinta, every pussy is aesthetically unique, and each in its own way is perfect. Every woman is beautiful. Each has her own very special design."

"That's why the pussy pattern for my upgrade had a disclaimer that said something about mine being a computerized consolidation of twelve different arrangements."

"But I would never say your genitals are an average of anything. There is nothing average about your cute pink clit, your rose petal inner lips, or your soft full outer lips."

"And I like the shield that hangs down over my clit to protect it from the rain."

"But it doesn't protect your button from me," Fred said as he buried his face between her thighs and swept up through the pink valley with his tongue. He found her responsive clit and circled it with the tip of his tongue, and then gently sucked it.

"I love that," Acklinta said. "My trappers never gave me this much pleasure."

"I sort of miss their flavor. Your trapper juice tasted to me like banana nut bread. I've wondered if you miss your little blue lappers?"

"Those little tongues never did anything for me. They're down there to excite the male, not their owner."

"My lapper excites us both," Fred said just before returning to the licking of her clitoris. Peering up over her pubic bone, he watched her eyes close.

"Don't dare stop what you're doing," she whispered, "but come up here and let me have you in my mouth. This is another delight I could never have experienced in my Forsuntian body. Come, Fred, let me suck you while you eat me."

Fred rotated his body while still licking, but in the sixty-nine position, his having a tall body and she a petite one meant that she not only had to stretch, but also had to pull his cock down so she could get at least some of it into her mouth. Having become quite proficient in the fine art of fellatio, she seemed genuinely to enjoy giving head. She scooted up a little, so as to take more of him into her mouth. He kissed her thighs and continued to caress her clit with his fingertips. Then he wanted her in his mouth again, so he pulled her down, at the expense of her not being able to reach some of his length. Having indulged in playful maneuvering into creative positions, each partner expressed his enthusiasm with both the giving and receiving.

"Who was on top last time?" Fred asked.

"You were, so it's my turn to fuck you," Acklinta said, changing positions and pushing Fred onto his back. She went down once more, sliding her mouth down the full length of his firm erection. She slowly slid up, sucking as she went until she reached the swollen head of his cock. Inside her mouth her tongue circled the rim, and then she pulled up and kissed the head's tip.

"You're going into the cave," she said, addressing this instrument she was about to sit on. Gently, she pinched the head of Fred's dick, causing the slit on top to open. "Do you remember when I first inspected you, and I looked down there, thinking something was living in there?"

"Yes, you said a symbiotic parasite lives down the things of the Tukscovian males. I'll never forget our first encounter when you had to learn about a human cock, but get up here and let me start exploring that cave of yours."

Acklinta moved up, propped up his erection, and smiled before slowly sliding down over it. Both moaned. "That feels so good," she whispered.

"Fantastic," was all Fred could say.

Acklinta began to move, having figured out how to use him so that she could feel him deep inside but also maximize her clitoral stimulation. Her orgasms were as real to her as if she had been born a human female, and she loved coming. Fred enjoyed having her on top, for he could watch her body move, and he was able to last longer if he let her run the fuck. He could tell when she was about to come, for her chest would turn red. By the time she finished her orgasm, she would be scarlet from her collar bones and between her breasts, to her navel. She was starting to redden, and her eyes closed. Her thrusting became more intense. Fred watched, listened and waited. The trigger was pulled and she exploded. Her redness deepened and her sounds of pleasure rang out.

Fred needed only a few hard thrusts to put him over the top, as well. His sounds were every bit as loud as hers. Those living in the apartments on either side of Fred's had mentioned hearing their combined vocal celebration, but no one complained. One man said the sounds actually turned his wife on, and they would be screwing by the time Fred and Acklinta got out of bed.

Today they snuggled and reminisced about what they had just shared. Then Fred recalled something from their past. "Do you remember when you would get excited and would mess up words?"

"Yeah, I'd tell you not to whop when I meant to say don't stop. Back then I had to rely on a built-in translator, and it would malfunction whenever I became aroused."

"You've come a long way. I remember mentioning a sawhorse and you wondered where I saw that animal."

"English wasn't easy to learn, especially since I had been programmed to speak French, and along with English I was trying to learn German, Italian and Chinese."

"I sometimes wonder how I can love a fabrication from outer space, but I have certainly fallen in love with you. Please don't ever leave me!"

Just then the communicator she had brought signaled an incoming emergency message from the far off planet of Forsunti.

"Oh, no," Acklinta said as she moved to the table where the communication device sat. Fred held his breath as she responded to the call.

He could not understand the exchange, as it was in the Forsuntian tongue: a language impossible to speak with human vocal cords. Acklinta was equipped with a number of sound production resonators. Although unable to comprehend any of the words, Fred recognized the shock in Acklinta's voice and the concern in the voice of the Forsuntian back on her home planet.

After the Forsuntian equivalents of goodbye were exchanged, Acklinta sat in silence for a few moments. Then she began to cry, something her original body could not have done. "That was bad news, "she said as tears dripped down on her still naked breasts, "My mother was viciously attacked by her pet simaped. That's the large lizard on Forsunti that looks a bit like your crocodile, except bigger. We had warned her about keeping him well fed, for they get nasty when they're hungry. This one must have been starved, because it chewed the hoof off one of my mother's legs and then, when she fell over, it bit off six of her tentacles--what you Earthlings would call fingers--on a hand."

"Oh, my, is she going to be okay?"

"She'll need months to regenerate these parts. She'll be weak most of that time and unable to do her part in the management of the family's intergalactic business. I hate to say it, Fred, but I'm needed at home. I've got to return to Forsunti. I wish you could go with me, but you know you would be quarantined on the transfer station. The Snictalopels are so very susceptible to human diseases that you'd be immediately chained and locked up. They'd probably let you starve to death."

"Then I have no choice but to stay here and wait for your return. You will return, right?"

"Of course, Fred. I now think of Earth as my home, and I never want to leave you, but this is something I have to do. I'm the only one who can run the business, so I've got to leave tonight."

They spent the day together, walking along the beach, buying and eating popcorn sold by a street vendor, and just sitting on a park bench talking and feeding pigeons. It was a bittersweet day that ended much too soon.

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