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Cambridge University Press
Acoustic Phonetics: A course of basic Readings

Acoustic Phonetics: A course of basic Readings

by D. B. Fry


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D. B. Fry has edited a basic course of readings on the acoustics of speech. The collection includes all the important classical papers in the field. It is carefully structured to present the student with a coherent picture of the relations between language units and the corresponding sound-waves and to explain the laws that govern these relations. He includes extracts which explain the generation of sound-waves by the speech-mechanism, the methods of acoustic analysis of speech, and the operation of the sound spectograph (with excerpts from the first published accounts of the instrument). The volume also illustrates the contribution to the general study of language made by research on speech perception. There are accounts of speech synthesis, and of experiments on rhythm, intonation and the perception of acoustic cues.

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ISBN-13: 9780521107457
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 04/02/2009
Pages: 469
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Table of Contents

Part I. Acoustics of the Speech Mechanism: 1. The Carrier Nature of Speech Homer Dudley; 2. Some Properties of the Glottal Sound Source James L. Flanagan; 3. An Acoustical Theory of Vowel Production and Some of its Implications Kenneth N. Stevens and Arthur S. House; Part II. Acoustic Analysis of Speech: 4. The Sound Spectrograph W. Koenig, H. K. Dunn and L. Y. Lacy; 5. Vowel Resonances R. S. Paget; 6. Control Methods Used in a Study of the Vowels Gordon E. Peterson and Harold L. Barney; 7. The Acoustics of Consonants Wiktor Jassem; 8. Spectra of Fricative Noise in Human Speech Peter Strevens; 9. Spectral Properties of Fricative Consonants George W. Hughes and Morris Halle; 10. Acoustic Properties of Stop Consonants M. Halle, G. W. Hughes and J.-P. A. Radley; Part III. Acoustic Cues in Speech: 11. Effects of Filtering and Masking Harvey Fletcher; 12. An Analysis of Perceptual Confusions Among Some English Consonants George A. Miller and Patricia E. Nicely; 13. The Interconversion of Audible and Visible Patterns as a Basis.for Research in the Perception of Speech Franklin S. Cooper, Alvin M. Liberman and John M. Borst; 14. The Synthesis of Speech from Signals Which Have a Low Information Rate W. Lawrence; 15. An Experimental Study of the Acoustic Determinants of Vowel Color; Observations on One- and Two-Formant Vowels Synthesized from Spectrographic Patterns Pierre C. Delattre, Alvin M. Liberman, Franklin S. Cooper and Louis J. Gerstman; 16. The Identification and Discrimination of Synthetic Vowels Dennis B. Fry, Arthur S. Abramson, Peter D. Eimas and Alvin M. Liberman; 17. Some Experiments on the Perception of Synthetic Speech Sounds Franklin S. Cooper, Pierre C. Delattre, Alvin M. Liberman, John M. Borst and Louis J. Gerstman; 18. Acoustic Loci and Transitional Cues for Consonants Pierre C. Delattre, Alvin M. Liberman and Franklin S. Cooper; 19. Cues for the Discrimination of American English Fricatives in Spoken Syllables Katherine S. Harris; 20. Acoustic Cues for the Perception of Initial | w,j,r,l |in English J. D. O'Connor, Louis J. Gerstman, A. M. Liberman, Pierre C. Delattre and Franklin S. Cooper; 21. The Role of Consonant-Vowel Transitions in the Perception of the Stop and ,Nasal Consonants Alvin M. Liberman, Pierre C. Delattre, Franklin S. Cooper and Louis J. Gerstman; 22. The Discrimination of Speech Sounds Within and Across Phoneme Boundaries Alvin M. Liberman, Katherine S. Harris, Howard S. Hoffman and Belver C. Griffith; 23. The Voicing Dimension: Some Experiments in Comparative Phonetics Leigh Lisker and Arthur S. Abramson; Part IV. Investigation of Prosodic Features: 24. Vowel Amplitude and Phonemic Stress in American English Ilse Lehiste and Gordon E. Peterson; 25. On Vowel Duration in English Arthur S. House; 26. Some Basic Considerations in the Analysis of Intonation Ilse Lehiste and Gordon E. Peterson; 17. Some Acoustic Correlates of Word Stress in American English Philip Lieberman; 28. Experiments in the Perception of Stress Dennis B. Fry; 29. The Dependence of Stress Judgments on Vowel Formant Structure Dennis B. Fry; 30. An Experimental Study of Some Intonation Contours Kerstin Hadding-Koch and Michael Studdert-Kennedy; Part V. Speech Synthesis by Rule: 31. Minimal Rules for Synthesizing Speech Alvin M. Liberman, Frances Ingemann, Leigh Lisker, Pierre C. Delattre and Franklin S. Cooper.

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