Acoustical Imaging

Acoustical Imaging

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1989)

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ISBN-13: 9781461280842
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 12/21/2011
Series: Acoustical Imaging , #17
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1989
Pages: 792
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.06(d)

Table of Contents

Acoustic Microscopy and Its Applications.- (Invited) Acoustic Microscopy of Old and New Materials.- Dual-Beam Differential Amplitude Contrast Scanning Acoustic Microscopy.- What Can Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Tell about Animal Cells and Tissues ?.- Advanced Features for the Qualification of Coatings by Means of Reflective Acoustic Microscopy.- Acoustic Microscope Study of a Titanium Diffusion Bond.- Application of Scanning Acoustic Microscope to Ferroelectrics.- Continuous Wave Reflection Scanning Acoustic Microscope (SAMCRUW).- Visualization of Ultrasonic Waves Propagating in Scanning Acoustic Microscope.- Time-Resolved Acoustic Microscopy of Polymer Coatings.- Broadband Acoustic Microscopy: Scanned Images with Amplitude and Velocity Information.- Non Destructive Evaluation of Composite Materials Using Acoustic Microscopy.- Acoustic Microscopy: Deep Focusing Inside Materials at Gigahertz Frequencies.- Data Acquisition Phase Error Estimation and Correction in Tomographic Acoustic Microscopy.- In-Situ Measurement of Cathodic Disbonding of Polybutadiene Coating on Steel.- Application of Acoustic Microscopy in Dental Research.- Line Focus Acoustic Lens with Wedge Transducer Source.- Image of Ion Beam Excited Acoustic Microscope of the Teeth.- Amplitude and Phase Acoustic Microscopy and Its Application to QNDE.- Considerations for Quantitative Characterization of Biological Tissues by Scanning Acoustic Microscopy.- Quantitative Display of Acoustic Properties of the Biological Tissue Elements.- Continuous Wave Operation of Acoustic Microscope Using Doppler Modulation.- A Possibility for Ultrasound Flow Measurement with Microscopic Resolution.- Non-Conventional Pin Scanning Ultrasonic Microscopy.- Non-Destructive Evaluation.- Accurate Reconstruction of Flaws Using a New Imaging Technique.- Acoustical Imaging Using a DAIS Technique for Non-Destructive Testing.- Analysis of Echoes from a Sphere in Focused Sound Field and Its Application to Material Characterization.- Evaluation of Polymer Coatings by Ultrasonic Spectroscopy.- Signal Processing of Images.- Optimal Partial-Discrete Algorithm for Time-Delay Estimation.- Imaging the Acoustic Non-Linear Parameter with Diffraction Tomography.- Display Techniques of Volume Images of Buried Objects in Piled Snow by Acoustical and Microwave Holographic Radar.- Speckle Noise Reduction Using PM Pulses.- Temporal Phase as an Imaging and Correction Tool.- Phase Reconstruction from Amplitude Based on the Rytov Transformation of the Wave Equation.- Ultrasonic Imaging Using Correlation Techniques Computer Simulations and Experimental Results.- Reconstruction of Local Reflectivity with 3-D Deconvolution.- Optimal Time Domain Deconvolution for the High-Resolution Computerized Ultrasound Echo Tomography.- An Application of AR Model to Multifrequency Hologram.- Acoustic Measurements and Physical Acoustics.- Ultrasonic Phase Conjugator Using Micro Particle Suspended Cell and Its Application.- Sonic Velocities in Bone at 10GHz Frequencies.- Educational Film for Ultrasonic Engineers (Part II).- The Performance of a Leaky Surface Acoustic Wave Transducer Consisting of PVDF and Fused Quartz.- Diffraction Artefacts and Their Removal.- Testing Surface Layer of Pavement with an Ultrasonic Method.- Acoustic Characteristics of Snow.- A Statistical Approach to Sound Scattering in Random Inhomogeneous Medium.- Comparison of Numerical Ultrasonic Imaging with Phtoelastic Imaging.- Measurement of SAW Velocity by Focussing System Using Fresnel Phase Plate IDT.- Medical Ultrasonic Diagnostics.- (Invited) Usefulness of Ultrasonic Imaging in the Medical Field.- A Method of Flow Vector Mapping Deduced Doppler Data on Sector Scanned Plane.- Two-Dimensional Mapping of the Velocity Vector Distribution of the Intraventricular Blood Flow.- Considerations on Signal-to-Noise Ratio in a Continuous Wave Doppler System Using an Array Transducer.- A Fundamental Evaluation of in Vivo Sound Speed Mapping Technique by Crossed Beam Method.- Movement Analysis Using B-Mode Images.- Ultrasonic Speckle Velocimetry.- Ultrasound Attenuation Estimation in Soft Tissue Using the Entropy Difference of Pulsed Echoes between Two Adjacent Envelope Segments.- A New Method for Quantitative Reflection Imaging.- Analysis of the Behavior of Intraventricular Blood Flow in Myocardial Infarction by Two-Dimensional Velocity Vector Distribution.- Acoustic Sensors.- The Focusing Performance of Zone Plate Transducers.- High Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Using a Large Aperture Annular Array Transducer of P(VDF-TrFE) Copolymer.- Array Configuration to Eliminate Grating Lobes.- The Sensitivity of Miniature Hydrophones Made of P(VDF-TrFE) Thin Film.- A Mechanical-Scanning Ultrasonic Transducer for QNDT Imaging.- Tonpilz Piezoelectric Transducers with Acoustic Matching Plates for Underwater Color Image Transmission.- PVDF-DMOS Sensors and Array for Underwater Acoustic Imaging.- Study on Quartz Thickness-Shear Resonator Immersed in Liquid and Its Biosensor Application.- Acoustic Holography and Tomography.- Alternative Error Measures for Non-Diffraction and Diffraction Tomography.- Algorithm Comparison and Parameter Consideration in TOF Tomography.- Flow Velocity Field Tomography Using Multiple Ultrasonic Beam Detectors and High Order Correlation Analysis.- Limited-Angle Planar Diffraction Tomography Using Optimal Incident Angles.- A Unified Theory for Acoustical Holography and Diffraction Tomography.- Measurement of Internal Temperature Distribution Using Ultrasonic Computed Tomography.- Acoustical Tomography Using Sparse Data and Irregular Geometries.- Fresnel Diffraction Holography Simulation by a Personal Computer.- Seismic Exploration.- Detection of Shallow Underground Cavities by Seismic Methods: Physical Modelling Approach.- Ultrasonic Imaging for the Seismic Model Fault Plane.- Incomplete Projection Imaging between Boreholes for Geophysical Exploration.- Acoustical Imaging of Earth Near-Surface Inhomogeneities by an Echographic Technique.- Imaging Instrumentation and Other Techniques.- Ghost and Shadow Zone in Ultrasonic Sector Scan B-Mode Image.- Holographic Sonar Using Orthogonal Transmitting Pulses.- Differential Frequency Response and Its Application to a Step Frequency Sonar.- A Method for Implementing Dot Reflective Arrays.- Participants.- Author Index.

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